Name: Harry Potter and the Black Blood Brothers

Summery: After two years since their arrival in the Special Zone, Jirou and Kotarou journey back to the north to visit the Princess and Koru. But something happens on their journey, sending the brothers to…….. Hogwarts Lake. How will Jirou and Kotarou react when they realize that they have been sent back into the past? Set in year 6!!!! (Why? Cause I want Dumbledore in it )

Disclaimer: I don't own Black Blood Brothers or Harry Potter. Please…… Do I look like J. K. Rowling to you?????


Kotarou sat in the storage area of the cargo ship, yawning. He looked over at his older brother, who looked like he was going to be sick.

"Brother, are you okay?" Kotarou asked, concerned.

Jirou swallowed, before forcing a smile to come onto his face. "I'll be fine as soon as this storm lets up, Kotarou."

The two brothers were headed to the north, to visit the Princess and Koru. They had both been living in the Special Zone for two years. But, Jirou thought it would be good to allow Kotarou to visit two of the people he had grown up with.

The only thing that Jirou wasn't looking forward to was the boat trip. He thought that he would just sleep until they arrived, (or until Kotarou got in trouble). But, when the storm started, he found sleep to be impossible.

So here he was, the fearless Silver Blade…….. Trying hard not to vomit all over his little brother.

Kotarou giggled, "You're the same color as the ocean, brother."

Jirou rolled his eyes, "Thanks." He said, sarcastically.

Kotarou was about to say something, when the boat gave a sudden jolt. Jirou grabbed Kotarou to stop him from falling forward as the boat came to a halt.

Kotarou looked up, "What happened, brother?"

Jirou narrowed his eyes, "I don't know." He stood up and started to walk up to the deck. Kotarou trailed at his heels.

When they arrived to the deck, it had stopped raining. But, dark clouds were all around them. There was shouting on the upper deck.

Jirou walked out to the edge, Kotarou was right next to him, stepping on the front part of the railing to look over.

Kotarou gasped as he looked at the water. It seemed to be spinning in one direction, and getting faster every minute. He leaned farther over the railing, "Brother, what is that??"

Suddenly, the boat gave another huge jolt, sending Kotarou over the edge and into the swirling waters below.

"KOTAROU!!!" shouted Jirou who immediately jumped in after him.

As soon as he hit the water, Jirou screamed in pain. Plumes of smoke came off of him. Shaking it off, he looked to see that the water was forming into a whirlpool. He looked to see that Kotarou was a little ways from him, swirling toward the center.

Jirou swam toward Kotarou and grabbed a hold of him. "HOLD ON, KOTAROU!!!" He shouted as they both started to swirl down into the middle of the vortex.

The last thing that Jirou heard was a bright flash of light before he blacked out.