The end of the week had finally arrived and as Mulder and Scully, or better yet Richard and Susan Moore, were rushing about the house getting ready for the Stepford Annual Ball, chaos ensued.

"Mulder, did you called Skinner?" Scully called from the bathroom as she worked on her make-up.

"Yes, dear." Mulder joked as he spent his time changing in his tux.

"And you made sure they would have clearance pass the security gates tonight?" She asked poking her head out from beyond the door.

"Had that checked this morning." He said looking over to her and offered her a charming smile.

"How about the EMT's?" She asked walking out of the bathroom wearing a long emerald dress that hugged her form until it reached her waist, allowing the water bra to do its job perfectly. Once at her hips the dress relaxed and spread out and covered her legs in a long length. Her face was made up in a perfect touch of make up and her heels matched her dress perfectly as she approached her partner she helped him fix his tie before placing a soft peck on his lips.

Over the past few days there relationship had blossomed nonetheless, and though the FBI would never know that, it wouldn't hurt to act out a few of the things while here. She pulled away to leave, but Mulder pulled her back for another kiss, this one was longer and more lingering than the last, but she didn't mind. That is until she noticed the time.

"If we don't leave now, we'll be late." She said pulling away from him reluctantly.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" He asked looking to her curiously.

"Oh right." She said grabbing his hand and pulling him along behind her.

"Well, thanks, but I didn't mean me." He said getting her to release him so he could walk over to the nightstand and grab her blonde wig. Scully offered him a sheepish smile, grabbed the wig, threw it on and in an instant they were out the door and rushing to the Stepford Country Club where they would be holding the celebration.

To say the Country Club was crowded was to say the Titanic had a little incident. People from all over Stepford, some they had met and others they hadn't, most only at other large gatherings such as picnics and festivals, were gathered inside the large building. Some of the women were huddled together talking in the corner by the refreshment table while others danced with their husband.

Mulder and Scully entered through the main hall and overlooked the festivities, their arms interlocked with the other ones. As Scully looked about she noticed that every woman was wearing the same dress only in a different shade of color. She quickly took a peek down to her dress and let out a long breath when she realized her dress was the same only a soft emerald. She began to wonder if how she ended up in the same dress as everybody else.

"Megan brought it over for you." Mulder whispered in her ear. Scully looked up to him curiously. "Turns out you're the same size as a fourteen year old girl." Mulder joked.

"What do you mean?" Scully whispered.

"Chris wanted Megan to come, but she wanted nothing to do with this so she offered the dress to you." Mulder said as they made their way over to the champagne glasses. Scully nodded on understanding.

For an hour various people arrived and Scully was forced to act like a 'Barbie Clone' as Megan has once put it. Mulder and Scully had been on their third dance of the night when both Caroline and Stan had finally decided to make their appearance.

"Welcome people of Stepford, I hope you are enjoying the night's festivities." Stan said looking around the dance floor from atop the balcony he stood with his wife at his side. Her dress was the same as all the other woman except hers was gold with a 'C' engraved on the bottom with ribbon. "Please be merry and remember the night is still young." There was a laugh from him and his wife followed by the crowd laughing as well. "We will be joining you soon."

"I think now is the time we put an end to this mess." Mulder said looking over to Scully as he watched Stan and Caroline disappear from view. Scully nodded and together they headed outside to the garden.

Once outside Scully kept a lookout for what was going on inside while Mulder called Skinner and told him to move in with the S.W.A.T. team and EMT's. Once finished with the call their plan was in motion, Mulder placed a soft peck on Scully's lips before they reentered the building and got to work. Slowly and cautiously they danced their way over to Stan and Caroline who had now made their way onto the dance floor as well, they 'accidentally' bumped into them, then apologized, Mulder blamed his clumsy feet. But of course Stan had to say it was the flooring and the way the foundation of the building, it was all wrong and needed to be redone; Scully just listened and said nothing as did Caroline.

They all stopped dancing and got to talking for a few minutes, Scully and Caroline exchanging recipes for pecan pie while Mulder and Stan talked about some Baseball scores from some time before Mulder was ever born, though Stan was most likely alive.

"Stan, I was wondering, may I dance with your wife?" Mulder asked after taking a quick glance at his watch.

"Only if I can borrow yours." Stan joked back; Scully fought the urge to purge and instead smiled.

"Deal." Mulder said shaking his hand as if he had just made a bet on the Yankees winning a game or something.

Mulder walked over to Caroline and took her hand and led her to the dance floor as Stan did the same to Scully.

"You know Susan, Richard is very lucky to have a girl like you." Stan said placing his hand on her hip as they ballroom danced. "Why no children?"

"May we go outside? I feel dizzy." Scully asked as kindly as possibly her eyes locking with Mulder's from across the room.

"Of course. You've had quiet an amount to drink." He said taking her hand and leading her outside and into the cool fresh air of the night. Just as they entered the garden Scully was forced to shove him against a wall and throw herself at him for what she saw running indiscreetly across the brick wall was one of the S.W.A.T. members. "Are you feeling alright Susan?"

"Fine. Just lost my footing." She whispered softly looking up to make sure the man was gone.

