Author's note:

For several reasons, I have decided that the best route the story Prodigy could take would be to be rewritten. Thus, you can find the first chapter of Prodigy: Born Again, which is the same first chapter of Prodigy but with several things changed to make it look better.

Other things that you will find in the rewritten Prodigy is that some plot holes are closed or eliminated, Harry's initial behaviour regarding making friends will be made more realistic and things that don't do much for the story (like the infamous Goblin Prophecy that talked about Harry) are eliminated to make a far more interesting story.

Sorry for those that support the Harry/Hermione couple. This story is not going to support said couple at all. While I know you guys like them so much, I prefer the canon couples far too much to write about Harry and Hermione falling in love. However, it could take several chapters till we reach the situation in which any of the main characters of the young generation (as in, the Trio & friends) may be ready for romance, so I hope you'll read it at least until that moment.

Hopefully, you will read Prodigy: Born Again, and write even more reviews that you did with the original one.

Yours faithfully,


Also known as Milarqui.