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Crushes Between Friends

Chapter 1 - The Start of Something New


And they lived happily ever after.

Oh, I'm guessing that you've got no idea what I'm talking about. Here let me rewind it for you.

It all started senior year. I've got 7 friends, and out of the seven one is my best friend. If you're thinking it's a girl then your dead wrong. It's a guy. Want to guess which one? If you said Sasuke then you've just won a million dollars!

Just kidding (sorry)

So, my best friend is Uchiha Sasuke, the one and only. See out mother's were friends since preschool so when we were born, and as we got older, we spent almost every second with each ohter.

(A:N/ I'm not describing the other characters, you'll find out who they are later.)

Well my story begins two days before senior year started

Every year we have an 'over the night sleep over two days before school starts.

We take turns at who's house we go to, this year it was Sasuke's turn. Oh, yeah, and the other thing, we're also neighbors! Ironic isn't it?

So I usually go over there and help with cleaning and stuff, but this year was different. Don't worry you'll see why. So this is where my story actually started.



Sakura hurriedly made her way through the mess, they call their house, and reached the phone before the answering machine picked up.

"Hello, Haruno residence, Sakura speaking.

"Do you always answer the phone like that?"

"No, only when you call."

"That's nice of you. I've got my own personalized greeting ." Sasuke said, sarcasm clearly in his voice.

"If it was personalized then I would have added 'Sasuke' into it." Sakura said rolling her eyes.

"Aww. And here I was all excited."

"Yeah sure. What do you want? Why didn't you just walk over here?"

"Well I'm too tired to walk to your house."

"Yeah, that's just a very long walk for you."

"Heh. And I just didn't feel like looking at your face."

"What's wrong with my face!?" Sakura said fuming.

"Oh, nothing. Except those giant zits covering it."

"I. Don't. Have. Any. Zits!"

"Whatever you say."

"Once again, I'm asking. What do you want!?"

"Oh, Sakura is that anyway to treat a friend? A best friend for that matter."

"Shut up."

"Fine, but then you'll never know why I called you."




"So, you just called my to tell me something, you're not even going to tell me?"

(A:N/ if it's confusing then reread it.)

"Why don't you just come over here and find out?"


Then all Sakura heard was th beeping showing that he had hung up on her.

"Damn you Sasuke!"

Sakura got dressed, since she was still in her pj's, to walk over to Sasuke's to give him a piece of her mind.

Sakura stomped her way over to the Arrogant Jerk's house, that's her nickname for him. When She arrived she pounded on the door. When the opened sakura closed her eyes and immedidately started yelling

"Look here Uchiha Sasuke! I don't care if you're my best friend or not! You've got no freakin reason to hang up that freakin phone on me! Now tell me the thing you wanted to tell me!"

After Sakura's little 'blow' She had been standing there waiting for an respond, but it never came. So after 30 seconds she opened her eyes to reveal not Sasuke but Sasuke's older brother, Itachi.

"Yeah. I think that you might want to talk to Sasuke."

In the backround Sakura heard smirking so she looked behind Itachi and saw Sasuke laughing so hard you'd think he'd drop dead any moment.

Itachi saw that she was looking at something else so turned around, and Sasuke quickly regained his, usually, cool compossure.

Itachi looked back at Sakura, and walked off muttering about stupid teens, idiotic brothers, and lovebirds, also a few other things, there were so many.

"That was quite a speech Sakura." Sasuke said trying to suppress laughs.

Sakura flicked him on the forehead.

"Yeah, thanks for stopping me." Sakura said, glaring.

"Hey, what are friends for?"

"Pft. So, what did you want?!"

"Sakura, don't tell me that you forgot the annual before the school year sleep over?'

"The what?"

"Don't make me repeat it."

" Just say that last past."

"Before the school year sleep over." Sasuke said slowly so that Sakura could 'understand."

"OH! That sleep over! When is that again?"

"Oh, god. Tonight!"

"What! It's tonight! Why didn't you tell me?!"

"I just did."

"Well I mean earlier."

" I thought you would remember something we do every single year!"


"So are you ready?"

"How do you expect me to be ready if I forgot about it?"


"You wish."

Sakura ran back to her house and packed some stuff. It took 10 to 15 minutes, when she got back Ino, and Naruto had arrived.

"Took you long enough." Sasuke whispered to Sakura as he opened the door.

"Sorry. Mom's fault."

"Sure, blame it on the mom's." Came a familiar voice behind Sasuke.

