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Summary : A new case leads to two agents having to work undercover. Emotions long hidden are revealed. And to make matters worse, one of them is ill and doesn't want the other or the rest of the team to know.

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Although it was way past 10pm Officer Ziva David was relaxing in a steaming hot bubble bath. Yes, a bubble bath. The week was finally over and Gibbs had allowed all of them to go home at 7pm on the dot. What was even better was the fact that they were off duty this weekend, so she could really take the time to relax and pamper herself.

As she lazed in the fragrant and soothing bath her thoughts kept lingering on one silver haired man. Ziva knew that what she felt for him was way more that what she should be feeling for him. But he just impressed her so much. He always sized up a situation so fast and he always made sure that his team was safe. But in addition to that he taught them how to be better agents and he lived what he taught. He was one of the only man in her life that Ziva respected and looked up to.

And somehow as they continued working together, Ziva seemed to have developed these 'feeling' for her Boss. She started seeing him as this really sexy and adorable man. And his smile, it was enough to make her, Ziva David's, knees go weak.

What am I going to do? I've got the hots for my Boss! Ziva moaned as she sank lower into the bath.


At about the same time, Special Agent Gibbs was in his basement working on his boat. As he placed the sander down, he picked up his beer and took a long swallow. It felt good to be home and let all the tension of the last week leave his body.

But there was another kind of tension building within him that he wasn't sure how to deal with. And that was his unexpected 'feelings' for the young Mossad Officer in his team. During their last case, Ziva and he had spent more time then usual together. They had interrogated the suspects together and her body language had just suddenly jumped out to him. He had also noticed her hands. They were smooth and supple and Gibbs had started imagining having those hands on his …..

Gibbs sighed as his ringing phone brought his stray thoughts to an abrupt halt.


"Jethro, I need you and your team back in the office at 07H00." Jenny said in an urgent voice.

"Jen, we haven't had a weekend off all month…" Gibbs started protesting already getting annoyed.

"I know and I'm sorry but we're just received some sensitive intel and I need my best team on it. So I'll see all of you at 07H00 in my officer. Bye Jethro." Jenny said in a rush before hanging up.

Gibbs stared at the phone and thought, you're becoming just as bad as me Jen.

Then he dialled DiNozzo's number and got voice mail. He left a message for him and then called McGee.

"Boss?" McGee questioned sounding like he had just awoken.

Gibbs told him to be at the office at 07H00 and then hung up in his typical Gibbs fashion. And then Gibbs called Ziva. It took four rings before she answered, the sound of splashing water in the background.


"Officer David, I need you at the office at 07H00 tomorrow. Your weekend off's been cancelled." Gibbs stated.

Ziva groaned, "Great so lingering in the bath with a bottle of red wine's definitely not a good idea."

Gibbs' mind was inundated with delicious images of Ziva, naked, surrounded by bubbles, a glass of red wine in her hands and an open invitation in her eyes.

Ziva just realized what she had said and to whom she had said it and her mind overflowed with images of Gibbs, naked and with her in her bubble bath.

Stop, stop, stop! Why is he still on the line? Why didn't he hang up yet?

"Mm, Gibbs was there anything else?" Ziva asked as the silence became deafening.

"No. Don't be late!" Gibbs ordered in a gruff voice before hanging up.

He took a deep breath, in an effort to calm his racing heart and wayward body. Then he reached up to a shelf with the intention of retrieving a file to use on the boat.

Suddenly his back and side felt like they were being ripped apart. The pain was so sudden and so intense that Gibbs doubled over, dropping his beer and the file. And then he was on is knees gasping for breathe.

"Aaarrrgggghhhh, what the hell's wrong with me? Gibbs growled as he rolled onto the floor and cradled his pulsating side. He remained like that until the pain subsided as suddenly as it had occurred.


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