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When Pig's Fly

The sensual day turned to a lusty night. The lights danced to an exotic song as they rubbed up against each other. The shadows swayed to a tango that only involved the two. I sat, pondering the choices I had left, nothing but death was to come to me, and the end of a dream that wondered far and wide. I sighed, "I better get going." I murmured to myself as I got up and walked along the sidwalk.

The wind brushed against my neck, like a gentle lover sucking. My hair blew across my face, shielding me, like a cloth covering me from anything too sinister. As I walked to the corner of the street, I noticed something familiar. A silver car. Just my luck- I saw Adonis himself standing there leaning against his car as if waiting for me to come to him.

He leaned against his car, his tall body gave away so much so that there was little left to the imagination. From where I stood, I could see his coppery bronze hair falling gracefully into his emerald eyes. His lips were curved into a sardonic smile, so wicked, so sinister, that it was only too easy for Eve to give into his temptation.

His body was well built, and muscular, with his denim jeans riding dangerously low on his hips. He wore a black button up t-shirt with the top buttons removed. He oozed out sex by the gallon, this was his weapon, his invitation, his trophy of a kind, and he wore it proudly.

Edward, wasn't the type of man you find just anywhere. He was the hunter in this game of cat and mouse, and I was the hunted. His face should have been plastered on a billboard in New York (or somewhere), where his beauty could be displayed to the world that seemed to only except it. Yet this foreign god, who had captured many, was only on the hunt for one. Me. I tried to turn around before he had the chance to notice me, but as if he smelled my scent, his husky voice called out my name.

"Ah, there you are my little butterfly. I've been looking everywhere for you, well... so has Chloe, and believe me when I say this: she doesn't sound too happy." I turned around to see him walking seductively towards me. The predator had finally captured his prey, and now he was tightening his hold around it so he could finish it off.

"Where have you been?" he said as he turned his powerful eyes on me.

"Out." I whispered as I tried to breathe and calm my erratic heart beat.

He came closer to me, now just inches apart. He leaned in and whispered into my ear softly, "I think it's time to go sweetheart. Shall I carry you Tinker Bell?" his breath fanned my neck, sending shivers down my spine as he gently brushed his lips against my throat.

All I could do was nod. I was so sexually frustrated that the game would be a sweet victory for him if I just gave in. He took my hand and led me to his car.

"Here we go my lady," he held the door open for me, and I slid inside as quickly as possible. "So dear, mind telling me where you've been hiding all this time?" his voice husky and alluring, begging me to share all of my secrets.

"Just around Paris, I went to see a friend, but they were temporarily busy." I said softly while trying to keep my eyes away from him. It took every bit of my concentration and will power to keep my eyes away from that body that oozed sex,confidence, and complete control.

"I think you should call Chloe. Unless your afraid, I'll be happy to call for you." he said while smiling.

"I'd rather wait until I'm at home," I said as I gazed outside, noticing that we were near my house. The trip there was quiet, except for the occasional question he threw at me. The air was filled with tension- every movement, every breath, increased the sensual feelings trapped inside of the small car. When we finally arrived, I nearly jumped out of the car, gasping for air that I had been deprived of for the past 15 minutes.

"Here we are," he said as he gazed at me.

"Thanks for the ride. Um- would you like to come in? Chloe might be here..." I said quickly as I started to make my way to the door. I slipped my key into the tiny whole, twisting the knob until the door finally opened. I didn't even take two steps into the house, before I heard the moaning coming from one of the bedrooms. Hopefully not my bedroom.

"For gods sake! Can't she do that somewhere else?" I whispered harshly, but then became all too aware of the presence right behind me.

"Um…I...uh…" I rambled out nervously.

"Would you like to come over to my place? Seems like someone's busy here..." he asked while smiling wickedly.

"Um, yeah that would be great. I don't want to interrupt anything here." I said embarrassed as I blushed a bloody red. I was then aware that my clothes were sticking to my skin, showing the black lacey bra I wore underneath, and the strap of my bra that was slowly slipping down my shoulder. I then made the mistake of meeting Edward's eyes. They were filled with the lust and desire of a man who's gone crazy with need. His breath came slowly, as his mouth twisted ever so slightly, while his eyes scanned down my body.

"We should get going." he said turning abruptly and walking toward his car. I quickly closed the door, but not before hearing a load moan come from Chloe. I'll talk to you later Chloe and it won't be so pleasant.

Sky sky sky sky sky sky sky sky sky sky sky sky sky sky sky sky sky sky sky

I knew Edward was wealthy, but not this wealthy. His house was like nothing I had ever seen, it was somewhat of a castle, but at the same time it wasn't. We drove pass the twelve foot black metal gates that had his family's crest engraved on the top. There were security cameras everywhere, and a long cobble stone drive way to get to his house.

"Mr. Cullen! Mr. Cullen! Vous êtes enfin de retour!" an older man with jet black hair came yelling as he ran toward us. (Mr. Cullen, Mr. Cullen. You're finally back!). The older man was quite good-looking, but not as much as the Adonis sitting next to me.

"It's nice to be back. Alan, I'd like you to meet Miss Bella Swan." he told the man named Alan as he gently placed his hand on my back, letting his fingers draw designs as he introduced us.

"Ah, it's nice to meet you, Miss Swan." his French accent entwined with his words. I smiled kindly at him, while trying to escape Edward.

"Shall we go in now?" his whispered enticingly while his lips lightly brushed against my ear. My cheeks burned from the close in counter with him. We walked inside, the house itself was amazing, but inside, was even more incredible.

"You like?" he asked. I nodded. "I designed this house myself, I like traveling, so every time I went, I gathered designs from the different cultures that inspired the inside of my house. I finished it last year." his eyes gleamed with pride at his accomplishment.

"It's gorgeous." I said while I glanced around some more. I noticed that he used the Japanese style, the way houses were back before World War II. There were pictures and paintings displayed through out the living room we were in. I looked back at him, and saw him sitting on the couch- his eyes dark, sensual, and desirable. He'd be a marvelous lover, that was for sure.

I continued to gaze at this creature. This temptation. I didn't realize I was staring so long, because a low chuckle broke me from my daze. "Like what you see." he smirked.

"That depends." I gave him my own little smile. I got a dazed smile as my reply back.

"Well Tinker Bell, let me show you to your dungeon." his words slow, sexual, as if he predicted everything that was to come. His fingers glazed my neck, just with the tips, he brushed the along my throat and to my collarbone. "This way Tinker Bell."

As much as I tried to resist, I followed him, trapped in the predators eyes.

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