"Oh, hi Mrs. Uchiah!"

"Now, Sakura, you know I don't allow you to call me that. It's Mikoto for you and your family."

"Right. Mikoto.

"Well you guys have fun tonight, just not too much fun."

Mikoto gave the two a little wink, and Sakura blushed lightly, and Sasuke slapped himself on the forehead.

"Mikoto laughed.

"I'll see you later."

Just to annoy her son she ruffled his hair. Then she left for grocery shopping.

"Aa. Does Sasuke-kun miss his mommy?"

"Shut up Sakura."

"You don't have to be so cold about it."



Then next thing Sakura knew she was being squeezed by two people, both with blond hair.

"He... Ino-chan... Naruto...kuuuunnnnn!"

"Come on guys, you wouldn't want Sakura to die before school even started would you?"

They both quickly let go and Sakura fell to the floor holding her chest and panting.

"Thanks Sasuke-kun."

"Yeah, yeah."

Sasuke lent her his hand to help her up, and she took it. But when he pulled her up her, the rug sled from underneath her and she fell right into his chest. Sakura's arms were now around his neck and Sasuke instinctively put his hands around her waist.

Naruto had seen the scene, but Ino had went to answer the door, since the others had arrived. When Ino, Tenten, Hinata, Neji, and Shikamaru came in the two friends were still in that 'pose' and were blushing maddly.

"Teme, you dog!"

Sasuke and Sakura quickly pulled away from each other, both blushing extremely bad. And Sasuke hit Naruto across the head, due to his comment.

"Sheash, Uchiha, if you wanted some alone time wiht your girlfriend, all you had to do was ask."

"Shut the hell up Hyuuga."

The two prodigies then entered their usual glaring 'contest.'


"Um... ok then, who's up for a game of, oh I for got the name of it."

"Um.. Trivia?" Tenten suggested.

"No. You've got teams of two, and you try to get you're partner to guess the thing written on the card you're holding."

"Oh! That game! What's it called again?"

Now everyone was thinking about the name of the game they can't remember.

"Oh, well," Sakura finally said," want to play it?"

"But you and Sasuke always win." Ino complained.


"So. It get boring!"

"Well do you have any better ideas?"


"Yeah? Like what?"

"Spin the bottle."


"You heard me. Spin the bottle."

"Yeah, let's play that!" Tenten said.

The room was filled with yeahs, sures, troublesomes, whatevers, and hns.

So that's how they ended up playing the game Sakura hates most, and Sasuke, and only Sasuke knew why.

Spin the bottle was when Sakura got... or should I say, lost her first kiss to... LEE. Although it may seem funny, poor Sakura, she was paralyzed for the next 3 days, cause, I mean, who wants to be kissed by a anyone that wears a spandex green suit? It was tough for Sasuke too though, because he was the one stuck helping her with her homework.

"So, who'll go first?" Sakura asked.

"Oooo! I want to!" INo said raising her hand.

So Ino spun the bottle having I land on Sasuke.

Since everyone knew that Ino still had a crch on him, they could just imagine what she thinking.

Sakura saw the look of pain in Sasuke's eyes and decide to mess with him a little bit.

"Oh, yeah, one thing all kisses must last 10 seconds.

Sasuke shot her I-don't-care-that-you're-my-best-friend-I'm-going-to-kill-you-tonight look. And Sakura just gave him a I'm-so-happy-we're-friends smile.

Ino was blushing and slowly crawled over to Sasuke and laid a kiss on his lips. Sakura decided to start counting.


Everyone waited to hear the number ten, but it never came.

"Sakura, why did you stop counting?" Hinata asked.

"Because it'll make Sasuke mad. 10!"

Ino and Sasuke pulled away quickly. Well Sasuke pulled away quickly, and Ino did reluctantly.

Sakura was just sitting there smiling when a pillow hit her square in the face. I think you can imagine who threw it too. Sasuke.

"What the hell was that for?" Sakura asked throwing the pillow back.

"Because you stopped counting."Sasuke threw the pillow back at her.

"PILLOW FIGHT!" Naruto shouted.

So, thus, the pillow fight was started. Boys, verses girls. The girl's won of course, since they're naturally better.

"Man, I'm tired." Sakura said.

(A:N/ It was around 9 when they all arrived.)

"What time is it?" Sakura asked.

"Sasuke glanced at the clock in the room.

"Um...looks like...3:00."

"Wow! Time sure does fly." Hinata stated.

"Wait did you say 3?" Sakura asked looking at Sasuke.

