Another Small Wish

By Tsukisamu Sayako

Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer applies. I do not own Sora, Roxas, Kairi, or Riku. They belong to Square Enix.

Author's Notes: Sequel to "A Very Small Wish", another four short stories on wishes; this time made by different characters of Kingdom Hearts II. No special rating needed since there's nothing that merited a T or M rating. Unless you count the small act of affection Sora and Kairi shared in the first story as obscene…

Summary: To catch a firefly is like catching a star…

Another night on Destiny Islands, another day on Destiny Islands, life simply went on as it had always been, even with the addition of two new teens to the populace. At first, Roxas and Axel kept to themselves, unused to the brightness of the light under which they live now. With the help of Sora, Riku, and Kairi, however, the two former Nobodies learned to live and enjoy their new lives under the sun. As they ate Sea salt ice cream, played in the water, shared secrets with Sora and Riku, the two Nobodies couldn't help but feel something was missing. It would take Roxas many nights of sleeplessness to finally realize what was missing.

"So did you like your classes today?" asked Sora as he and Roxas walked towards Sora's house. Roxas opted not to live with the Keyblade master, instead living on a hut on Paopu Island with Axel. Sora wouldn't have minded explaining the entire story of Roxas's existence to his parents, but Roxas felt it was too personal to share with people who did not understand.

Roxas simply shrugged. "It could have been worse," he replied with a small smile.

"Oh?" Sora looked over at his Other with a raised eyebrow.

"Well, I almost fell asleep in math today since it was so boring. I was lucky that Kairi managed to catch me before Miss Branford caught me."

Sora laughed. "How many times has she caught you sleeping in her class?"

Roxas sighed. "Two times already. If she had caught me again this time, it would've been detention for sure." He scrunched up his face in disgust. His Other couldn't help but laugh at the ugly face.

"I don't see why you and Kairi love math so much," he complained. Sora smiled widely.

"It's like I don't see why you and Riku both love literature so much," he countered. At the mention of "literature", Roxas's eye lit up as he thought back to the literature class he had today. Before he started daydreaming about the novel they were to read that night, Sora slapped him on the back of the head.

"Ow!" winced Roxas, rubbing the back of his head with his free hand. "What did you do that for!?"

"You were going off to La-La land again," said Sora with a pout. "See! You're worse than me when it to being overindulgent on something."

Roxas's face reddened, knowing fully well that he had been caught red-handed. "I can't help imagining about the story of novels," pouted the blond-haired boy. "It's not everyday that you get to read about a world beyond ours. Just because you've been to everywhere doesn't mean I have."

"You're the direct opposite of me," grinned Sora. "You like literature, I like math. You like the sunset, I like the sunrise. You want the Paopu fruit all to yourself whenever we give you one."

Roxas gaped at the other boy. "That's only because I don't want to give it out casually to everyone I see!" he sputtered.

"Are you sure you haven't been giving it to Axel?" teased Sora. Roxas's face reddened further.

"You're out of your mind! Besides, he's found a girl," Roxas replied. If it wasn't for his red face, Sora would've thought he was actually being serious and not just making up some excuse.

"Oh really," he continued, leaning his face close to Roxas's own. The two had stopped walking. "Who is it?"

"He said her name was 'Terra' or something…" he trailed off when he saw the smile on Sora's face becoming wider. "What?" (1)

"You know that there's only one person on Destiny Islands that named 'Terra'."

Roxas blanched as he realized who Sora was talking about. "Please, don't let me be right…" he said softly.

"Axel's dating the math teacher!" Sora said with a guffaw. Roxas dropped his head in resignation and slapped his forehead.

"Why me?" He turned his head skyward, throwing his hands up as he did so. "Why is the whole world against me!?" he screamed.

