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Escape Jutsu Gone Wrong

Damn it! I can't get rid of her! She's still behind me!

Uchiha Sasuke had a Haruno Sakura hot on his heels. Today she was more persistent than ever to get his attention and it was starting to become very annoying for him. He had tried many things, including the very meticulous art of teleporting to a random spot in Konoha; that hadn't worked and anything else he tried she was able to follow rather easily. All Sasuke wanted right now was a moment to himself.

Unfortunately for Sasuke, Sakura wasn't one to give up easily. She never had been and never would be. She was set on doing something with him, whether it was just to talk or to go on a date – something she started asking him almost daily ever since he came back from killing Orochimaru and Itachi – and Sasuke wasn't about to do anything with her. She wasn't the person he liked. She seemed to know that but refuse to register the fact.

Sasuke's thoughts grew frantic as he racked his brain for a way to escape from the annoying, love obsessed – or to be more correct, the Sasuke-obsessed – female.

A memory of the days when Kakashi had trained him came to mind. His sensei had gone so far as to teach Sasuke a technique that, Kakashi had confided to a bored Uchiha, allowed one to escape from any predicament. It was something that had seemed pointless to him at the time– after all, when would an Uchiha, much less Sasuke, ever need to escape from any kind of battle? So he had only half-listened to what his sensei had to tell him.

However, his common sense hadn't let him completely space out. In the very least, he knew how to perform the jutsu! He had paid enough attention to that part to remember the correct hand signs.

Quickly ducking into an alleyway, Sasuke made the hand signs he remembered Kakashi doing for the technique. After completing them he had expected to maybe somehow become camouflaged in with the surroundings or reappear in a different spot that Sakura wouldn't be able to follow or even become invisible. He wasn't really sure what would happen.

A sudden puff of smoke encased his body, but, much to his confusion, Sasuke remained in the same spot.

Is this some sort of transformation jutsu, or what?

When the smoke cleared everything seemed to be... a different color?!

After blinking a few times and looking around he found that there wasn't any color– absolutely none... And everything looked about five times bigger than it had before! What the...?

Sasuke glanced at the ground in hopes that he had fallen into a hole. But instead of dirt walls, his eyes were met with a pair of furry... paws?! He swiveled his head around to see a scruffy tail protruding from his rear and his entire body covered in fur the same color as his hair used to be. At least that's what it looked like. He couldn't really be sure, seeing as all he could make out was either black, white, or varying shades of gray.

Sasuke came to a sudden realization:


What the hell was Kakashi thinking?! What an escape jutsu! Sasuke was incredulous. All it'd done was transform him into a dog! He could have done that just as easily with a transformation jutsu!

The pink-haired female – even though Sasuke could no longer tell that her hair was a color anymore since it looked to be gray – dashed down the alley towards him.

Great. Now she was going to spaz at what a "cute doggy" he was... But, contrary to his predictions, she ran right past him as if he wasn't even there.

The Uchiha turned his head in the direction Sakura had gone in.

It worked? It really worked?!

Sasuke didn't care anymore about Kakashi's stupid jutsu. All he wanted now was to get out of this dog's body. There was a spot on his back he knew he wouldn't be able to scratch without thumbs, and he was beginning to think he had automatically received fleas when he'd done the jutsu.

He sat back for a moment, trying to ignore the new itch, when he realized: he didn't know how to change back!

Oh, shit...

But that wasn't the only problem:

From the entrance of the alleyway came three huge figures. In actuality, they were pretty small– medium at best. But to Sasuke– him being the size and shape of your average dog and all– the situation looked like the Giant was having friends over and poor little Jack, a.k.a. Sasuke, smelled like an Englishman. Upon closer inspection, Sasuke recognized them as the kids that always hung around Naruto.

Joy of joys.

"Hey, look at that ugly mutt!" spoke the one that acted as the leader.

This explained why Sakura didn't even bother Sasuke as much as a passing glance... If he was ugly...

Out of nowhere the trio jumped on Sasuke. The leader was on his back while the girl and the one with glasses stood by as if waiting for instruction.

Sasuke was now on his stomach. He tried lifting himself up, but found the two kids to be too heavy for him to lift. His strength had been completely drained from him! What the hell kind of jutsu was this?!

-"Damn kids! Get off me!!!"-

The Uchiha's mouth was open and he had every intention of saying this, but all that came from him was what sounded like an annoyed snarl. Not the human kind, either. The kind that came from an angry dog.

And just like a dog, Sasuke had lost his speaking privileges. That was ok, he supposed, since he never talked much anyways. But was this the only good thing about being a dog?

The leader slapped Sasuke on the nose in response to his snarl. It turned out to really hurt! Sasuke nearly yelped at the burning sensation that ran through his long, fuzzy snout once the pain registered with his canine brain.

The pain pissed Sasuke off and he tried his best to snap at the two that held him down. He wanted to scare them off.

A sharp kick was made to his ribs and he gave a cry of pain when he felt a snap around where his ribs were in this new body. God, did he ever feel pathetic.

"Hey! Quit hurting that dog!" yelled a familiar voice. The kicks to Sasuke's sides came to an immediate stop.

The weight of the annoying brat on his back disappeared as he obeyed. Sasuke looked up to see who it was that saved him from the torture the little idiots were putting him through and was greeted with the sight of Naruto, who scolded his tormentors severely, threatened to tell their parents what they'd done, and shooed them away. Never before had Sasuke been so glad to see the blonde.

"Poor dog..." Naruto said quietly as he sat cross-legged in front of Sasuke. He reached out and rubbed the top of Sasuke's head.

For some reason it felt really good to the Uchiha, and he let his eyes close in relaxation. He felt like he could maybe, possibly, fall asleep like this.

"You look homeless..."

A thought suddenly occurred to Naruto and his excitement levels skyrocketed: "I've never had a pet before!" he exclaimed.

Sasuke was shocked at the idea, and quickly sat up, jerking his furry head away from the comfort of Naruto's hand. There was no way in hell he was going to be anybody's pet!

His thoughts seemed to be sent telepathically to Naruto: the blonde made a lunge for Sasuke just as the dog tried running off, managing to grab onto one of his hind legs with one hand and wrap his other arm around Sasuke's torso, keeping a tight grip on the former Uchiha's back while getting a face full of Sasuke's tail.

Sasuke flailed every limb he could think of in the process of trying to free himself, but his attempts failed miserably. The little strength he had in this body couldn't compare to all of Naruto's, which the blonde wasn't even using!

With a pitiful grunt, Sasuke allowed Naruto to pick him up in his arms. He was nearly too big to be carried by Naruto, but the blonde acted as if it were a simple task in carrying his captive towards his house.

Damn... what am I going to do about this...?

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