"Nope. Now it's 3:01."

"And I've got work tomorrow!"

"Sakura, tomorrow is Sunday. It's not even open tomorrow." Sasuke said matter of factly.

"Oh, right."

"Well I say we get ready for bed, and sleep. I'm pooped." Ino said.

Everyone agreed and went to get dressed. Everyone me everyone in the living room wihtin 30 minutes.

Sasuke and Sakura were the first two done, so they decided to set up the sleeping area.

The order they slept in was like this from left to right. Neji, Shikamaru, Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Ino, Hinata, and Tenten.

Within 10 minutes almost everyone was asleep except for Sasuke and Sakura.

"Hey, Sasuke, are you asleep?" Sakura asked whispering.

"Are you kidding? With the way Naruto sleeps, not even a deaf person could sleep."

Sakura made a small giggle.



"Are you... scared?"

"Scared of what?" Sasuke asked his eyes slightly adjusting to the dark.

"Of senior year."

"Well, not so much."

"I am."

"You'll be fine."



"If something happens this year, you know something bad, promise you'll stay my friend."

"Something bad? Like what?"

"I don't know."

"Cross your heart hope to die?"

"Cross my heart hope to die."


Sakura yawned and soon fell into a slightly heavy sleep. But light enough to feel a light kiss on her forehead, given by her best friend.

"Goodnight, my cherry blossom."

Ever since they were little Sasuke would consider Sakura his cherry blossom. Just to clear that up.

Sasuke's eyes had now fully adjusted to the dark and he could see Sakura's sleeping figure and face next to him.

Look at her body, so perfectly curved. Those luscious lips. That silky hair. WAIT! What am I thinking! She's my best friend! I can't fall for her! I shouldn't fall for her! No! Bad thoughts!

After scolding himself Sasuke fell asleep, still thinking about his pink-haired friend.

When Ino woke up that morning Sasuke's arm was wrapped around Sakura's waist, and the two were mere centimeters away from each other.

Even though iNo had a crush on Sasuke, she always thought that Sasuke and Sakura looked, and made the perfect couple.

Ino quietly stood up and woke up the others, signaling them to be quiet. When everyone was a wake she pointed out the scene between sasuke and sakura.

"Oh! I'm going to go get my camera." Tenten said hurrying out of the room and back. She took a couple of shots. Then put the camera away.

"Hey, ou know what we should do, ditch them here, leave a note to meet us at the wonderful ramen place..." Naruto would have gone on but was cut off by Neji.

"Or we could just ditch them here."

They all agreed to leave the two 'a lone' and they all went home.

About an hour after they left, Sakura was slowly waking up. She felt warmth and moved closer to it.

Sasuke felt shifting and he also slowly started to wake up.

When they both were able to see the close proximity between them they screamed and jumped away from each other.

"What. The. Hell?" Sakura said sort of gasping from shock.

"We never talk about this again." Sasuke said.

"Right." Sakura said agreeing fully with Sasuke.

Then Sakura looked around to see everyone gone. Both stood up. They saw a note that had been taped to the wall. It read:

Went home. We've got a picture of you guys! Hahaha!

"Great." Sakura said.

"What?" Sasuke asked.

"They took a picture of us like that." Sakura said crumbling the paper.


"You know that they're going to haunt us for the rest of our lives."

"Yeah, I know. Are you hungry."


" Is cereal ok?" Sasuke asked as they walked to his kitchen.

"Yeah. I love cereal."

So the two ate their cereal. Sakura helped Sasuke clean up the living room and put all the blankets and stuff away. I mean this is like her second home. So when they were done Sasuke walked Sakura back to her house.

"Hello kids!" Sakura's mom said. " Have a nice sleep over."

Sakura's mom asked smiling.

The first thing that pops into their minds was, 'she knows.'

"Um.. It was fun!" Sakura said smiling really brightly.

"Ok. Well that's good."

"Well I'll see you later Sakura. By Mrs. Haruno."

Sasuke left and when he got back to his house his mom was there to meet him.

"Good-morning Sasuke! Did you have fun last night?"

"Morning mom. It was fine."

Mikoto was giving him the same smile that Mrs. Haruno had given him, so he presumed that she also knew.

"Good. Well I'm going on a shopping spree with Mrs. Haruno, so you'll be here by your self for a while.


Mikoto left and left Sasuke was deciding what to do.

Sasuke and Sakura were right though. Tenten wasn't the only one that had taken a picture of the two.



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