Bringing Back What's Dead

Chapter 1:

Trouble Arising

Summary: Sequel to Till Death Due Us Apart. She made a promise to herself to discover a way to revive him and have him finally see his son. What happens when your greatest enemy from the past is the only one who can grant your fondest wish? SakuraxSasori

Yes, I decided to make a sequel to Till Death Due Us Apart. Originally, I was firmly against it but the rebellious and mischievous portion of my mind said, "Well, if you could do a sequel on it, then what would it be about?" Sakura trying to resurrect Sasori, of course. After a few minutes of pondering and discussions with myself (yes, I do that time after time), I came up with the kicker to the sequel and a rough analysis on how the story would go. So, for all of you who wanted a sequel to my SasoSaku oneshot, your wishes have been granted. Now, journey forward and enjoy the very first chapter of Bringing Back What's Dead!

P.S. There's a three year time skip in this. Shinkutsuki is currently three years old but is close in reaching his fourth year. And for those who have not read Till Death Due Us Apart I highly suggest you read that before reading this, otherwise you might get tremendously perplexed with the future references, etc, in this story.




'Inner Sakura'



"Like You" by Evanescence

Disclaimer: Why yes, I do own Naruto but I'm not completely satisfied with it so I'm writing up this story to appease to my desires. Psych. The last part is true though; Sakura and Sasori should have gotten together in my wondrous opinion. Also, I do not own "Like You" by Evanescence.


Blinding wall between us

Melt away and leave us alone again

Humming, haunted somewhere out there

I believe our love can

See us through in death.


A pink-haired kuniochi furiously flipped through the pages of a medical book, a frown on her face. Deep concentration lines marked her brow and her eyebrows furrowed in frustration as she continued to the mad search for a certain section in the ten-inch thick leather-bound book.


Slamming the useless book shut, the said shinobi growled accusingly at the worthless object in front of her. Thirty chapters on medical issues and such, twenty chapters about the human body and chakra gates, and seven chapters on spiritual rituals and godly miracles in medic events through out the ages! Not a single goddamn page told her about how to revive a body or even remotely hint a possible way. And to think she wasted two weeks reading this material in hopes of finding any leads that could possibly bring Sasori back to life. That amount now was added to the growing number of time she spent in her research. Three years and hardly a scrap of information!

"Die, you wretched, stupid book!" she yelled, hurling it across the other side of the room. Consequently, it was spinning towards the door and the door was already opening as the book began closing in on its oblivious target.

"Sakura-chan, why aren't— Ow!" An orange, swirl-masked shinobi wearing the garments of the infamous Akatsuki organization clutched his left eye painfully and began whimpering softly. Seeing this display of hurt, Sakura's enraged expression soften and was replaced with sympathy.

"Oh, Tobi, I'm so sorry! I didn't know you were coming in and I was so caught up in my work and frustration…." Erstwhile she had rushed to his aid and removed his hand over his injured eye. "How bad does it hurt, Tobi?"

"It hurts Tobi a little. Sakura doesn't have to heal him. Tobi's strong boy as well as a good one!" The changed tone in Tobi's voice signaled to Sakura he would be fine-in the long run-and wouldn't accept her healing, no matter what she'll say.

"If you say so, Tobi. But I want you to put ice on it to reduce the swelling, okay?"

"Tobi says that's fine." He left the room to do just that, leaving her alone once again with her scattered research and lurking, boiling frustration.

Sighing, Sakura sank down on her work chair, running her fingers through her untidy rosette hair feverously. Three years and she hadn't found any hints or possible instructions that could tell her on how to resurrect her beloved. She combed through the Akatsuki archive till there wasn't a book or scroll she hadn't read, seen, or glanced at. Unfortunately, it had helped very little on her quest. She asked the other members to seek for any information that could be beneficial to her for she couldn't leave Shinkutsuki out her care just yet. He was three years old for Kami-sama's sake!

To top it off, neither she nor any other of the Akatsuki members heard of or know someone who could have the skill of instant revival.

