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Torchwood's turn!


Jack Harkness stood on the top of a tall office building, silhouetted against the beautiful sunset behind him. His greatcoat billowed behind him as a cool breeze ruffled his hair and blew gently on his face. He turned as he heard a door shut behind him, and he smiled as he saw Gwen standing there, her arms folded against the cold. He turned back to look down at the typical Cardiff street below.

"Joining me on the edge?" he said, as Gwen went to stand next to him. She smiled.

"Owen wanted me to come and find you, he said he's got some new results from the autopsy yesterday."

Jack sighed.

"No rest for the wicked. Or even bosses, for that matter. Come on then." He turned and walked back to the door that Gwen had come through.

"Ladies first" he said as he held the door open for her. She grinned and walked inside, Jack following in close pursuit. She waited for him to join her at her side before heading off back to the Hub.

"So what's he found?" Jack asked as they walked.

"Something supernatural, he said. Lily was definitely human, but it sounded as though there was something alien inside her, giving her all of that power." Gwen shrugged. "I dunno, you'll have to ask him."

Jack nodded and quickened his pace slightly. Soon they were entering the Tourist Office that was stationed at the back of the Torchwood Hub. Ianto was behind the desk, making coffee. He looked up as they entered and greeted them with a smile.

"Coffee?" he asked, as Jack grinned broadly.

"Ianto, you know I can't get enough of you or your coffee" he smiled. Ianto laughed and let them through to the Hub, where Toshiko was working on her computer and Owen was sitting behind her, playing with a wooden puzzle. He suddenly threw the block onto the table with a cry of frustration, only for Tosh to pick it up, roll her eyes and complete it in a matter of seconds. Avoiding Owen's glare, she turned to Jack and Gwen and smiled as they approached.

"So, Owen, what have you got for me?" Jack cut straight to business.

"Something weird. Very weird." Owen held out a small box, in which a small, spherical metal ball was rolling around. It had strange engravings on it, and it was giving off a light that reminded Jack of the light the Doctor's sonic screwdriver emitted. It was about the size and weight of a ping pong ball, and Jack tipped it out onto his gloved hand to examine it properly.

"What the hell?" Gwen was peering over Jack's shoulder, eager to hear what his analysis was. But Jack looked as puzzled as the rest of them.

"Tosh, have you done any scans?"

Toshiko nodded and brought up the results on one of the screens that surrounded her. She stood up to point at the screen.

"This is one I've done, kind of like an X-ray, so we can see inside. It appears to be hollow, but we didn't want to risk opening it yet nevertheless. Another one shows that it's made of an unknown metal, so that seems to confirm the fact that it's alien. And then this last one just proves there are no hidden things, such as…oh, I don't know…spikes, lasers…that sort of stuff. It appears perfectly harmless."

"Not after Lily" Owen cut in. "I'd say it was definitely that thing that caused her to go round zapping people. Nothing else was out of the ordinary when I conducted the autopsy."

"How did it get inside her, though?" Gwen was curious.

"It wasn't ingested. There's a scar on her back that implies it was implanted. The cut was untidy too, so either the person who implanted it was in a hurry, or Lily put up a damn good struggle. My money's on Lily."

"How long ago?"

"Six months, I'd say. When the not-so-mysterious-anymore deaths started."

Jack nodded and frowned. "Would make sense." He put the ball back in its box and threw it back to Owen, who caught it deftly and put it next to the now complete wooden puzzle. He stretched and got to his feet.

"Anyway, I think I deserve a drink. I've been cutting up bodies all day."

"Just as long as we don't end up cutting up yours" Jack warned him as he put his coat on. "No more drink driving. Not after last time, Mr. I've-had-nine-pints-but-I-can-still-drive-home-without-ending-up-in-the-first-ditch Harper."

Owen grimaced as the vivid memory of the paramedics cutting him out of the car became clear in his mind. He gave Gwen the thumbs up, waved goodbye to Toshiko and patted Ianto on the back as he passed him on his way out. Tosh yawned.

"If you don't mind, Jack, I need to go home and sleep."

Jack nodded and smiled warmly at her. "Just don't-"

"Switch my phone off? Couldn't if I tried, not after you meddled with it. Night, Gwen." Tosh called out as she left. Gwen grinned at Jack and started fluttering her long eyelashes. Jack sighed.

"Go on then. Tell Rhys I said hello. Not that anyone ever passes on those messages, but still." He smiled and pushed her gently away. "Seriously, go." He laughed as Gwen smiled broadly and skipped out of the door. He then turned to Ianto.

"You can go home too, if you want. Nothing to worry about here."

Ianto nodded and handed Jack his coffee. "Thanks, boss."

As Ianto left, Jack went to his office and sat in the chair behind the desk. He placed his coffee on the surface, and then ran his hand through his hair absent-mindedly. He let his mind wander as he drank the coffee, and was soon thinking of the real Jack Harkness. He felt a lump rise in his throat as he remembered how they had danced, and then kissed just before he had run away with Toshiko, back to the present day. He hastily swallowed the lump down as he remembered what would happen the next day and how...

Jack jumped as the phone rang next to him. He picked it up and heard a worried voice on the other end telling him to get down to the police station as quickly as possible. He reassured the voice he would be there soon and hung up, grabbing his coat as he did so. Shrugging it over his shoulders, he downed the last of his coffee and darted to a small concrete platform.

"May as well take the scenic route" he muttered as a grinding sound announced the hole that was appearing above him and the concrete platform started to rise, carrying him up to the spot just by the water tower by the Cardiff Millennium Centre. He amused himself for a second by telling a woman how big the jeans she was wearing made her bum look and then jumped off the concrete slab and onto the pavement. He then made his way to the police station, only to be greeted by Gwen's old policeman friend, Jimmy Mitchell. He looked worried.

"You're Gwen's boss, aren't you?"

Jack nodded. "What's up?"

"Well, we've found another one. Like that Lily Johnson, she's been going round…well…zapping people. She isn't as powerful as Lily, her victims are only unconscious, not dead." Jimmy was leading Jack to a prison cell. "Her name's Becky Stuart. Only just turned seventeen."

Jack peered into the cell at the girl inside. She was a very pretty girl, with long, layered, chestnut brown hair and chocolate-brown eyes. Her skinny frame made her seem very fragile and her delicate features made her look a little like a porcelain doll. She was shaking slightly, and Jack could tell at once that she was crying. He motioned for Jimmy to open the door and he stepped inside. Kneeling beside her, he put an arm around Becky's shoulders and started talking to her.

"Hey, sweetheart. Why don't you tell me what's wrong?"

Becky looked at him with frightened eyes.

"I just can't control it"

"Control what?"

"This…power. It's like every time I get mad, it just happens…I just have to hurt someone. And then this beam comes from my fingers and…I don't mean to do it, honestly. It's like something out of bloody H.G.Wells novel."

Jack smiled.

"It's OK, I believe you, I really do. When did this start? And who caused it?"

Becky stared at him gratefully.

"You really believe me? Wow, thanks! It was about a week ago, and I don't know…there was this guy…and…" She broke down crying again.

"And? Come on Becky, tell me" Jack's voice was calm and soothing.

"Sir?" Jimmy Mitchell was standing at the door, a folder in his hand. Jack got to his feet, smiled at Becky and joined him at the door.

"Becky came into the station a week ago."

"Why?" Jack tried to keep the surprise in his voice hidden.

"She came to report a rape."