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Anko and Kakashi had firmly established their "discreet" relationship. They both had professed their love for each other, after making a "deal" to always wait for the other to come back after their missions and assignments. They'd also promised each other that they wouldn't go and do something stupid like get themselves killed while they were out on their missions. That proved to be a little bit easier said than done, when Anko was almost killed, and Kakashi had to rescue her and bring her back to Konoha. Luckily, they made it back with the help of Sakura, Gai, Shizune, Pakkun, and Asuma. Asuma eventually found out about their "relationship" but was sworn to secrecy, only being allowed to tell Kurenai about it. Both Anko and Kakashi believed that it was a good thing to keep their relationship as discreet as possible. They didn't want the extra attention that being "Konoha's newest couple" would thrust upon them.

At the beginning of their relationship, all they did was spend most of their time together in Anko's apartment, having massive amounts of almost constant sex whenever they were not out on missions, or at work. They even managed to sneak a couple "quickies" at work because, they were masters of stealth. But after about two weeks of sexual acrobatics, they decided that they might like to go on actual dates and do things together like normal couples did. They wanted to go for walks together, (and maybe have sex on a park bench) swing on the swings at the playground, (and maybe have sex on the slide) they wanted to go to dinner together, (and probably play naughty footsie under the table) and they wanted to go to the movies (and do only God knows WHAT in a dark theater). The only problem they had was they didn't want the stares and finger pointing that they knew they'd get. So they started the whole "stealth dating" thing. And Anko in particular – LOVED it.

So far, they had been together for almost a month, and it was only getting better. They had become absolute professionals in the concept of "stealth dating." This was a form of dating they invented so they could go out like "normal" couples, but not be seen in public. It ended up being quite a game for the both of them and Anko absolutely loved it.

Anko found that since she'd been dating Kakashi, she actually liked to be a little bit scared. She found that she was becoming a bit more of an adrenalin junkie, and with Kakashi in her life, she got plenty of that as well as many other things. She loved it when he jumped out of nowhere and surprised her, like the time a while ago when he ambushed her in an alley and they ended up having crazy sex while hanging from a fire escape. One of the things she loved was what he'd do when he came back from missions. He'd appear suddenly like a ghostly apparition, in the corner of her bedroom where he'd watch her sleep until she sensed him and woke up. She also found that Kakashi was a bit of a voyeur, being very content to watch her do just about anything – secretly. He'd confessed to staying outside her bedroom window on occasion just to watch her sleep, read, dress, anything. He was constantly watching her, and she liked being the object of his affection, as well as his newest obsession.

As Anko sat in her apartment after work, she reminisced about the short time they'd been together. She was glad they'd finally become an official couple, albeit a secret couple, and had enhanced their "friends with benefits" relationship. On this particular night, she was in her apartment waiting for Kakashi. He had been out on a short two day mission, and was already home. She knew he was back, because she'd seen him in the village earlier. They didn't communicate in public much, on purpose, so as to not draw attention to them being together, but she knew he would have something in store for her that night. So she quietly waited at home, because it became tradition for him to come and take her on a "stealth date, whenever he came back from his mission. Anko knew he'd come get her that evening, so when she left work, she went home, spruced herself up a bit, put on some of the new underwear he'd bought her under the skirt she wore, and she waited.

Anko took one of her kitchen chairs and positioned it not far from her door, facing it. It was getting late, almost 9:30PM, and she knew it'd happen soon. Any minute she thought. Be patient Anko. Just wait and see what Kakashi has in store for you tonight. She sat in her chair, ready to go wherever she was invited to go. She sat and waited.

A few more minutes went by and an envelope was suddenly tucked under her door. There it is! Now, what are we doing tonight? She ran to her peephole, hoping to catch him in the act, but he was already gone. She was never able to catch him red-handed – he was indeed the MASTER of stealth. So after looking out and not seeing him, she bent to pick up the envelope. She opened it carefully, and there was a small piece of paper inside. She unfolded it, and a ticket fell out. All the paper said was, "I'll be waiting. K" Anko picked up the ticket, dashed out the door, and headed to the movie theater that Kakashi would be waiting for her in. She hadn't seen him in two days and was excited that he was back. Their "stealth date" had officially begun.

Anko kept to the shadows. She pulled her jacket collar up high. She swiftly and silently made her way to the movie theater on the far end of town. She knew that not too many people frequented it and there wasn't anything good showing as far as she knew, so there was a good possibility that they'd be alone in the theater. Anko giggled inside because she loved this game, along with all the games they played together. They were like two big kids having the time of their lives, and all the sex they could handle.