"Let's see…. Leaf didn't have anything to begin with; Akatsuki had a little, Sand…no, same for the Mist, Rock, Cloud, Grass…." She checked off all the villages she had already obtained information from, looking for any ones she could have missed. As Sakura went down the list, her eyes skidding to a stop at the name of the last village:


'Hey, doesn't Orochimaru still hang around there?'

Her hand frozen and her eyes still on the paper, her inner's question had made her remember a distant memory she had forgotten long ago. Most of her memories of Leaf-save for the ones of Ino, Naruto, and Kakashi-were locked away, stored in the dark corners of her mind. It was simply her way of moving on; the less she reminiscent over her time as a Kohona shinobi, the better. After all, brooding about the past was certainly not going to get her anywhere. It could influence the future, yes, but if you didn't let go of the past then how were you ever suppose to live your life?

"Wait a minute…." she whispered, the probing memory becoming less and less nebulous, "Orochimaru…Tsunade…Nawaki and Dan. Of course!"

'What is it?'

I've just remember something. Way back when, I recall hearing that Orochimaru proposed an offer to Tsunade. If she healed his arms he would bring back her deceased lover and brother back from the grave.

'Yeah, but didn't Tsunade refuse in the end?'

Correct, but if Orochimaru is bold enough to make such an offer then it's just a possibility that he can bring back the dead!

'But this Orochimaru we're talking about! One of the Sannin, a former member of the Akatsuki that's still alive, and was responsible of the Third Hokage's death! Not to mention he has a huge reputation of betraying those who involve themselves into his affairs. Sakura, if you're thinking what I think you're thinking….'

I am. I am perfectly sane about it. I have worked endlessly to find anything that could help us in reviving Sori-kun but constantly come up empty-handed. This could be our final chance in finding something of value for once!

'Surely you don't mean to strike up a deal with him!'

Who said anything about forming deals with him?

"Orochimaru." The said snake-user Sannin lifted his head up at the sound of his name. His demanding, manipulative golden eyes stared straightly at the silver-haired medic in front him. A visible smirk danced about on the Oto spy's face.

"What is it, Kabuto?" Kabuto shifted his glassed upward to signal he was about to begin and deliver his report.

"After investigating and spying on Kohona's activities, I've uncovered some…intriguing news you might want to hear. It could, perhaps, help the situation you are still in." He motioned to Orochimaru's arms, which had a special medicine injected into them to make them semi-functional for a few hours. This piped up Orochimaru's interest so he leaned forward in curiosity.

"Go on. What did you find?"

"Do you remember Haruno Sakura? Tsunade's apprentice?" Orochimaru scowled at the mention of his ex-teammate's name. It still irritates him that she refused his proposal to reunite her with very two people she loved dearly in exchange for the healing of his arms. It was simple, 'innocent' proffer and even he thought he had her. Yet, in the end result she rejected it. That just irked him off more instead of enraging him. He only gave out offerings like those to very few and does it only once. And of course, she blew it. Then again, like he ever cared about such trifles. There were other, more important events that needed his supervision than embitterment over a lost chance of regaining the use of his arms back.

"Yes, I recall her image quite well. Tsunade has rubbed off on her far too much." A chuckle came from Kabuto's lips, a sinister gleam in his eye.

"Maybe Tsunade didn't rub off on her so much or quite enough, Orochimaru."

Orochimaru cocked an eyebrow at his subordinate's cryptic statement, unsure of what Kabuto exactly meant by that. "Just recently I found out that Sakura has left the Leaf Village and is labeled a missing-nin. The reason why is quite unexpected, if I may say so myself."

Enjoying where this was going, Orochimaru probed him to continue. "What's the reason to why she left? Surely not for Sasuke."

"Definitely not. She has given up on him, almost forgot him completely from what I gathered. No, she has found someone else, someone far more dangerous. In fact, he is the reason why she left." Kabuto paused, wondering how Orochimaru would react to the next bit of news.

"It would seem your old partner, Sasori, and Sakura had some sort of relationship. I even heard that they were married."

Orochimaru snickered, amused by the irony of the outcome of an Akatsuki member seducing Tsunade's apprentice into betraying her village. He hoped that rattled Tsunade around a bit, she needed a good shock every now and then.