"How is the whole world against you?" came another boy's voice. The two Soras turned to look at Riku, who sauntered over to them with his bookbag slung over his shoulder. (2)

"Oh, it's just that Axel's girlfriend is Miss-mmfphhhhh." Before he got a chance to say the name, Roxas had covered his blabbing mouth with his hands, having dropped his bookbag on the ground. Riku raised an eyebrow as he watched Sora struggled with Roxas's hands. He noted that Roxas's face was red, and stifled a laugh as the blond-haired boy tried to stop Sora from continuing. Unfortunately, Sora, being the stronger of the two, managed to pull Roxas's hands from his mouth. The former Nobody gave up and sighed with resignation.

"You were saying?" asked Riku with a bemused smile on his face. Sora glared at his Other and looked back to the silver-haired teen.

"As I was saying, before I was so rudely interrupted. Axel's girlfriend's Miss Branford," announced Sora. Roxas groaned with annoyance as the name was said, showing his obvious displeasure at the situation. Riku winced at the information.

"Ouch," he replied. "I see why now. I wouldn't want to be in your situation."

"Tell me about it," groaned Roxas. Sora stifled a chuckle behind his hands.

"Stop teasing him about it, Sora. Or should I tell him about your little date with Kairi?" Sora stilled and gaped at the silver-haired boy. Roxas looked up with confusion at Sora then at Riku, wondering what he had missed.

"How did you know?"

"Selphie saw you two," smirked Riku mischievously. "And you know she can't help but gossip."

"Don't you dare…" threatened Sora. Roxas blinked at his Other with confusion. Riku grinned widely and opened his mouth, turning to Roxas.

"Selphie said that-mmmfphhhh." Sora had placed his hands over Riku's mouth and was now struggling to keep Riku's mouth shut. Whatever happened between Kairi and Sora last Saturday was going to be a secret from Roxas, the blond-haired boy just knew it.

Riku, being the stronger of the two, managed to pull Sora's hands from his mouth but did not continue. Instead, he continued to smile widely and stifled a laugh when Sora gave up much like Roxas did just a few minutes ago.

"I won't tell Roxas what happened if you promise not to tease him about Axel's girlfriend again," said Riku cheerfully. Sora breathed a sigh of relief and nodded.

"I promise."


"I still want to know what happened," pouted Roxas, picking up his bookbag again.

"Do you really not care for your sanity?" replied Riku. Roxas thought about the question for a moment.

"You're right. I do care. Fine, I won't ask." The three boys continued their way down the empty street.

"So we're still up for this Friday, right?" said Sora.

"Of course," replied Roxas.

And that's how Roxas found himself in the middle of a meadow with his friends on a Friday afternoon under the setting sun. He looked about him and saw no traces of the ocean – only trees and grass wherever he looked. He found the open space to be truly relaxing. He lied down on the grass and looked up at the orange-grey clouds as they passed each other in the darkening sky. A small frown graced his face when he began to feel sleepy. He knew the reason behind his insomnia, but had no way to counter it. The blond-haired boy sighed sadly, gaining the attention of his brown-haired friend.

"Roxas? What's the matter?" he asked. When Roxas didn't respond, he looked up at the red-haired man who looked down at Roxas with a knowing look.

"Axel?" Sora asked.

"He hasn't been sleeping well this past week," he replied. "I think he's found the reason behind it but wouldn't tell me about it."

"Hey Roxas," said Kairi, sitting down next to Sora. "Do you know about the many different ways to make a wish?" The blond-haired boy sat up and blinked at Kairi with confusion.

"What do you mean?"

"You know that Sora's made many wishes for you, right?" the red-haired girl said. The former Nobody nodded with comprehension.

"Well, supposedly, you can make a wish with a firefly by catching it and telling it your wish. If the firefly flies away out of your sight before it lands again, it's gone to make your wish come true."

"Really?" Roxas asked with surprise. The sun had set completely by now and the stars twinkled in the darkened sky. The sliver of crescent moon shined lovingly down on the meadow, letting the stars have the spotlights tonight.

"It would be nice to make wishes tonight, don't you think?" Riku said with a smile. Roxas can only nod with hope. The five friends looked back up at the glimmering stars in silence.

"You know," started Sora, "I think the stars are brighter here."

"That's only because the moon's darker," replied Riku.

