This story is a remix...a retelling of the PaRappa games and such using charters from the Japan only cartoon and one character from the Japan only comics, Square-E-Bear. None of these characters belong to me, but eventually I will have a PSP with the re-release, which is why I'm doing this story in the first place.

Yay for renewed interest!

It started off like any other day…well, not like any other day… I opened the fridge, "Noodles."
The freezer, "Noodles."
The cabinets, "Noodles."
Out of hesitation, I opened the oven, "Noodles?!"
I glanced over to see my little sister's lunchbox sitting innocently on the counter. Suddenly, it opened by itself, and a blue tentacle slithered out, grabbing a box of noodles while making sounds of what I think was happiness. It slithered back inside and I heard munching noises coming from within.
"Find anything to…why are you cowering in the corner like that?" Pinto, my little sister, asked as she walked in on me.
"Wh-wh-what was…THAT?!" I stammered, pointing to her lunchbox on the counter.
"My lunchbox." She replied, as if nothing was wrong.
"No, I mean…INSIDE of your lunchbox…"
"There's nothing there, silly." She giggled as she picked it up off the counter.
"Uh, okay…sure..." I agreed. It was too early to argue.
"So did you find anything to eat?" she asked, breaking the awkward silence.
"Well, I hope you like noodles." I answered, picking myself up off the floor, steeling a glance at her lunchbox, just to be sure.
"What's with all the noodles anyway?" Pinto asked, sounding annoyed.
"Because I won a contest at Beard Burger and got a 'lifetime supply'." I said sarcastically, making quote marks in the air as I rolled my eyes. If you ask me, I rather my life ended now, cause I'm sick of noodles!
"I want chocolate milk!" she whined.
"How about…Noodle Casserole?" I asked, rubbing the back of my neck nervously.
"I WANT CHOCOLATE MILK!" she screamed, which knocked me back onto the floor.

To think I gave up a date with Sunny Funny for this?

Just as I was about to make another noodle suggestion, the phone rang. As I suspected, it was Sunny Funny.
"Hey, um…yeah, something came up. I have to baby sit my little sister whose visiting." I said, rubbing the back of my head as I glanced over at Pinto playing with that thing in her lunchbox. I shuddered slightly.
"Oh, okay." Sunny replied, sounding disappointed. "I guess some other time?"
"Ah, sure!" I piped up. The fact that she was willing to be so patient with me was amaz...
"Hold on, I got another call." She put me on hold, and I felt a weight in my stomach. I know what's going to happen…
She came back, "Hey, um. Joe Chin just called, and said he was open. So, um…if it's alright with you…"
"Yeah, it's fine…" I sighed, my ears drooping lower than usual.
"Okay, bye." And she hung up.

I stood there for what felt like forever, not even aware that she had hung up. Finally, I sighed sadly and hung up the phone.
"Who was that?" Pinto asked.
"Sunny…" I mumbled.
"What did she want?"
"None of your business!" I snapped. Then I froze, realizing what I had done. "Sorry…" I muttered.
"She dumped you, huh?"
I glanced up. "What do you know about being dumped?"
Pinto only shrugged and skipped off, taking that thing in her lunchbox with her thankfully.
I merely sighed in frustration and threw myself onto the couch.

She didn't dump me…did she? Technically we weren't going out to begin with, and tonight was supposed to seal the deal, and…

What kind of brother am I? Blaming my sister for my problems?Boxy Boy, the little boom box robot that my dad built, walked up and saw my foul mood. He played some music to cheer me up, and suddenly I felt much better.
Rap. It was my favorite music. Someday I aspired to be a rapper. Hopefully that would win Sunny…
Darn it! I made myself upset again
No, I can't let this get me down.

I gotta believe!

A knock at the door snapped me from my thoughts, and I leapt off the couch to answer it. A blue cat, dressed in a dark blue tank top adorned with a white star, red and white striped bell bottoms, and platform sandals, greeted me.
"Hey Katy! What's up?" I asked, startling her that I was so happy to see her.
"I came to tell you the great news! My band just got an audition!" she screamed, jumping up and down as her tail swayed excitedly.
"That's great news! Um…your band?" I asked. "I don't remember you having a band."
"That's right! I know I told you I was thinking of starting one, but I finally did! Only problem is, you're the only one with a driver's license and…"
"Say no more!" I smiled as I held up my hand. "I'm always willing to help a friend!"
"Great! So when can you be available?" she asked, her eyes giving the hint that she hoped now…
"Well, I could help you now…but…" I rubbed my neck nervously.
"But…what?" Katy asked, starting to look disappointed.
"PARAPPA! UEE WANTS MORE NOODLES!" Pinto screamed from down the hall.
"That…" I sighed.

The First Gig

We followed Katy to her house, where the other members of her new band were waiting. In the driveway was a tacky white van with the name MilkCan painted on the side in pink and blue.
"Thanks to my Dad!" Katy said rather proudly as she noticed me staring at the van. I nervously laughed, hoping I wouldn't be caught dead driving something like that…but, to help a friend…
We walked into the house, and that's when I saw….her…..
She stood there, nervously waving at me. She was a cute little lamb girl, wearing a baggy red t-shirt, tattered jeans, and worn sneakers with pink untied laces. Her guitar was slung over her shoulder.
My eyes stopped staring at her when I felt something hitting me in the stomach. I looked down to see a yellow, fox I guess, wearing a red dress and a stick of dynamite in her head. How or why it was there, I don't know. But I couldn't understand a word she was saying anyway.
"MA-SAN! Stop treating guests like that!" Katy snapped, and Ma-San stopped her pummeling.
"Well, what do you think?" Katy asked, as she helped me recover.
"She's beautiful." I muttered, as I glanced back at the lamb girl.
"What…" Katy asked, letting go of me suddenly.
"Wha? I mean…that I meant that the band idea! It's beautiful!" I stammered. Nice save PaRappa! I scolded myself.
"Yeah, we thought so too…" Katy agreed, somewhat skeptical. She was smart, and I hope I didn't give away too much for her to work from.

After proper introductions, which meant no more stomach punches, I learned that the lamb girl was named Lammy.
Lammy. What a nice name! Sounds sweet, rolls off the tongue, and just makes you feel all warm and…
Wait a minuet…do I have a crush? Another one?
That's when I remembered, all the things I did to impress Sunny Funny, I saw her there too! She seemed more impressed than Sunny did!

Could it be that…I'm in love again…?

"Well, time to get rolling! Let's go girls!" Katy commanded, and the others filed into the van.
Argh! The van! I hope no one lives to tell about this…