It's funny how the lighting in Public Bathrooms brings out the flaws in everyone's features. Maybe it's the obnoxious incandescent glow of the lights, or the slight buzzing sound the light makes.

Or maybe it's that typical, far too sanitary smell. Like Windex and some form of an anti-bacterial cleaner.

Regardless, the far too bright fluorescent light has that great ability to show you every single little flaw in your features. She's sure it's all in the lighting, and that she can't really look as bad as she's seeing in the mirror.

The typical smell of anti-bacterial soap reaches her nostrils and she frowns slightly at the pungent, yet familiar smell. She sighs and looks up at her reflection in the mirror, and then back down at her soapy hands and the bubbly water.

She remembers when she was a small child she and Renee would make soap bubbles with their hands whenever they washed dishes. She used to do it occasionally when she would wash the dishes at Charlie's. It kept her distracted, and occasionally she found that she would do it until her hands were pruned, and she still had a few forks, knives, and spoons to wash off.

She pushed the soap dispenser now, causing the orange-pink-red colored liquid to disperse into her hands. She quickly rubbed them together and added a little more water, then opened her hands slightly and blew, causing a bubble to come out.

She smiled slightly as the bubble popped, and stared into the mirror, long and hard. Of course, it caused her to frown slightly, seemingly perplexed at her own reflection. Her lips formed a hard, straight line and she looked straight in the mirror.

Her eyes seemed almost a dull brown now, nothing vibrant about them. They seemed lackluster, if anything. If possible, she looked paler than ever. Almost likeā€¦ well, it didn't help to think of them. Even though right about now she could have pulled the look off right about now. She would have looked just like one of them in the fluorescent glow of the bathroom lights.

She had what looked like purple bruises under her eyes, which were just dark circles from lack of sleep, or waking up from sleeping. And she noticed that one of the creases in her forehead may have deepened. She sighed and attempted a half smile, which made her look even worse by her own standards.

She also looked so much skinnier, which caused her face to look sunken in. God, she hated public bathrooms.

She sighed, indifferent now.

Screw it, she thought,sighing and washing her hands off, then she turned towards the door, grabbing one of those dull and mundane paper towels and quickly drying her hands.

She looked down at the typical patterned gray-blue tile/linoleum bathroom floors, and inhaled slightly. Then she looked to the mirrors she was facing and gave one last stare at her own reflection. Then her eyes moved to the bright, fluorescent lights above the mirrors. She closed her eyes and leaned against the wall for a few seconds, listening to the buzzing sound. After those miniscule seconds, she opened her eyes and looked into the mirror.

Flawed, Defective, Damaged. All synonyms for Bella Swan.

Thanks to the lights in the bathroom, she had just gotten a pretty big reality check.

And god, she hated fluorescent lights just about as much as she hated reality checks.

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PLAYLIST: Last Straw by Jack's Mannequin, How Low by Against Me!, Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground by The White Stripes, Capricorn (A Brand New Name) by 30 Seconds to Mars, If I Faltered Slightly Twice by Of Montreal, Love Song(The Cure Cover) by Jack Off Jill and Baby Dracula by Scarling.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Yep, my first oneshot. And a playlist, courtesy of my iPod. How cool is that?

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