"It's definitely quieter here," commented Axel.

"Very soothing, don't you think?" said Kairi.

Nobody replied, simply enjoying the moment as they listened to the wind rustle the grass around them and the nocturnal birds trilling and singing in the dark night. The air was fresh and smelled faintly of the ocean. Roxas was drifting off when a bright light flashed in his face. He blinked at the light and focused on a small bug that flew to and fro in his view, its tail flashing. He quickly sat up and watched with surprise as the meadow became filled with hundreds of fireflies, lighting up like stars but too bright to be of the celestial zone.

"Fireflies are here!" shouted Sora happily, jumping up to dance amongst the living stars. Kairi giggled and joined Sora in reveling. The brown-haired teen laughed heartily before getting tackled by Riku and the three laughed at the antics. Axel smiled and hid his own laughter behind his smiling mouth. Roxas, however, did not notice anything. The red-haired man turned his attention to his young friend, smiling kindly as Roxas watched the flying firefly that was in front of his face.

"You should catch it," said Axel softly, startling Roxas out of his daze. The younger teen nodded quietly and slowly cupped his hands around the firefly. He then peeked into his hand and stared at the small bug with interest. The insect continued to twinkle in his hands and seemed quite docile. Roxas leaned in toward the opening in the makeshift "cage" and closed his eyes.

"I wish Naminé is here by my side."

Roxas opened his palms to let the firefly go. His hands trembled when the firefly simply sat on his hands, its tail slowly twinkling as it stayed. The blond-haired boy gulped and was about to lose hope when the firefly lifted off of his hands and began to fly away. Roxas stood up and watched as the firefly slowly made its way farther from the group and disappeared behind a tree. He breathed a sigh of relief and plopped back down, smiling happily.

"I hope your wish comes true," said Axel with a smile.

"I hope it does too," he replied.

The group of friends made their way back to their boats after eating dinner on the meadow (compliments of Axel, who worked at a restaurant). As they neared the sandy beach of the large uninhabited island, the sound of waves and albatross met their ears.

"Back to the loud world," commented Roxas with a grin.

"At least you know where to go for peace and quiet," replied Sora.

"I just hope no one will try to change that place."

"No one will," said Kairi. "My dad's prohibited any form of change on that island. I don't think a lot of people know about this island anyways." (3)

"Well that's good to know," said Axel. "It would be a shame to have to go somewhere else where I can get some alone time."

"You meant with…" a glare from Roxas and a shaking of head from Riku shut Sora up.

"What?" asked Axel with confusion.

"Oh, nothing," laughed Sora nervously, scratching the back of his head.

"Did you and Roxas not come together?" Kairi asked Axel as they stopped in front of the boats. Sure enough, five boats were on the beach: two large ones, and three small ones.

"No, we came together," said Roxas with confusion. "Someone else must've come after we arrived."

A series of footfalls in the soft sand shifted their attention away from the shore and three audible gasps were heard as a new figure came into view. Roxas smiled cheerfully while Kairi felt a loving warmth fill her heart.

"You guys were hard to find." The blond-haired girl panted.

"You were wrong, you know. We are supposed to exist."

The girl laughed softly. "I told you we'd meet again, Roxas."

To compensate for Riku's short short story, I wrote more for Roxas's story. This was the longest of all of the stories... I could've not written the entire comic scene at the beginning, but I can't help it. XD Of course, seeing how this entire series is about Naminé, it would be silly not to have Naminé come back to life like Roxas and Axel did. :p Hope you've enjoyed this series of stories. I'm gonna continue working on my longer fanfics now. They will take a while to complete, so don't expect them to be published soon.


(1) Terra Branford is the protagonist of Final Fantasy VI. I know that she's not a character that Tetsuya Nomura came up with, but the easiest one I could really find. :p

(2) The two Soras are Sora and Roxas of course, since they're both technically named Sora (The name 'Roxas' is explained in a cutscene in KH2:FM+).

(3) I've heard that Kairi's dad's supposed to the be the mayor of Destiny Islands, so that what I stuck with in this story.