Sure he looked normal, and was dressed in a suit and dorky green glasses. But something about Jack Smash was off. Way off…
He had a pumpkin for a head! I guess around here anything is possible, but still. I didn't like his creepy vibe.

"Welcome girls! Welcome! Can't wait to get your first single recorded!" he said eagerly, shaking their hands. He seemed interested in Lammy, which made her feel uneasy.
I wanted to say something, but Jack shoved me out of the way and led the girls into the booth.
"Alright, you said that this song was called "No Cutting Corners"? Right?" he asked, getting the tape ready.
"Actually, it's called Millennium Gir…" Katy spoke.
"Right, right! Whatever! Let's get this show on the road!"

They jammed for a few minuets, until they stopped and Lammy looked at me.
"Wanna be in the song?" she asked.
"Sure!" I piped up, and left Pinto on the leather couch as I ran into the booth.
"Great! Yoko Teriyaki always needs new members!" Jack muttered to himself.
"Alright, let's get started!"

Lesson 2:

"If you're going to be in the song, we have to redo the middle part. So just follow along." Katy commanded.
I nodded, and began moving to the beat.

"I'm facing all the problems that'll get me"
"Facin' the problems that'll get me!" I was just improvising the whole time, and did pretty good!

"Cuz I don't really wanna spend the time see"
"I don't wanna spend no time see!"

"All of this hype all around,"
"All of this, hype from all around"

"Seems like, a waste of time"
"Seems like a waste of time with big sound!"

"Let me tell you, let me give everybody little something"
"But let me give you, A word of advice, it seems like a waste of time but it's nice!"

"In life, you just can't get going around cutting corners!"
"And in life, struggle with help you later, no cuttin' corners!"

"That was great girls! And you too, um…whoever you are!"
My ears drooped in disappointment.
"Let's rap this up and get it to the studio for editing!" Jack proclaimed.
We filed out of the booth, and walked into the studio, unaware that Jack had grabbed Lammy by the wrist.
"But someone wants to speak with you alone!"

Once we got into the room, I glanced around.
"Where's Lammy?" I asked, sounding a bit worried.
Ma-San said something I didn't understand, but she obviously didn't know.
"Good question…" Katy pondered.

"So good to see you again!" a female voice crooned.
Lammy looked around in the darkness, and knew who it was.
"I was so impressed by your skills in the underworld, that I want you back!"
"No, I can't! I want to stay here!" Lammy protested.
The voice revealed itself to be a green, feminine being. She wore a purple dress, and two green antenna perched atop her head.
"I'm sorry dear." She said smoothly, "but I'm afraid that no one denies Yoko Teriyaki!"

Meanwhile, outside the studio, was another mysterious figure.
"So this is where she is, huh?" she snarled. "She's not going to replace me that easily! I'll burn this place to the ground like I did that lame-o dojo!"
The figure produced a lighter from her pocket, and looked at the image of Yoko on it. She growled slightly, and lit the lighter.
"And I'll kill my rival off while I'm at it!"