It seemed like a run of the mill case. Navy officer killed. They followed standard investigative procedure. They determined why he was at the scene and interviewed friends and family to see if they knew anything. His girlfriend hinted at blackmail. They secured his laptop to see if there was any evidence of such.

"McGee, have you got into his laptop yet?" asked Gibbs

"Yeah boss" replied McGee

McGee carried the laptop over to Gibbs' desk and placed it down. He bent over it to show Gibbs what he'd found. Tony lend right forward over his desk to get a look at McGee's ass. Having got his fill of McGee booty, Tony sat back in his chair, threw his feet up on the desk and placed his hands behind his head. He closed his eyes and imagined exactly what he wanted to do to that booty. He opened his eyes to find Ziva staring at him with a questioning look on her face. She then followed Tony's eyes from her face to McGee's behind. She smiled knowingly, rather smugly in fact and returned to her work.

"Shit!" thought Tony "She's way too good at finding things out. I just want to go over there and wipe that stupid, smug look off her face. I wish she wasn't a lethal weapon. Heh, wouldn't it be funny if she was actually a weapon, like I could lift her up and like, hit people with her. Speaking of lethal weapons, Lethal Weapon is a good movie. I remember the time McGee came over to my apartment to watch it with me and we had popcorn. I remember I bought that particular brand because it was his favourite. And when he fell asleep, he was so cute that I just couldn't bear to wake him so I put him my bed. And when he woke up in my bed and saw me making breakfast for him, it was so funny cus he thought we'd slept together. Wouldn't it be great if we actually had slept together?"

"I'm babbling in my thoughts. It's even worse when I babble in real life. McGee is so cute when he babbles, especially when it's about computers" said Tony, out loud. Ziva smirked

"Why thanks Tony" said McGee, in response to what he just heard

"Did I just say that out loud?"


Tony braced himself. There it was. The Gibbs smack. A loud audible crack was heard over the NCIS office. Ziva giggled.

"We found some suspicious emails on the guy's laptop. Head over to his apartment and check to see if there's any other evidence. Take McGee, since you think he's so cute."

"I said his babbling was cute! I didn't say that he was! He's hot! ("Shit, I so did not say that" thought Tony). Like in a competitive, appreciative and straight way!"

Ziva, by this point, was now bellowing with side-splitting laughter. Gibbs eyed her. She stopped. Gibbs raised his hand to Tony.

"Just hurry up and go!"

"Yes sir!"

Tony grabbed his backpack and NCIS baseball cap and headed towards the elevator. McGee followed him. As the doors were closing he was pretty sure he heard Ziva snigger.