"Would you like something to drink?" Mulder asked Caroline softly looking down to the woman knowing now that Stan was out of the room he had to ditch the wife.

"Oh, I'll get it." She said happily rushing off to the table that the champagne glasses rested on, Mulder took this moment and took off in the opposite direction. As he headed for the stairs he bumped into a couple on his way. "Sorry."

"It's alright." The man said. Mulder did a double take at the woman before rushing off again and Caroline had a chance to notice he had left. The couple had been none other than the Samuels and it looked as if the wife Angela had also undergone the entire robo-makeover as well. Mulder knew what he had to do and he had less than ten minutes before Skinner gave the signal for S.W.A.T. to crash the party, he was just happy that the Men's Manor and the Country Club were not that far away.

Mulder burst out the main doors and jumped into his car. He headed straight for the Men's Manor at full speed and almost wrecked the car into a tree on the way. He just prayed that Scully wasn't having half as hard a time as he was.

"So I just love the stars, they remind me of your eyes and how romantic a man can be." Scully said desperately trying to hold back the look of disgust on her face as she attempted to flirt with the man in front of her as to keep him from going inside. From the look on his face she was doing a good job.

"You know Susan…"

"Please…call me Su."

"You know Su a woman such as yourself should be having children, why isn't that?" He pushed again. Jeeze, what is it with this guy and kids? She wondered to herself, trying to hide the disappointment from her face.

"Never had the time." She said truthfully, she never did have the time.

"Well now you do." He said cupping her face as if a father would his daughter on her wedding day. "Think about it, I think Rich would make a great dad and you would make a great mom."

"Did you hear something?" She asked even though she didn't her a thing, truth be told she was starting to cry and if he saw that their cover was going to be blown and that was the thing they needed so late in the game.

As Mulder pulled up to the Manor he jumped out of his car and entered the large, dark and cold building. He immediately grabbed a flashlight and headed own into the basement where he and Scully had found the door with all the walls of woman that controlled their movements and actions. As he overlooked the panels of different woman he knew the clock was ticking down.

"Lonegun Men." A voice said.

"Turn off the recording." Mulder said poking one of the panels that was labeled 'Christine Taylor' and instantly the wall came to life, lighting up with different colors and programs to choose from.

"Ok it's off." Langly said.

"TURN IT OFF!" Mulder yelled into the phone knowing that nothing had been done.

"Alright, Mulder, what do you have?" Byers asked curiously.

"A room full of panels. I touch one and it's like free cable." There was the sound of typing followed by murmured talking and finally someone spoke up.

"It looks as if each and every woman is controlled by the panels here." Langly said matter-of-factly.

"The remotes send the signal here and that's how the husbands control the wives." Frohike explained.

"Got that, but how do I deprogram them?" Mulder asked curiously and getting frustrated when they just repeated things they had went through earlier in the week.

"That we don't know, this technology is new and sensitive. One wrong move could kill all of these women and you." Byers said as calmly as possible. "Mulder?" He asked when he received no response.

"Hello?" Mulder asked clicking over to his other call.

"Mulder, it's me. Stan just went inside I think he's sending someone over there, but the Skinner has the place surrounded if your going to do this now is the time." Scully said then hung up.

"Shit." Mulder said clicking back over.

"Mulder!? Hello? You still there?" Langly asked.

"Yeah I'm here." He paused as he looked around the floor for something hard and came across a crow bar. He then took off his suit jacket and wrapped it around the bar as to get a better grip. "So nothing new huh?"

"Nope, we got nothing." Frohike said.

"Well then I guess we're going to have to rely on the aliens for this technology." He joked, raising his arm high in the air, the crowbar ready to make contact with the panel. He prayed this was going to work.

"Mulder?" Byers voiced called from the cell on the floor.

"Mulder what are you doing?" Frohike yelled out.

"Mulder!" Langly yelled.

"What is the meaning of all this?" Stan asked as the SWAT team moved in guns raised and poised at the happy dancers, people began dispersing and screaming, Scully stood out in the corner watching everything take place. Hoping Mulder was ok.

"We have a warrant to search the premises and take people in for questioning." Skinner said flashing a legal judge's warrant.

"On what grounds?" Caroline asked making her way to her husband's side.

"On the grounds that you maybe operating a cult here…" with that said both Stan and Caroline started to laugh and soon everyone of Stepford did as well, but the second Stan's hand went up, they all silenced. Not really helping his case.

"I can assure you sir, Stepford is not a Cult." Stan said.

"Well than we would just like to be sure of that and get our two agents back." Skinner said searching the crowd for both Mulder and Scully.

"Agents? I promise you, there are no Agents here." Stan said turning around to search the crowd as if to prove a point.

"Scully!" Skinner called out into the mess and from the crowd a petite blonde emerged wearing an emerald dress.

"Susan dear is everything alright?" Caroline asked rushing to her side. Scully moved away from the woman as if her touch were fire and made her way to Skinner's side, her heels echoing in the silence as everybody watched her movement, her betrayal to the Stepford ways.

"Where's Mulder?" Skinner asked trying to get over the initial shock of seeing his usual redheaded agent now a blonde.

