Chapter Four: Musings and Responses

'I so need to get rid of this time piece…..' Harry thought as he stared down at the buzzing, magical object that had awoken him from his sleep.

He was sitting in his bed in Gryffindor Tower. Ron stayed asleep, snoring quite loudly. Harry glared over at the sleeping Ron as he turned off the time piece. He then glanced around the room at the empty beds.

'I wonder how many people will return this year.' Harry thought, absently. He knew that parents wouldn't want their children to venture far from home now that Voldemort's return was widely known. But, then again, Hogwarts was probably safer than anyone's home. Especially with Dumbledore there.

Then, there were the strange two vampires from the future. How would the parents react when they figure out that their children were being taught by a vampire? 'I wonder how Sirius would act.' Harry thought, then smiled. Sirius would probably want to meet them.

Harry was brought back from his thoughts when the door opened to reveal a dressed Hermione. "Are you two still in bed??? We have an hour to get dressed and go get Kotarou and Jirou to go to Diagon Alley!"

Ron grunted in his sleep and muttered, "it's too early……."

Hermione pulled away Ron's covers, "Oh stop being a baby about it. It's not that early."

Ron grumbled as he got out of bed. Harry and Ron stared at Hermione who still hadn't left. Hermione crossed her arms, "What??"

"How about leaving so that we can get dressed, Hermione." Said Harry with an amused expression on his face.

Hermione blushed before walking out the boy's dormitory. Ron shook his head, "Women…."

After they had gotten dressed and meet Hermione down in the common room, they left to go get Kotarou and Jirou.

"Where are they sleeping?" Ron asked, yawning.

"They are sleeping in the DDA teacher's room. It's where Jirou is going to be sleeping when the school year starts as well." Said Hermione, impatiently.

"Hopefully he is better than Miss. Toad was…." Harry said with a note of disapproval at the mention of Umbridge.

"Speaking of Umbridge….. Guess where they put the Toad after she arrived back from Hogwarts." Ron said stifling yet another yawn.

"St. Mongo's ward for the hopelessly fat and stupid?" asked Harry with a smirk.

Ron laughed, but then went serious, "They gave her the job as the head of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures."

"WHAT???" yelled Harry and Hermione in unison.

Ron nodded, "its true……."

"They should have fired her……. That little toad….." growled Harry angrily.

"Well, there is nothing we can do about it. Lets just hope that she stays away from Hogwarts." Said Hermione with a sigh as they came to the DDA classroom.

After they had entered at arrived at the door of the office, Hermione opened the door. The office was bare except for a painting of a Horseman that was in the corner. The Horseman looked at the three and asked, "Password?"

"hm…… what was that temporary password that Dumbledore gave me?... oh yes, Vampire blood!" said Hermione, triumphantly.

"Oh how original!" said Ron in a sarcastic voice as the portrait swung open.

"I'm sure Jirou will change it at the start of the new year." Said Hermione with a disapproving look over to Ron as they climbed into the opening.

The room inside wasn't all that decorative either. There was a single bed in the corner where Kotarou was currently sleeping. Across the room was a dresser with a mirror beside it. In the front of the room was a fireplace with a jar of floo-powder next to it. The only thing that stood out in the room was on top of the dresser, rested a sword in its sheath. It looked like a modern, style Japanese sword with a red and black hilt.

Jirou was apparently sleeping on the floor. He lay on his back with his hat on his face and hands entwined on his stomach.

"Is this guy still alive?" Asked Ron who bent down and poked Jirou's arm.

"Yah…. He's just sleeping….." said a tired voice from the corner of the room. Kotarou sat up in bed and rubbed his eyes. "Good morning" he yawned in his cute, Chibi way.

"Good morning, didn't you two have a time piece to wake you up?" asked Hermione as she walked over to pick up the motionless time piece off of the dresser, only to have it split in half right in front of her. She gasped and stared at it.

Kotarou giggled, "It was probably brother, and he isn't good with modern-day things."

The mentioned brother gave a sigh in his sleep, mumbling something in his sleep.

Harry laughed, "That's one way to hit the snooze button. Let's try and wake him up."

They all presided to attempt to poke him away. This didn't do anything at all.

"Bloody Hell, this guy sleeps like the dead!" said Ron, frustrated.

Kotarou sighed, "Brother is always a heavy sleeper….."

Hermione smiled evilly, "I have an idea……… your brother hates water, right?"

Kotarou nodded hesitantly.

Hermione smiled and got a cup of water. She then lifted Jirou's hat, "Time to wake up…." Before Kotarou could stop her, she poured the cup onto Jirou's head.

Jirou shot up, screaming in pain as his head erupted into a plume of smoke.

Hermione, Ron, and Harry jumped back, not really expecting that reaction.

Jirou rubbed his aching head, "WHO POURED WATER ON ME???" He asked, angrily.

