Radar in just another day: mail call in, and out.by Marlin Man

Chapter 1:Going in

A Two Shot unless you want more. and please R&R. set befor Margarets Engagement. it is a series

It was a cassual day for Radar nothing to difficult nothing to easy. All he had to do was this. Help Col. Potter clean Sophie, fill out alot of paperwork, deliver mail, and make the morning announcements. So far he was delivering mail. It was an easy morning, and for Radar it was just another day. Yet somehow Radar felt like something was missing. Like he was missing something...or someone.

Radar looked over his left shoulder and found the swamp and all of it's miserable glory. Radar just went on in. "Mail call." said Radar as he entered "officers country" as Maj.Burns put it.

"Ah the cry of pure." said Hawkeye. He was checking out the 'scores' on his older nudist magazine.

"Anything for me?" asked B.J.

"Yes sir." he handed B.J. two letters.

"Radar? Why is this one open?" asked B.J putting the letter out to show the ripped up part.

"Hey it wasn't my fault. The sun was in my eyes so I decided to put in front of my face."

"Why is it open then?" asked Hawkeye who had been watching the whole time.

"I didn't want him to wait for the letter to be open." somehow that ended the little disscusion. Radar gave everyone in the swamp their respective notes, packages, magazines.

"Finally! My sewing machine came through." Klinger took it from Radar and took it out of the box. All he got weresome parts.

"What's this?" asked Klinger holding up the parts.

"You have to build it." said Radar who was currently looking at his own letters.

"What I don't even know how the things in the kitchen work!"

I'll have another one up in about two days... or one.