"I'm not sure." Scully said taking the wig off as she spoke to reveal her natural red hair, as to make them both comfortable.

"Men, I want this place surrounded. Nobody leaves and nobody gets in." Skinner said as he and Scully both got ready to leave, but just as they turned Christine Taylor fell to the floor causing them to stop.

Mulder allowed the crowbar to make contact with the paneled wall and smash it to pieces, he didn't know what the effect would have, nor at the moment did he care. All he knew was that he needed to get the woman back to normal before it was too late. One-by-one, he went to different panels of different woman and smashed them in sending sparks flying everywhere, a couple of times almost shocking himself.

As Scully rushed paced the people that had now formed a circle around Chris, Skinner called in the EMT's, but when Scully got to the woman that was her friend she noticed something different about her. Upon seeing the woman's eyes open she noticed an immediate difference in personality, as if the hypnotized daze was long gone and she was finally back to herself.

"Lucas Taylor!" She screamed at the top of her lungs and the crowd opened up to reveal her husband looking at her awkwardly. "Help me up won't you, I don't know how to walk in these heels." She asked Scully before taking the shoes off. "What in the HELL did you do to me?" She asked closing in on her soon to her Ex-Husband.

It wasn't long before another woman fell to the floor and soon her screams were heard being directed towards her husband. Then another and another. Scully looked up to Skinner from where she stood and smiled, whatever Mulder was doing he had found a way to deprogram the women, she only felt sorry for the men once their wives got a hold of them. But then again they did deserve it for what they did to them.

Skinner looked over to the EMT's and shrugged his shoulders when they gave him a confused look. Scully came out of the confused mess and watched as Stan and Caroline watched with horrid eyes as there dream fell apart. Caroline cried as Stan turned to Scully and went on about why they couldn't just let Stepford be Stepford. Scully was curious was to why Caroline hadn't turned on her husband as well when all of a sudden Mulder came rushing into the room, his white shirt burnt a bit.

She wanted nothing more than to rush over to him and hug him close, but instead she waited until he took his spot at her side. Once there she secretly took his hand in hers and spoke.

"You did it. I don't know how, but all the women have been deprogrammed and are now taking it out on their husbands."

"Not all." Mulder said handing her a remote. "For some reason every woman's main control center was a panel in the basement, but she didn't have one. Hers is the remote." Scully looked to the gold remote in her hands with the name 'Cruise' engraved on it. She found it odd that only this one had the last name on it, but pushed it aside as she threw it to the floor.

"Gun?" She said holding her hand out to Mulder and smiled.

"Where's yours?" He asked lifting his pant leg to pull out his ankle gun holster for her.

"At the house." She said cocking it and aiming it at the remote.

"And why may I asked didn't you bring it…Dear?" He teased.

"Where would you like me to hide it?" She asked and fired off four rounds, all of them ending up in the electrical objects. Skinner looked behind him to see what had happened as did everybody else, but only Mulder and Scully were looking at Caroline to see her fall to the floor, however she stayed the same.

Caroline Cruise turned around upon hearing the sound of gunshots and let out a loud scream, suddenly Stanley Cruise fell to the floor in a seizing motion and didn't get back up. Caroline was next to him in a second and EMT's were moving her away to check him vitals.

A week later Mulder and Scully were back in DC in the basement office back to their normal routine. All had seemed normal with them during office hours, but once work let out and they were on their own time they were free to just be themselves. They had agreed to see a lot more of each other in more than just a partner way and so far things were going great.

As for their case, well all the women were let go as victims of the cause the men were let go on charge's of 'under the control of a higher power' nonsense. They had convinced a judge that it was indeed a cult and due to the warrant the FBI couldn't say much in any other direction especially with all the proof destroyed. Most of the marriages ended in divorce, some…very few sought counseling in order to make things work. Stanley Cruise could not be saved that night because he had officially died seven years prior in a fire. No vitals were found because robots don't carry vitals and EMT's can't revive and dead man who's been dead that long.

And as for Mrs. Caroline Cruise, or Ms. Caroline Kline, seeing as how when Stan died they were merely engaged and not on the bet terms; a soon to be marriage failing before it begins. Caroline was in charge of everything in Stepford, a woman once apart of a project dealing in new technology, stole her fellow man's work, killed her fiancé, made it look like an accident and started the community of Stepford. She took to building the robots to build on some sick delusion that the whole world had to be perfect, and now she sits in an insane asylum where she will live out her days alone.

Scully took one last look up as she finished up her report, she didn't feel like reading the whole thing over again, but just summed it up for herself. To make a story short happily ever after, she thought. She had prolonged writing this report as long as possible and it was due by the end of the day. As she printed it out she walked over to Mulder and placed a soft kiss on his lips before disappearing out the door to turn her report in.

The case was good for one thing, it definitely changed her relationship with Mulder for the better and for that she was thankful.

Ok I know this took for like ever to finish and I am sorry I've been busy with things, and then I got stuck for a while and all. Well I hope you all liked it. Most of these ideas came from the movie the Stepford Wives starring Nicole Kidman, Matthew Broderick and Glen Close, so check it out it was a blast.