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Chapter One

Samuel's POV:

"Hello, my name is Samuel Mica Jennings and my mother is Tea. My father died in a crash the night I was born so we never got to meet, but my mom tells me everyday about him and she has pictures that she shows me. Momma gave up dancing when she became pregnant with me, and sometimes I hear my grandparents tell her that she made a bad mistake keeping me. Momma tells them that I am the best thing that ever happened to her and that if they don't like it then they could go to hell. That's when my grandpa threw us out and for a little while we were living in a shelter till one day by accident one of my momma's friends happened to see us and that changed our lives completely."

Tea's POV:

The day that I met Greg Jennings was the happiest day of my life. Greg was delivering some things to the theater where I was practicing my dance for the show, and he accidentally bumped into me sending the packages falling on the ground. Greg smiled up at me and said "I'm terribly sorry for that." I smiled at him as I helped him pick up the packages and told him "that's alright." That was the beginning of our relationship. My parents didn't like Greg at all, because they thought the he would talk me out of my or their hopes of me becoming a Prima Ballerina.

We had been seeing each other for over a year when Greg asked me to marry him and I told him "yes, I'd love to marry you." When he asked my father for his hand in marriage, my father was livid and told Greg "you're not good enough to marry Tea. She's going to be the greatest Ballerina ever and marrying you would just stop all her chances." Greg looked at me and I said "I'm marrying him and there isn't a thing you can do to stop me." We then walked out and I didn't go back till after Greg's death and I was pregnant with our first child and needed someone to help me. That was the worse mistake that I ever made because every time they looked at our son they had hatred in their eyes. Then came the horrible fight that caused my father to kick us out and we had to live in a shelter.

Greg didn't have a very big Life Insurance Policy, there was just enough to cover his funeral expenses. We had been at the shelter for over three weeks, when I was pushing the stroller around the park and bumped into someone from my past and as I looked into the eyes of Seto and Mokuba Kaiba, well I fell completely apart and I heard Mokuba said "big brother we have to help her and her son, please." The next thing I remembered was I was being put into a limo with my son in my lap and Seto telling the driver to go to the airport. I was told that we were on our way back home to Domino. Domino, the only place where I had friends who really cared about me. Could this be the place where me and my son be really happy? Only time would tell.

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