WARNING: Graphic Yoai. Do not read if you have a weak stomach, I will laugh at flames.

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Naruto started at his bowl of ramen, now completely empty of its earlier contents. There was a thin residue at the bottom, which he was scrapping at with his chopsticks. He was growing rather impatient with the current situation, fidgeting on top of what he was already doing to his ramen.

"Dobe." Flowed a silky voice, drifting into Naruto's ears. The blond quickly turned to see the owner of the voice, dropping his chopsticks and forgetting about them.

Sasuke stood in front of him with a rather amused expression, his arms crossed in satisfaction at having been able to surprise the other occupant of the room. Naruto glared at the others expression, angry with himself for letting his guard slip so easily.

"What took you so long?" Naruto drawled, obviously annoyed with said raven. Honestly, the man HAD to have something shoved up his ass pretty far to act like a stiff bastard all the time.

"Aww, been waiting on me?" Came the other males response, trying to egg him on. He smirked when it worked, and the blond came at him with his fist raised. Sasuke used the momentum to push the other down on the ground, so the raven could sit on top of him.

"gerrof!" A pissed off Naruto shouted, shoving his hips up to try and throw the other male off. Bad move. The both shuttered as their lower halves aligned and moved against each other. Sasuke pushed the smaller mans hips down rather harshly so he couldn't do that again. With Naruto immobile, the raven bent down to push their lips together in a suffocating kiss that made the blond gasp and try and pull away.

"I'm glad you missed me..." Whispered the taller male against Naruto's lips. In retaliation to Sasuke's smugness, Naruto bit down harshly on the ravens lip until he felt blood run down both their chins. Sasuke hissed, taking the others hair in his hand and using it to harshly thrust the blonds head into the floor.

Naruto blinked, his vision going out of focus and a headache forming. "Bastard!" He hissed trying in vain to push the other off again with his hips. Sasuke smiled at Naruto's attempt at freedom, licking some of the blood from the bottom of his lip. It had got down his chin and was pooling on the blonds clothed stomch, staining the orange material.

He took a kunai frwom the pouch on Naruto's leg and took it against the blonds shirt, sliding it down his middle until it had completely tore the shirt. Naruto made a protesting sound, but quickly stilled it as Sasuke looked up from his chest at him.

Seeing that Naruto wasn't going to try anything soon, the raven moved his eyed back to the blonds chest and watched as his blood fell there.

Naruto watched Sasuke, eyes starting to brim with tears. He never wanted it from Sasuke, not like this. The bastard knew it, too! What a selfish prick, he was. But Naruto couldn't deny he had missed the delusional raven. He had been waiting a day for the other, having felt he was coming.

A choked gasp sounded from Sasuke causing Naruto to focus back on his form. He did not like what he seen, to say the least... The ravens eyes were dilated and had a crazy look to them. His shoulders were shaking and the grip he had on the blonds waist was more than enough to bruise.

"Sasuke...?" Called a worried Naruto, reaching up to touch the other. He remembered how the sex felt the last time the raven was like this...

Before the blond could touch the other, Sasuke took thrust his hand into the others stomach where his blood was, making Naruto retch and hold back the bile that rose in his throat. Sasuke, with the kunai still in his hand, slid it over the spot he had punched him, causing their blood to mingle and ooze together. Once that wound healed, Sasuke did it again, and again...

"Sasuke, stop!" Yelled Naruto, twisting his stomach in another attempt to get free. The raven looked up from his work and smiled. The most insane and wicked smile Naruto had ever seen, and it scared the shit out of him.

Sasuke threw the kunai across the room, not having a need for it anymore. He rose his hips a little and tugged off the others pants, not having the patience to unzip them. Naruto flinched as his pants caught on his manhood, even though he wasn't hard. A fact which did not go unnoticed by the raven.

Sasuke made hasty work of his own pants, taking them and his boxers off together. He spread Naruto's legs forcefully when the blond tried to keep them closed. Sobbing, Naruto told Sasuke to stop. All he got in return was that sadistic smile that only the raven could pull off.

Sasuke put his hand in the blood on Naruto's stomach, smearing the drying and sticky substance on his cock. He positioned himself at the blonds entrance, and dove in without preparation. The slightly dry blood met with the new blood pouring out of Naruto from his torn ass. Naruto was screaming and clawing at this point, but Sasuke payed no mind. He kept going, plundering into the blond ruthlessly.

For the most part, Naruto could ignore when things like this happened. But this time he couldn't. Sasuke had never been so far gone before, barely even seeing Naruto, if at all. When this had started happening, he had enjoyed it as much as Sasuke. Now he couldn't even remember the last time he had wanted it to.

As Sasuke shot himself into Naruto, the blond closed his eyes and tried to think of happier times. When he came, and Sasuke collapsed onto him. Telling him how much he loved him. He didn't think about how much Sasuke's seed burned inside of his torn enterence. Nor did he think of how more blood than semen was most likely inside of him right now.

As Sasuke pulled out of him, he rolled onto his side, away from Naruto. In less than a minute he was up again, putting his clothes on. He looked at the blond in distaste, before heading towards the door.

Before Sasuke reached the door, Naruto whispered to him "I love you." And listened as he heard Sasuke pause in his steps. Then he continued his walk out the door, shutting it behind him hard.

As Naruto laid their in his own blood and Sasuke's Semen, he told himself what he wanted to hear.

"He still loves me..."

This is just a phase, it won't be like this forever."

I enjoyed it just as much as he did."

For a short while, whispering to himself, Naruto could believe it. He curled up into a tight ball and chanted to himself about how much Sasuke loved him.

Then he got up and went to his window. He didn't bother looking down, he knew he was in the seventh floor. As he jumped off the window, he told himself what he desperatly wanted to hear.

"Sasuke will miss me..."


I can't beleive I Just wrote that... Damn... Or did I...?