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Takes place sometime between season six.

It was another boring day in the basement office of the FBI headquarters. Mulder sat at his desk looking over a few files that had been wrapped up before the weekend had come. As he looked over the notes and report of his partner he began to notice she was becoming more and more of a believer, but would never admit it. He was smiling to himself when she walked into the office and questioned him.

"what are you so happy about?" she asked walking over to her desk where she took a seat and started up her computer.

"nothing really, just glad this case is finally over with." he said placing the file in the cabinet behind him. It had been another case of a satanic occult out to bring about the apocalypse, only to realize their leader had a mental illness and believed he was Christ. It was all brought to an end and now here they sat in the office just like every other Monday morning. The silence was shattered by the ringing of the phone on Mulder's desk, he reached over and answered it.

"Mulder." he said into the phone looking over to Scully who sat staring in deep concentration at her computer screen. "yes sir, we'll be there right away." he said hanging up the phone before getting up to grab his jacket. He got to the door before realizing Scully was not behind him, but in fact still at her desk. "Scully?" he asked waving his hand in front of her face before realizing she was not staring at her computer, but was in fact asleep. "This is Earth calling Agent Scully, Agent Scully do you read me?" he joked shaking her arm lightly.

"read you loud and clear commander." she mumbled tiredly opening her eyes to see Mulder smiling down at her. "sorry, I didn't get much sleep last night, my mom stopped by and didn't leave until late." she said getting up and following him out of the office and to the elevator.

"well after this meeting you can go right back to sleep, ok?" he offered smiling at her as the doors closed in front of them.

"what's this meeting about anyways?" she asked pushing the button to the floor Skinner's office was on.

"I'm not sure, but it must be big he called personally." he said resting his back against the wall of the elevator.

As the doors opened they walked out and headed straight for Skinner's office. As they entered they were greeted by his secretary Kimberly and were lead into his office. Upon entering they were asked to sit and wait a second until he was off of the phone.

"Ok, Agents, thank you for coming on such short notice. I called you in here for a case. It appears that in the small Connecticut town of Stepford there are strange things going on. Around the country woman in high places are disappearing, each woman holds a high position in their profession, they go on vacation with the family to this small town and never come back. Friends are beginning to worry. Considering this may have to do with your expertise I'm sending you two to Stepford, Connecticut in order to see what's going on." Skinner explained handing them files.

"sir, it says here that only families are allowed in. I quote, 'The perfect FAMILY experience'." Scully said looking over the file handed to her.

"yes Agent Scully I know, that's why you two are going under cover again as a married couple."

"Again?" Mulder and Scully asked at the same time. Scully seemed a little disappointed about it while Mulder held a huge smile on his face.

"yes, now this will be different, these people will have kids, you two will need to come up with a reason as to why you don't have one." Skinner said looking to his watch. "that's about it, your plane leaves tonight at four. Go home now and pack and be ready for the car that will pick you both up later today at two."

"what about our names?" Mulder asked looking over to Scully. She had made him promise that the next time they did this she would choose their names.

"call Agent Logan, he'll take the names you prefer and have them ready for you when you get picked up later on." Skinner said and watched as they left the office.

"so much for my beauty sleep." Scully whined entering the elevator.

"just me Scully, you don't need it." Mulder said as they exited the elevator and headed towards their cars. Scully gave them a funny look before following him to their cars. "you better call Agent Logan and tell him what names you want to use."

"fine, I'll see you later, bye." she said getting into her car and started to dial Agent Logan.

"Agent Logan." the man on the other end said.

"Agent Logan, hi it's Agent Scully." she said starting her and backing up heading home.

"ah yes, A.D. Skinner said you would be calling, what names would you like to use for your case?"

Mulder entered his apartment and started packing, he fed his fish and called the Lonegun men to let them know he and Scully were leaving on a case and he needed them to take care of the fish. They said they would take care of it and wished them luck before disconnecting. He smiled to himself as he thought about the last time they had went undercover, he had to admit it, it was fun making those innuendos and watching her reaction to them .

Scully entered her apartment and immediately began packing her things, she grabbed her clothes, make-up and other essentials and threw them into her suit case, before calling up her mom and telling her she was going out of town for a case and wouldn't know when she would be back.

At one thirty a car pulled up outside her apartment with Mulder waiting in the back seat. She locked her door and allowed the other agents to pack her things into the trunk. They then were handed files, which included pictures of their new house, a large home that was already furnished with three rooms and two baths. Also an upstairs and a downstairs. Pictures of the agents they would meet who would lead them to the house along with the moving truck. They then turned to the last page that consisted of their new ID's.

"Ah man, Scully." Mulder whined looking at his new name.

"what?" she asked smiling looking over to his file.

"Richard Moore?" he asked looking over to her file which held her name. "Susan? My name is Richard, and your Susan? Where is the justice?"

"oh Mulder, cut the drama." she said smiling.

Twenty minutes later they arrived at the airport and went through all the security before getting on the plane and heading towards their destination.

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