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Before my Sun Fades to Twilight

Chapter 10: The Cell Stories

Link's POV

I was, again, locked up in a dungeon in Hyrule Castle. The exact cage that I was imprisoned in the first time I was captured by beings of the Twilight 20 years ago. It reminded me of Midna. I cared for her, and after a while, she cared for me too. Enough to die for me. (She was brought back to life by the sprits of the springs.) But then again, we had separate lives. Not to mention we lived in two different dimensions. She would go on to be Queen of the Twilight while I would marry Ilia in Hyrule's Pax Romana (fancy name for time of peace). At least that's what I thought. Then some freak from the Twilight comes and takes over Hyrule again! But they must have learned something, so they captured me first. Zelda was no doubt captured and waiting to be rescued by me. There were just three problems with that.

1. I was a wolf. (Hence why I said it reminded me of Midna.)

2. I am chained to the floor.

3. I don't have the Master Sword.

With record time I could get from my cell, all the way to Zelda's chamber on the top tower. I remembered all these 20 years since Midna showed me. That was, if I was unchained. Last time Midna had to cut the chains for me. Now, I found it was futile to try to break out. Suddenly the door swung open. Knowing it was Ojan, going to report on Hyrule's destruction, I put on my I-sincerely-and-without-a-doubt-intensely–despise-you face. I had gotten pretty good at that face over the years. Instead of the tall Ojan, I saw a short Twili kid walk through the door. She had a true smile on her face, in contrast to Ojan's smirk or frown. She seemed about five years old, and she didn't look creepy for a change.

"La, de, da…" she sang while skipping around like she was having the best time of her life. "Oh!" she was startled by my growling. "Hello there. You're a cute doggie." She commented before she stuck her hands through the bars. I backed away, but she reached her little hand in through the bars of the cage as far as she could.

"Don't be scared of me little puppy. I just want to pet you." Pet me! I am the Twilight Vanquisher and she wants to PET me?! After I refused to budge from the corner of the cage, she sighed.

"Why does no one want to talk to me? My big sister is too busy ruling Hyrule to notice me, and her servants are emotionless. Can I at least talk to you?" She asked. Hold on one second. This was Ojan's sister? Maybe she could get me out of here! I thought over playing puppy for her, until my paranoid conscience got in the way. She is Ojan's little sister. Maybe she's trying to trick me. I decided not to move. She then started to cry as she slowly walked away. I didn't even know that Twili could cry!

"I wanna go home. Who cares about this Light-world anyway?" she then closed the door, leaving me to ponder the very thought-provoking questions she left me.

Zerah's POV

It was five days since we were escorted into Hyrule from Kakariko. It was six to seven days since we have seen the sun. It was six to seven days since we've seen the true sun, not the red sun of the Twilight. I meant the bright yellow orb that glowed against the blue sky. That was all I dreamed about. I would give almost anything to see the sun again.

The first day we were thrown into a dungeon and the same music played over and over until it made us delirious.

The second day, the torture was moving a pile of 200 cinder blocks from one side of the room to the other.

The third day's torture was Chinese Water Torture. That is where they strap you to boards face up, and drip water on your forehead in timed increments. Then after the 200th drop of water or so they stop dropping water. Then you go insane waiting for the next drop to fall. I know wierd.

The fourth day's torture was to sit strapped into a seat and they made you stare at a light that, even with your eyes closed, made your eyes bleed.

The fifth day's happy round of torture was the worst torture of all. It was worst most cruel thing ever known to Hylian kind! We had to peal over three rooms full of nothing but…ONIONS! Oh the humanity! The last onion I peeled was the biggest relief I ever got in my entire life. The floor was soaking wet from my own tears. I looked over at Mach. I was too tired to laugh or give him any sympathy, because I finally knew why he wouldn't grow or eat anything that had onions in it. His face was swollen and beet red from an allergic reaction to onions. Then the door swung open and I couldn't even hear Ojan slam the door against the wall from the ear-piercing song she was listening to.

"Why do you listen to music so loud?" I asked Ojan while my hand cupped over my ears. "Well, I'm evil so I listen to evil music. Can't you feel the evil vibe it gives off?"

"I can feel the walls vibrating."

"Is vibrating evilly?"

"I guess."

"Then it is close enough." I looked at Mach who probably couldn't hear his face was too swollen. "Alright, back to evil business." Ojan announced while screwing up her face to turn it into a smirk again.

"Had enough yet?" she almost cackled.

"Is this a trick question?" I answered.

"If you to live then I have a little job for you."

"Oh! So it's the bad cop/good cop routine, right?" She then slammed the wooden door shut.

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