"That's why she left? For Sasori?"

"It would seem so. However…he's dead."

Orochimaru frowned. "When was this?"

"About three years ago, after when Sakura first left the Leaf Village with Sasori. They were married by the time Tsunade sent eighty ANBU and a single jounin to bring Sakura back and kill Sasori. Sasori managed to obliterate half of them before finally meeting his doom. My sources say that Sakura herself was the one who finished off the rest of squad, even bringing death up Genma, a jounin she knew very well. Yet after committing this treasonous deed, she did not elude the next wave of shinobis. She allowed them to find her and bring her back to Kohona, refusing to say where she hid Sasori's body. She was scheduled to be executed in three months but was later postponed to nine."

Orochimaru knew immediately what that meant. "She was pregnant." It was more of a statement rather than a question. Kabuto nodded and continued.

"Yes. Yamanaka Ino and Nara Shikamaru were supposed to adopt her child after when she was dead but the Akatsuki intervened and helped her to escape. Her and her son, Shinkutsuki, have been fully pledged members for the past three years and from my intelligence, she is seeking a way to resurrect Sasori."

A deep, dry laugh echoed from the back of Orochimaru's throat, his mind already plotting. He knew where Kabuto was leading him to; he had sensed it from the start. Oh, how the Fates were working with him now!

"I see what you mean, Kabuto. Very good, I am pleased with your results." The medic nin replied to this compliment by pushing his glasses upright again and nodded, sunlight reflecting eerily off his lenses. "By the way, I'm curious on how you managed to obtain this information on all these peculiar events, especially from the Akatsuki base nonetheless."

"I have my ways, Lord Orochimaru."

The lord of Oto noticed an evident but small smirk on his top spy's face and understood at once what Kabuto meant. He had placed moles in not only Kohona but in the Akatsuki as well. Orochimaru couldn't be any more satisfied with Kabuto's work. From his right-hand man's deductive and precise investigations there was another way for him to achieve in gaining the functioning of his arms back. If Sakura loves Sasori like Kabuto said she did and would do anything to have him back then things couldn't be more perfect for his diabolical plans for the future.

"Kabuto, I want you to lure Sakura to me. Make sure you're not seen by the Akatsuki or anyone else that might be threats to our grand design. Convince Sakura to arrange a meeting with me. Dangle Sasori's revival in front of her, if you must, but I don't think it will have to come to that. She's an intelligent shinobi."

Kabuto nodded, agreeing. "Sakura might have already figured it out that you're the only person who can fulfill her wish," he added. Orochimaru's infamous sadistic grin crept over his pale, ageless features, his attentive gold eyes gleaming with excitement.

"Then I guess we can just wait for her to come to us, Kabuto. She'll come here just to infiltrate Sound and try to obtain information for her search. I will like to see how well she progresses before making my move."

"It will be done, Lord Orochimaru."

A spiky, blonde shinobi slurped down the contents of his bowl with processing over the highlight of his day. His eyebrows furrowed quizzically, a troubled look washing over his face. It just doesn't make sense. Why would Tsunade call such an important meeting and not ask for my audience? I mean, I'm one of the candidates to be the next Hokage!

"What's going on in that meeting?" whined Naruto, shoving more ramen in his mouth. He was so intent on his lunch and meeting that he didn't detect a familiar chakra looming over him.

"What's this about a meeting?"

Surprised, Naruto jumped a mile and his hand flung his ramen bowl up into the sky. In a panicked dash to save the ramen bowl-and prevent paying extra money for breaking it-Naruto created several shadow clones to assist him retrieving the bowl back. Eventually, they all waited until they could see where it would land and rushed to the exact spot, hands held upward to catch it. Once Naruto felt the bowl cradling safely in his hands he sat back down at his seat, allowing his clones to disperse. The Kyuubi container glared at the slouched, silver-haired jounin at his right.

"Kakashi!" he bellowed with a whine, "What was that for?! You scared the crap out of me and almost broke my ramen bowl!" His ex-sensei laughed at Naruto's antics.