Anko made it to the theater in record time. She hung back while a couple purchased tickets at the ticket window. She pulled her collar up higher and waited for them to go in. As soon as they did, she traced the buildings until she got to the ticket window entrance. Then she walked purposefully, never breaking her stride. The attendant looked at her, but all she did was flash her ticket and walk right in. No one attempted to stop her. She walked right to the theater indicated on the ticket and quietly opened the door and snuck inside. She thought, now the fun begins.

As soon as she was inside the door, she masked her heartbeat, breathing and chakra. It was almost automatic for her, from so many years of training. She stood still and listened in the darkened theater. She tried to find any trace of Kakashi at all, and of course, she found none. The movie hadn't started yet, and the theater was very dark. It was time to hunt down her ninja lover.

Anko slunk into the shadow at the back of the theater. She tried to look through the dim lighting to see if she could find the only thing that would be recognizable on Kakashi – she looked for his hair. There were only two couples in the theater, each sitting on opposite sides of the theater, close to the center aisle. Each couple was talking quietly, giggling at times, but there were no single people. He was hiding from her. She thought master of stealth; you can't hide from me for long.

Anko got low and made her way around the back right side of the theater, always keeping an eye out for the slightest movement. She saw none as she moved. She eyed the emergency exit corridor that was to the side of the movie screen. She thought he could be in the shadows there. Let's find out. She took out a small senbon she had hidden in her hair and tossed it at the shadowy exit. From the sound of the contact it made, it had hit wood, not flesh, so she discarded the idea of Kakashi hiding in the exit doorway. Tricky bastard she thought as she continued to slink forward toward the screen.

She passed the couple on the right side of the theatre. She couldn't make out their faces, but they seemed to be quite cozy and cuddly. She thought I'd like some of that cozy and cuddly if I could only find the guy I want to get cozy and cuddly with! Come ON Kakashi, I like the game, but where the fuck are you? She made her way to the emergency exit and snuck into the shadow. She stood up in the shadow so she didn't scare the two couples by just appearing out of nowhere. She decided I'll let him win this time. Just this once, but next time, his ass is mine. She walked out of the exit across the front of the theater letting herself be seen. No one would really recognize her from the way she still hid her face behind her coat collar. No one but Kakashi would, if he were there at all.

Anko walked past the couple on the right and thought maybe I got the wrong theater. It doesn't seem like he's here. I think I might have screwed up. She started to walk a little quicker, starting to think that she'd indeed gotten the wrong theater in her haste to see Kakashi again. She passed the second couple, but as she did, instantaneously a hand shot out and grabbed her wrist and pulled her onto the laps, sideways, of the second couple. Anko let out an "EEK," as she fell sideways into the two laps. She screamed in her head, WHO THE HELL WOULD RISK THEIR LIVES PULLING ME ONTO THEM LIKE THIS?!!! And then she heard it, Kakashi giggling. Both of the "couple" was Kakashi, one with a hoodie over his head, and the other was his shadow clone. He giggled, helped her up and said, "About time you got here. And you really should be more careful. Any cretin could have grabbed you and done unspeakable things to you in this dark theater."

She slapped him playfully on the chest as he continued to help her up, while his shadow clone disappeared. "And what if I let said cretin do unspeakable things to me? I couldn't find you after all."

"They'd go on the "must kill list." Plus, you're not allowed to do unspeakable things with cretins."

Anko sat down next to him and said, "That's right, because you're my only cretin." She pulled down his mask, pulled his face to hers and kissed him square on the mouth. "I'm glad you're back. I was beginning to feel lonely. I was about to go out and look for a cretin."

"Not while I'm around. Didn't you miss me, even just a little?"

"Of course I did. You know I did. One question."


"Are we going to stay for the movie? If so, what one is it? I just barged right in without even looking at which one it was."

"Sure, let's stay. Going to movies is part of dating you know. You want anything to eat?"

"No. I'm good. I'm just glad you're back."

"I'm glad I'm back too. Back with you."

"Ok, now you're starting to sound like a huge suck-up again."

"Alright I'll quit. Oh, the movie's about to start. Come here and get comfortable." Kakashi reached his right arm out and pulled Anko a little closer to him. She leaned against him and waited for the movie to start. She sat there, propped up against him, savoring his scent, and the slight smell of the aftershave he used when they went on their "stealth dates." He only started using it when they went on these dates together, and he kept using it because he found Anko liked it a lot. One of the reasons she liked it so much was because he did it only for her.

After about 15 minutes of previews for up-coming movies, Icha Icha Paradise – THE MOVIE started rolling on the screen.

