I woke up as I felt the heat of the morning's sunshine warming my face through the bedroom's window. I wanted to stretch my arms over my head, but the sensation of keeping my bare body pressed against Ron's was overpowering any need to move.I kept quiet, feeling against my cheek Ron's softly heaving chest going up and down..

He stirred a bit and as he caressing my back he left his hand drifted sleepily on my thigh. He mumbled something in his sleep, and his hand slipped up to my breast.He left it there, my body showing me how his touch was my undone.

I wanted to wake him up, but I knew he'd need to get some rest after such a busy month of travelling and playing in a couple of countries with his teammates. His joyful grin when the Chudley Cannons got the Cup was worthy of that whole month missing his presence badly in my life.

And he also needed to get some rest following…my intense way of welcoming him back home last night.

We have been married six months, and it was the first time we had been separated for more than a week. Ron's trips aboard were usual but not more than a week until the Cannons got their qualification for the World Cup.

He had suggested I could Apparate to his hotel room , but I knew it wouldn't help him concentrate.

And it would not neither help me in my work in Hogwarts.

Then when he came back home some hours ago, I remember how I jumped in his arms and wrapped my legs around him, and how he touched and undressed me as we were having a intense snogging session between the living room and the stairs which give access to our bedroom.

I never had missed him so much. The only time we had been away from each other in some way was when we were in our sixth year at Hogwarts, when he dated Lavender… but it really didn't matter anymore. It was a needed pain so we could both open our eyes to the undeniable truth of our feelings for each other.

I have said often the best gift I got in my life was my Hogwarts letter, because I never would have become a happy woman if I had lived without meeting my best friends, especially the adorable red-haired boy that stole my heart in that train wagon so many years ago,

The role he had in my life was quite important and warming in many ways. The feelings he invoked in me were something that couldn't be explained or described in any of my books, something that could only be felt.

And because of our mutual stubbornness we postponed something really beautiful and powerful, a connection that I wouldn't feel with anyone but him.

A connection we were enjoying and making better everyday. He made me feel free and ready to face everything in our life.

As the intense and wonderful moments we shared the night before invaded my mind, I startled from his voice. He was looking at me as he was yawning . "Mmm. Good morning sleepy head."

I snuggled up to him. "Morning, love. Don't you want to sleep some more? You need rest."

Ron winked sleepily."Are you afraid of the Weasley morning energy?"

I left a trail of kisses on his chest "Of course not…you know how Weasley energy is always welcome."

Ron kissed the top of my head. "Yeah… and speaking of welcome…"

I opened my mouth to speak again, but Ron silenced me in my favourite way: using his lips.