Ron immediately pointed at Hermione who glared back, "Thanks a lot….." she then looked back a Jirou, "I'm really sorry….. But we couldn't wake you up any other way…"

Jirou sighed, "Fine, just don't do it again….." He then got up and put his hat on. "So, we going to that Dia-whatever it's called today??"

"Diagon Alley and yes. You and Kotarou can get whatever supplies you need for the up-coming school year." Said Hermione.

Jirou nodded and walked toward the dresser. He strapped the sword to his belt before smiling at the group. "Well, let's go….."

Ron smiled, "I'll go first then….." He walked up to the fireplace and grabbed a hand-full of Floo-powder. "DIAGON ALLEY!!!" He yelled before throwing the powder down at his feet and erupting into green flames. When the flames cleared, Ron was gone.

Jirou looked surprised, "What was that???"

Harry smiled lightly, "Floo-powder. It'll transport us to the Leaky Caldron in Diagon Alley. It's perfectly safe as long as you say it correctly." He then grabbed a hold of the powder and mimicked Ron's actions.

Kotarou looked excited, "I want to try next!!" He grabbed a hold of the powder after Harry went and stood in the fireplace and happily did the same.

Jirou nervously took a hold of the powder, unsure what would happen.

Hermione smiled encouragingly at him, "It will be fine….. Kotarou did it….. So can you…."

Jirou smiled, "That's not what I'm worried about, to be honest..." He then threw the powder and said the words, getting transported in a world of colors until he felt he would be sick. When he finally landed he looked up to see Harry, Ron, and Kotarou looking down at him. Soon after, Hermione came out of the fireplace behind him.

"Welcome to the Leaky Caldron!" Said Harry, smiling.

Meanwhile, at Dumbledore's office, Snape was staring at Dumbledore with a mixture of surprise and anger.

"YOU WHAT????!!!!!!!" Asked Snape in a chocked, but angry voice.

Dumbledore smiled, his eyes twinkling. "I said, I have hired Jirou Mochizuki as the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher."

In order to help explain the current situation, we will need to go back a little. While Harry, Hermione, Ron, and the vampires were getting ready to go to Diagon Alley, Dumbledore had called a meeting together with some of the Order's members. When Lupin, Tonks, Professor McGonagall, Mad-eye Moody, and Snape had arrived. Dumbledore explained about the strange vampires from the future, Kotarou and Jirou, and how now Kotarou was going to be joining Hogwarts as a first year.

If that wasn't bad enough for Snape to get angry, then the next part was. When Dumbledore had told them that he had given the DDA position to Jirou.

"You gave……. The position…….. To a VAMPIRE???" Snape asked, looking extremely P.O.'d

"Calm down, Severus, you need not be so upset……" said Dumbledore in a calm voice.

"What did you expect, Albus? He's wanted that position for a long time now." Said Lupin in an amused voice.

"It's not that!! It's the fact that you've hired a VAMPRIE!!!" Snape said, casting an annoyed look at Lupin.

"I'll have to agree with that." Said Moody. "You can't trust Vampire's. There main method of how they get their prey is deception! I'll never trust a vampire…."

"You'll never trust anyone, Mad-eye." Said Tonks, also looking amused, "I agree with Remus, we should at least give him a chance."

McGonagall thought a moment, "I'm more concerned of his little brother who will be in the company of students his age and older twenty-four seven. He is a vampire as well; we will have to watch him closely just as much if not more than his brother."

Dumbledore smiled, "That's partly why I called his meeting, Minerva. I would like you and Severus to keep an eye on young Mr. Kotarou. I plan on telling the other two heads of houses so that whatever house he ends up in, he will be able to have eyes on him at all times."

Snape and McGonagall both nodded their understanding.

Dumbledore then looked at Lupin, "Remus, I would like you to talk to Jirou. Become friends with him and get to know more about his past and feelings when it comes to right and wrong."

Lupin smiled, "If only Sirius were still here……. He'd be very excited to meet a vampire."

Dumbledore smiled sadly and nodded, before turning to Moody and Tonks, "Alastor and Nymphadora,"

"Tonks…… please call me Tonks….." muttered Tonks.

Dumbledore smiled, "I need you two to do some research in the Ministry. See if Jirou has some sort of record in the Magical world. Any information is appreciated."

Moody nodded, "Understood, we'll have it done in no time!"

"The question is, what the information we gather will do?" asked Tonks.

"I hope that with information on Jirou's past, we will be able to discover who sent him and his little brother here, why, and how to send them back to their time period." Said Dumbledore in a grave voice.

Tonks sighed, "Alright……. We'll I guess the meetings over, right?"

Dumbledore nodded, "Yes, you are all dismissed."

As they all headed out of Dumbledore's office, Moody muttered to the others under his breath, "I don't like this……. No, a vampire can only lead a person to death…… I don't like it at all……"

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