Anko said, "Oh no! I get enough of that shit from you reading your damn books all the time. I'm not sitting here watching that!"

Kakashi tried to calm her down, "Come on! Stay here with me. I've wanted to see it. Here, let me convince you. Remember that thing I did with the feathers?"

Anko thought back to a certain sexual dalliance they had that involved very sensitive parts of her body being teased with peacock feathers. She said, "Yeah?"

"Got it from Icha Icha, as well as a lot of other so called techniques that you seem to have liked so far. Watch with me. You might find it interesting. You can tell me what you might like to try. What do ya say? Stay with me."

Anko thought for a moment, Always the perv, but I am glad he's home and safe. I've heard people tell me that love is all about compromises. I guess this is one I can compromise on, but I won't make it easy on him. Even though I did like that peacock feather thing. . . Then Anko had a deviously brilliant idea. She said, "Ok, I'll stay. But I don't think you'll be able to concentrate too much on the movie."

Kakashi watched the screen and said, "Shhhh. It's starting!" His eyes started to glaze over as the opening scenes began with a lovely young girl spreading out a blanket in a field under a tree on a sunny day. She had her own book to read, and had brought a picnic basket with her. She flopped down on her stomach, and crossed her legs behind her, smiling as she opened her book and began to read. What she didn't see as she lay down on her blanket was the dastardly man who was peeking at her from behind the tree. She was oblivious to him as he looked at the way she bounced her legs as she read her book. He began to sneak out from behind the tree when she turned and screamed in surprise at the man. The man sat down on her blanket, reached in her picnic basket and began feeding her grapes with his own mouth!

Anko glanced over at Kakashi, whose eye got quite large as the scene unfolded and she said to herself, I'll fix him. Kakashi had begun absently stroking Anko's shoulder as the scene progressed. She snuck a glance at him again, and then turned toward him so she could REALLY look at him, as she dropped her right hand in his lap.

Kakashi immediately sat up straighter. He thought I'm a dead man. I'm on a stealth date with the woman I love, watching my favorite thing in the world and she's got her hand in my, near my, ON my, ooooohhhhh gaaaawwwddddd . . ."

Anko saw Kakashi's reaction so she leaned in and nipped his right ear lobe. She whispered, "Whatcha thinking about?"


She licked the sensitive spot just to the right of his earlobe, "What are you thinking about?"

"Nuh, mmmm, ohhhhhhhhh." Kakashi continued to stare at the progressing scene on the screen in front of him, while Anko continued to tease him.

Anko was having a blast. She had Kakashi literally by the balls, and she was about to make him forget all about his sacred Icha Icha movie. Anko turned her hand so her four fingers were pointing down toward the seat Kakashi was sitting on, and she curled her thumb up – making a "C" shape. Then she ever so expertly, slid her four fingers over his obvious bulge, downward between the seat and his testicles, squeezing him slightly as she simultaneously wagged her thumb back and forth over his penis. Then she licked a small trail from his earlobe to the top of his ear, and then traced the inside of his ear with her tongue, never breaking her contact with his "naughty bits." She almost had him; all she had to do was blow . . .

Kakashi's eyes crossed as Anko's breath instantly cooled the saliva trail she'd left inside his ear. The multiple stimuli from the movie screen, her tongue, her breath, and her hand made his mind go blank. He did the only thing he knew to do; he turned and grabbed Anko in an urgent kiss that just about sucked the life out of her. She asked for it he thought as he mauled her in the movie theater seat.

Anko giggled as she was trying to return Kakashi's kiss. I win after all she thought as she tried to keep up with him. Oh shit! she thought as he leaned over and tried to climb on top of her in the movie seat. We can't do this in public! Not here at least! There are other people here!

Kakashi didn't seem to notice as he pulled the collar away from her neck and started kissing her, almost chewing on her neck. He was in a blind lust and wouldn't be denied. Anko tried to get his attention, by whispering, "HEY! Hey! Can't do this, ooh but that's good, HERE! There are people over there. Let's go back to my place, and, oooh!"

Kakashi didn't stop for a second. Instead he said, "Can't . . . yeah . . . no . . . ohm . . . right here . . ." as he continued to aggressively kiss Anko while he started to pull her coat open and feel her up.

Even though she loved every second, she still had her head about her. She knew they couldn't be doing "that" in the middle of a theater, even if there were only two other people in the place. So she said, "Can you wait until we get home?"

A very quick, "No," and more aggressive kisses were her answer.

