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Pairings: JeffCaria, DaveDame, RoxyMatt & JohnAmy

Chapter one: Troubled

The orange sun began to set over the ocean at Palm Beach, Florida.Everyone was settling down now. Jamie had fallen asleep on Phil while Caria and Jeff were cuddling under the umbrella. Dameon and Batista were happily cuddling as well. But beneath Dameon's loving smile, fear was towering over her. She wasn't doing so well after the famous Rabid Wolverine, or Chris Benoit, had passed away. Chris had always been so loving and caring. He was like a brother to Dameon, especially when she lost her real brother, Eduardo Guerrero, or Eddie Guerrero.

"Dame, are you alright?" whispered Dave.

"I'll be fine…" Dameon replied softly, closing her eyes and fighting back the tears.

Everyone packed up their items, and was heading back to their hotel. Seagulls were settling down, and the tide set in.

"What's wrong with her?" whispered Jamie to Dave, looking at Dameon's troubled look.

Dave only sighed. "If only I knew…"

Jeff and Caria set off to the third floor. The elevator counted the levels. Three… Four… Five… Six… Seven… Eight… Nine… Ten… Then it stopped.

"This is our stop… Cya Dame, Dave." Phil said cheerfully as he walked next to Jamie to their room.

The elevator continued up to the eleventh floor for Dameon and Dave. They stepped up to their room, unlocked it, and continued inside.

"I'm going to take a shower, then I'm heading to bed." Dameon murmured to Dave as she walked into their room.

"Alright, I'm heading in. Night, baby." Dave said as he kissed Dameon tenderly on the lips.

Dameon hopped in the shower. The hot water felt relaxing as she sat on the bottom. She cradled her knees in her arms and sighed. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she thought of Chris and Eddie. We were all so close… why did you have to take them…?