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Before my Sun Fades to Twilight

Chapter 1: Riko, Mach, and the Castle Town

(Twenty years after the Zelda: Twilight Princess events)

Kia's POV

The grizzled grey clouds masked the top of Hyrule Castle in a ghostly fog, while the heavens wept transparent droplets of rain. It was on days like these where I could enter Hyrule with less self-consciousness of being caught. When I was merely a child of two, a strange human in Zoran armor suit came to Lake Hylia. He destroyed the evil there that seemed to plague reality as well as our dreams. All of Hyrule was swirled by Zant, the false leader of the Twilight, and his monster-demons into one unending nightmare. A Twilit nightmare. Since then, Princess Zelda was forced to increase security in Hyrule by restricting who came in and out of the town surrounding the Castle. This town was called Hyrule Castle Town. She isn't very creative with names. All the Hylians who lived in Hyrule Castle Town (and merchants) were allowed to come and go as they pleased. Gorons, Zoras, and Kikarios [is that misspelled? were forbidden from coming into Hyrule Castle Town without special permission and signature from Princess Zelda herself.

Now I am a seventeen year old Zoran pearl diver. I wore a heavy, hooded, brown, cloak that covered my Zoran clothing. On my hip I carried a pouch full of Zoran pearls. I collected and polished them to an illuminating shine. Even though the downpour, Hyrule Castle Town was still bustling with people. I walked along the cobblestone path, avoiding the crowds, as I made my way to Thelma's bar. Though it is a bar, that wasn't why I was going there for. I came for the people there. There are usually a few characters who will pay top rupee for a decent sized Zoran pearl. Occasionally, Thelma herself will buy a small pearl or two. As I was making my way there, I almost stepped on an ally cat! I swerved and tripped over my cloak. When I hit the ground I spilled all of my pearls. I started placing my pearls into my pouch when someone started helping me. I looked up to see a Hylian merchant. He was eight-teen or so with unusual black hair. Without warning he stopped helping and examined a pearl. "Are these Zoran pearls?" He asked in awe. I nodded, trying to give away that I was a Zora. "Never have I come across pearls of such quality! Are any for sale?" He said still staring at my pearl. "Ummmmmmm…." I trailed on. "Oh, how rude of me! My name is Riko. I'm a merchant and I-"He stopped in mid-sentence. I followed his eyes to what he was staring at. One of my fins was sticking out of my sleeve! "You're a…" Riko stammered as he looked into my face darkened by my hood. I snatched the pearl from Riko's hand and sped away. Riko caught up to me and whipped my cloak off to reveal to everyone in all of Hyrule Castle Town, I was a Zora. Gasps and stares were erupting from the crowd of eyes. I gave Riko one last glance with flaming eyes and tore off down the street. My cloak was billowing in the wind, still in Riko's hand.

It didn't take long for the guards to find me. (It's not like bluish-purple skin and fins were a popular Hylian accessory.) The guards who were my chasers, recognized me from a few of my before illegal strolls in the Castle Town. They pursued me far beyond the Town borders to get revenge on me because I always got away. Being chased by this pair of overweight guards was more of a game to me. I looked back to see how far away they were, but I noticed some guards on horses were chasing me as well. No more fun and games. I picked up my pace to as fast as I could go. The calvary was gaining. Out of desperation, I ducked into a corn field. I ran in-between the rows and hid my self inside a barn. I must have startled the horse because it started neighing like its leg was being cut off. I didn't have much time to prepare before the door was flung open.

-------------------------------------Ten Minuets Earlier-------------------------------------

Mach's POV

I slammed my shovel into the earth and pulled up. A potato rose to the surface. This is how I practiced for the most honored contest in all of Hyrule. Arm wrestling! I've been the undefeated arm wrestler of Hyrule for seven years in a row! If that ain't a show of manly dignity then I don't know what is! "Mach! Honey! I'm here!" A slender blonde twenty year old named Zerah called to me. Besides a trophy, I also won the love of my life. I dropped my shovel. She came over and we embraced. She pecked me on the cheek with her pink lips. "I'm almost done harvesting the potatoes." I reported and she smiled, grabbed a shovel, and started helping. "What is that sound?" Zerah's pointed ears heard the neighing of the horse. "Somethin's in the barn! Stay here." I ordered as stood frozen. I picked up my pitchfork and headed to the barn. I held the pitchfork firmly in my hands and opened the barn door. A Zoran girl stood in front of me. Her eyes were pins and she fled franticly to the back of the barn. I tightened my grip on the weapon and pointed it at her. "What'cha doin' on my farm Zor-a." I growled. After a moment of silence she spoke, but it was all in a language that I didn't know or cared to learn. "Hylian please." I ordered. "This was sooooo cool!!" I thought to myself. "I… didn't….mean to but I was…." She stammered. She then turned and leaped like a frog out the barn window! I ran outside and gave a good chase until the Zora dove into the river. "Stay in the water- where you belong!!" I hollered.

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