Radar in just another day: mail call in, and out.by Marlin Man

Chapter 2:Going out

A Two Shot unless you want more. and please R&R. set befor Margarets Engagement. it is a series. this will have the guys letters. can't spell some names.

Radar was in the mail room reading everyones letters for no exact reason. These were the letters he read.


Dear Peg,

Hello Peg I'm sorry I haven't mailed you in a while but we've been in surgery for the last 36 hours. It was long and painful for me to see the kids under the table but I held it in like usuall. By the time I finished I was knocked out. There is just nothing to do when your not in surgery. For us it is either to hot or to cold. I guess it comes with the job.

How is Erin doing? I really miss both of you and I want to just jump ship and be with you. I know we may be far apart but when you wright to me it fells like I'm back home.I hope this crumy war would end allready.

Love B.J. Hunnicut

P.S. I love you honey.

When Radar finished he looked at Franks which had a small box next to it.

Dear Louies,

In this box there is 609 American dollars. Now I want you to take this mony and invest it in the plumming district. We'll be rich! How I got it you may ask. Well I just happened to be in the swamp when my roommates were finishing up there hourly poker game. Of cource right after they got drunk and were knocked out. So I swiped their winnings.

Radar stopped thier and put the package under his arm and took it back to the swamp.

"Thank you Radar I was looking everywhere for the money." said Hawkeye as he took the little box.

"Your welcome sir. Um Hawkeye do you want to send that letter?" He pointed to it.

"Sure why not. It isn't doing anything just sitting around." Hawkeye handed him the letter.

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