Anko thought quickly and realized the exit! It's REALLY dark there. He won't have to wait at all. She said, "I know what we can do . . . QUIT that! Get up. Get off me. Listen. Count to ten and follow me." She pushed Kakashi off her and he landed with a thud in the seat next to her, panting and looking at her with a wild look in his eye.

He said, "What? What are you doing?"

She said again, "Wait ten seconds then follow me. You'll see – I promise." She leaned over and brushed her lips against his and then stood up and left him. He put his mask back in place. She said to him, not too quietly so the other couple could hear, "I have to use the restroom honey, will you get me some popcorn while I'm gone?"

Kakashi still didn't know what she was doing, but he played along, and said, "Sure. I'll be right back."

Anko got up and plastered herself against the back wall of the theater again. Kakashi waited ten seconds and then followed her. He saw her slink her way down the wall toward the emergency exit corridor. He thought she does have a plan for me. God, I'm glad she's mine. He crouched low and followed her at a slight distance, making sure he didn't attract the attention of the other couple in the theater. Anko made it to the emergency exit corridor and stood in the shadows waiting for him. She watched him creep closer and closer to the shadow where she waited. She debated whether she should remove her underwear or not so they wouldn't have to waste any time. But then she decided that's his job – he bought them for me for that purpose after all. She stood back and waited.

Kakashi could barely see where he was going, but he knew where he needed to be. Anko was just ahead in the shadow waiting for him. In her excitement, she stopped masking her chakra, and he could also smell the lust coming off her skin along with the pheromones she was producing that were driving him mad. He knew she wouldn't go out the door and leave without him. He knew she wouldn't leave without having him.

He finally made it across the threshold of the emergency exit, just to find himself pulled violently forward into an excited kiss. He could still hear the wanton moans of the woman on the screen in the Icha Icha movie, and even though it killed him not to watch his favorite novel translated into screen form, he had more important business to attend to. During their fevered kiss, Kakashi did what he loved to do, and reached up under Anko's skirt and tore her underwear to shreds. Then he growled into her neck, "Daddy's home."

Anko grinned as Kakashi continued to maul her in the emergency exit corridor. They fell backward onto the steps leading out. There was no pause, there was no anticipation. There was just raw, unbridled passion between two people who truly loved each other. As Kakashi prepared to enter Anko he asked, "How quiet can you be?"

She said, "What do you mean me? You're the loud one."

"Yeah, but you'll disturb the other people in the theater. I know how you get. You do that low moaning thing . . ."

Breathing heavily, Anko said, "Then make me be quiet." Kakashi's eye opened mischievously as he brought is mouth down on Anko's and entered her at the same time. Both shinobi rocked in a timeless coupling of passion and love, fueled by pent up lust. Nothing would stop them from their mission, which at that instant was complete and quick satisfaction.

Mere minutes later, after much biting, kissing, love bites, and groping, Kakashi burst into Anko, panting and heaving as he did. Anko had held off on purpose, because she wanted to get her lover home where she could enjoy herself more completely, and also where she could do the low moaning thing. She held his head as he finished his orgasm and whispered in his ear, "You owe me one."

Kakashi finished and fell forward on her. After breathing a couple of times he said, "So. Your place or mine?"

Anko said friskily, "Yours!"

"Are you serious? You know I have nothing."

"You have enough."

"But you have more."

Anko said flatly, "Yours."

"Ok. No arguments. Let's go."

Anko was still feeling a bit playful and said, "Don't you want to watch your movie anymore?"

Kakashi said, "I saw it three times when it was first released." Anko launched a playful kick at him in the dark recesses of the emergency exit corridor.

Kakashi produced a small penlight from his pocket and started looking around with it. Anko said, "Quit it! You'll attract attention! What are you doing?"

"Wait. Just a sec . . . ok." He bent and picked up Anko's shredded underwear and put them in his pocket. "We can go now."

"Hold on. Shine it at the door." Kakashi shined the pen light at the door. Anko reached out and plucked the small senbon from the door and put it back in her hair. She said, "Don't ask."

Kakashi said, "Ok. To my place. Are you sure?"

"I've been there before. It's not so bad."

"But you're sure?"

"Listen Hatake, I've just had sex with you in a public movie theater exit corridor. I would definitely like your bed more than stairs in my back."

"Point taken. Let's go." Kakashi took Anko's hand and the left the darkness of the corridor. They walked across the front of the chairs and up the center aisle, hand in hand. They were about to pass the only other couple in the theater when Kakashi suddenly turned and swung at the first shadowy person, who ducked away from his oncoming fist. Kakashi said, "You fucker!"

The other couple began laughing so loud that they drowned out the moaning Icha Icha girl on the screen.


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