The voice of a -very- angry tomb robber rang through the apartment, as Ryou yelped and dropped his plate. The aforementioned tomb robber strode into the room, holding an empty shampoo bottle.

"Do you have any idea how hard it was to steal this from the old lady down the street?" he snarled. "And it was mine you ungrateful little brat and you used it up!"

Ryou trembled slightly, and kept his head down. "I-I'm sorry! I didn't know it was almost empty and-"

"I don't want your excuses, dammit! I want my shampoo!"

"I'll go get you some more, just please stop yelling an- And oh my god what are you doing, no no, stay back! Don't-ARRRGH!" Ryou flailed and yelped as he was hit with the ice cold spray from the kitchen sink's lieetle hose thingy.

Bakura looked smug, but not satisified, as his soaking wet-looking vaguely like a sullen kitten- Hikari trudged to his room to change and get his Other a new bottle of shampoo.


Twenty minutes, four encounters with homocidal pigeons, and one angry chipmunk later, Ryou had made it to the store. As he moved down the aisle, he couldn't help but sigh. Sometimes his Other really was strange. Homocidal, freakishly scary, and violent, but strange. It wasn't hard to find the shampoo, but finding the proper one was another matter. There seemed to be none left on the shelf, so he decided to ask an employee about it. If he could find one, that is.

His quest took three hours, because first he had to navigate the maze of spilled products, screaming children, two griffins and a sphinx-he'd decided questioning their existence and appearance in the store would only make his brain implode-, and one giraffe to find an employee.

Who turned out to be Joey Wheeler.

Sighing, he poked him until the blond turned to him.

"Hey Ryou! What'cha doin' here?"

"Looking for mango scented shampoo. Sauve. Have any?"

"Oh sure! It got to be so popular they had to give it it's own aisle. Just go that way, and when you see the sphinx take a left. then go straight until you see a portal to the Fifth Dimension, take another left, walk through the nest of giant anteaters, and when you see the pit of alligators, you're there."

"...Thanks." Deciding he should check himself into the local looney bin once this was over, he started off, following joey's directions. As he found the aisle, he began to wonder if he should just leave the country instead. He'd heard that America's supermarkets never had anything more dangerous than a clumsy employee and small children.

Taking down six bottles, just to be safe, from the shelf, he retraced his steps to the cashiers, and paid for his purchase.


Bakura had been anxiously waiting, and pounced on the poor boy when he returned.

"My shampoo!"

As he rushed up the stairs to shower, Ryou shook his head, wondering how he'd ever manage to return to a normal life after that last advdenture...