What I hate about you

There are things about you, my companions that make it a daily struggle not to kill you just for sanity's sake alone. For instance…

Hakkai: your constant smile is aggravating. Your insistent need to keep things neat and tidy. Your half ass condescending peacemaking is something that makes me want and need to shoot you. Your driving can sometimes be classified as insane. (And they complain about mine) the obsessive care and coddling of that pet is frustrating and if you and it weren't a necessity I'd have ditched the two of you long ago. I know there are other things but frustration is hindering further thought about you.

Goku: the huge thing I hate about you is you're an annoying, noisy walking stomach who won't leave me the hell alone. Your obsessive devotion is so grating I often would be better off shooting my self. You have the bad habit of popping up at the worst times. I often wish I had something to tape, staple, nail your mouth shut. But knowing you you'd eat it first. How can you be such a huge pain in the ass yet so sincerely sweet I would run for cover if I could? The only time you're only half as annoying is when you're asleep and even then you're a pain because you snore so damn loud.

Gojyo: oh god where do I start… safe to say everything about you annoys me to death. Your flirtatious ways, the cigarettes you smoke, you're casual touches, the way you watch what ever I do, the way you walk, the way that you talk, the way you move, the way you look, the way you smell, your smile, your hair, your eyes, your lips, your hands when they reach out to touch me. That little grin that lets me know just what you're thinking.

So why since your sins are many and there have been countless time you three or I would be dead by my own hands why?

Why do I find the traits I hate the most, the things that I can't live without. The things I need and want more then life itself.

I will do anything to keep you safely stashed away in my heart. I will cherish you always.

And if anyone finds out I'll kill them.