"If you paid more attention to your surroundings then this would never have happened," he chided lightly, "haven't I taught you that?"

"Yeah, you and Sakura." He faltered at the sound of his best friend's name, his voice dropping down a few notches. "Sakura would drill that into my head when we trained together."

"I know. I occasionally had watched you two spar."

The Copy nin's voice was equally as hushed as Naruto's was. A sober mood washed over the two Leaf ninjas, remembrance of their pink-haired friend unearthing many memories. Unsure of how to break the abrupt silence between him and Kakashi, Naruto returned back to his meal, intending to finish his ramen. Kakashi opened his mouth to speak but was silenced instantly by the other boisterous blonde of Kohona.

"THERE YOU ARE!" screeched Yamanaka Ino, pointing to sitting figure of Naruto wolfing down his meal and the relaxed, motionless Kakashi, "I'VE BEEN LOOKING ALL OVER FOR YOU TWO RASCALS!"

"Ino, it's impolite to point, much less wake up any remaining afternoon sleepers and drive all of us deaf," Kakashi replied simply. Ino scowled at him before deciding to ignore this comment and took a seat next to Naruto.

"Hey, Naruto!" she chirped. Naruto responded back with his usual 'hi' only his mouth was full of ramen and other portions. Shaking her head, Ino decided it was time to get down to business.

"Are any of you currently aware of the special meeting Tsunade called ten minutes ago?" she inquired. Both men looked up at her, recognition in their eyes. Pleased with their reaction, she went on.

"Tsunade asked for the attendance of the council, the ANBU, most of the skilled jounin and chuunin. Yet Shikamaru and I were excluded from this 'confidential' meeting. I take it you two were also denied?" Both a blonde and silver head nodded. "I thought so."

"But what does this mean?" asked Naruto, scratching his head, "I don't see what they're talking about anything that has to do with us. Why deny our attendance?"

"I've been thinking along the same lines but…something is not quite right about this." Ino added uncertainly, nibbling the ends of her mouth.

Kakashi coughed politely. Ino and Naruto looked up at his direction, knowing this was one of his ways in getting people's attention. It also meant he might have information beneficial for their current situation.

"I believe it's the other way around, Naruto and Ino."

Ino blinked at the blunt statement. "What do you mean?"

"Huh?" said Naruto, who was currently lost.

"What I mean is I believe this meeting didn't include us for a specific reason. Instead us having nothing to do with us in the meeting, I think it's the other way around."


"Naruto, Tsunade didn't invite us to the conference because it has something to do with us. Something she didn't want us to get involved in." explained the calm jounin wearily.

Ino tapped her chin thoughtfully at this, thoughts swarming in her head. "But what would be the reason that forbids us and Shikamaru from the meeting?"

"Let's see…." Naruto began, "Shikamaru is too lazy for his own good—"

"My Shikamaru isn't lazy! He just needs to be motivated harder than regular people!"

"Kakashi reads perverted, nasty books—"

"Now, now, Naruto, my books aren't nasty."

"Ino has the loudest, most obnoxious voice in all of Kohona—"


Both blondes glowered intensely at each other, determined to "out-glare" the other. If looks could kill, they'd both be a steaming pile of cinders. Kakashi sighed at the two shinobis' childish display; even after all those years of maturity they still locked horns with one another, acting like they did in their genin days.

"I don't think any of those…traits relate to our rejection of the meaning. Rather, I think it has to do with our relation with someone. I wouldn't have thought about the possible person so soon if Naruto and I hadn't just mention her name a few minutes ago." He gave them his closed-eye, cheery smile.

"What?" exclaimed Ino. Realization dawned over Naruto, for he instinctively knew who Kakashi was talking about.

"Sakura…." he whispered loud enough only for the jounin and blue-eyed kuniochi to hear, "The meeting is about Sakura!"

You're not alone

No matter what they told you

You're not alone

I'll be right here beside you forevermore

Yep, that's first chapter of the sequel. Tell me how it was; I hope it wasn't a disappointment or a big letdown and such.