"Rhys? Are you home?" Gwen called out from the front door. She smiled as she saw Rhys coming out of the bedroom. She made her way over to him, slipped her hands around his neck and kissed him.

"Wait a minute" Rhys said, pulling away. "I know how this is going to go. Torchwood will call any minute and you'll have to leave."

Gwen smiled and took out her phone from her pocket. She flipped the back cover open, removed the battery and tossed it behind her.

"I think I'm OK for tonight." She smiled as Rhys grinned and hugged her tight, pulling her back through the door he had appeared through.


Tosh lay curled up on the sofa with a blanket wrapped around her legs. She was watching a selection of her favourite DVDs while she had the night off. Snuggling further into the cushions, she reached past her mobile for a glass of wine and smiled over the brim as the title credits of the Da Vinci Code appeared on the screen. Torchwood wasn't going to bother her tonight.


Owen was sitting at his computer with a bottle of beer, talking to a few girls in an online chat-room. He smiled as one of the regulars, Anna, came online and started messaging him.

ANNA: Hey, Owen, you're on early! How was your day?

Owen smiled and quickly typed a reply, avoiding all mention of the truth.

OWEN: Uneventful. How was yours?


Ianto sat in an armchair in an empty flat, twirling his mobile phone in his fingers as he leafed through an old photo album Lisa had put together months before she changed. He got to the back page and closed it, reaching for a more recent album as he did so. This one was full of pictures of Torchwood, of everyone involved and of everything they had come across. He grinned happily as he turned the pages portraying his, Jack's, Owen's, Tosh's and Gwen's smiles and looked across to his open laptop. Putting the album down, he then logged into his Torchwood account and started to create a new one for Becky. He had an accurate hunch they would be seeing a lot more of her in the near future.


Becky and Jack were in a cemetery. They walked past long since abandoned graves, past angels with no heads and tombstones engraved with now illegible writing. They made their way to the more recent area of the cemetery and Jack stopped, kneeling down by a large, white headstone. Becky knelt beside him to read the name engraved on it in elaborate lettering.

Estelle Cole

17th September 1924 – 21st March 2005

Always remembered as the prettiest girl at the London Astoria.

Becky smiled sadly.

"This is the Estelle you were telling me about earlier? The one you said I reminded you of?"

Jack nodded and lightly touched the photograph under the writing on the stone with a shaking hand. Becky laid a hand on his shoulder and gave it a light squeeze as she leant closer to see the picture.

"She really was beautiful. 'The prettiest girl at the London Astoria', did you write that?"

Jack smiled and nodded again, blinking back a tear.

"She was."

He got up and took Becky's hand as they started to walk away.

"You really do remind me of her, you know that?"

Becky smiled as Jack put an arm around her and pulled her close. Jack turned and gave the tombstone a last smile before walking out of the cemetery gates back to the SUV. They drove in silence for a little while before Jack spoke.

"I go there as often as possible. Just so she knows I still remember her."

"I'm sure she knows anyway." Becky smiled as Jack pulled up outside the gates of a local park. He took two litre bottles of water from the back of the car and handed one to Becky as he got out.

"Come on, just feel like some fresh air."

Becky jumped down from the passenger seat and walked beside him along the path to a corner shop. She waited outside as he went in, emerging a few minutes later with six umbrellas. He handed one to Becky and grinned.

"Torchwood issue umbrella."

Becky took the umbrella with a breath of laughter and walked with Jack through the park. They spent an hour walking and talking until finally Jack suggested they made their way back to the car.

"Oh, and Becky, I think we should conduct just one more test – to make sure you really are completely back to normal. Fancy getting mad again?"

"OK, but how-" Becky gasped as Jack suddenly splashed some water from his bottle in her face. He laughed as he saw her standing there, dripping.

"I forgot the lid was off!" he protested, starting to run as Becky started to unscrew the top off her bottle. She chased him down the path and attempted to pour some water over his head, laughing in frustration as he opened one of the umbrellas he was still holding. She wrestled it out of his grip and emptied the bottle, giggling as he shook the wet hair from his eyes. Once both bottles were empty, they walked back to the car, sopping wet and both sporting wide grins on their faces. Jack drove them back to the Hub, only stopping outside each Torchwood member's house or flat to leave an umbrella and a note outside the front door. Each note said the same thing.

As requested by a certain member, here's a Torchwood issued umbrella.

They should come in useful sometime!

Hope you enjoyed your night off, back to work now.

Jack :-)

P.S – See what Becky's done? She's got me using smileys! Never thought I'd see the day.

As he dropped an umbrella and note outside the last door – Gwen's – Jack turned to Becky and smiled.

"You know" he whispered in her ear. "I think you're going to make a big impact on this lot"

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