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Anko was almost embarrassed by the attention she was getting. She wanted to retreat and read her scroll again where it was quiet, and take Kakashi with her so he read it too. Kakashi. He was still looking at her.

Kakashi looked back at his girlfriend with pride. His heart swelled to bursting. So he took a deep breath, let out a huge sigh, and made his move. He walked away from Asuma, walked past Tsunade and walked right up to Anko. Everyone was still applauding, and Kakashi said to Anko over the noise, "I've made a decision."

Anko knew immediately what he was talking about. She got extremely nervous and asked him quickly, "Are you sure you wanna do this?"

Before Kakashi could think about it anymore, he nodded and walked forward to her and hugged her tightly to him. And the funny thing was, he knew it was the right thing to do, because it felt right.

Anko melted into him and thought, Oh my God. Here we go. But she felt absolutely fine with it too.

He whispered in her ear, "I'm so proud of you. I don't care who knows about us, or what they say. I just want to be able to do this, whenever I want to."

Anko said, "You know there's no going back now."

Kakashi said, "Good." Then he released her and gave her a masked kiss on the lips in front of everyone. The applause died off quickly then.

Most of the people in the gathered group just stared. Kakashi had just hugged, and then KISSED Anko right there in front of everyone. Asuma and Kurenai just smiled quietly to themselves. Sakura had little hearts floating out of her eyes.

Tsunade couldn't believe what she was seeing. She thought Kakashi and Anko? If I would have known they were a couple I'd never have sent them out together! Maybe that was what Asuma was trying to tell me yesterday. She glanced over at Asuma, and from his knowing smile, she realized that was exactly what he had been trying to say. She announced, "Congratulations Anko. Everyone else, let's get to work."

Kakashi released Anko and then offered his arm to her. She linked arms with him and they walked down the hall together, looking for a quiet place to go so they could look at her scroll together.

The crowd was mumbling, watching Kakashi and Anko leave. Tsunade turned to Asuma and said, "You knew about them didn't you."

"That's what I tried to tell you yesterday without actually telling you." Then he looked at his friends as they were leaving, and said loud enough for "certain" people to hear, "They've been dating secretly for about a month now."

A "certain" person, Genma, heard every word Asuma said. His eyes slowly opened in absolute terror. He looked on in fear at the couple leaving the group and thought they've been secretly dating, FOR A MONTH! Oh my fucking God, I'm SO lucky to be alive! Kakashi would have KILLED me a second time for asking out his girlfriend! Cripes, he may kill me yet! I'd better get outta here. He tried to beat a hasty retreat, but ran smack into Shizune.

Genma said, "I'm sorry Shizune," as he looked over his shoulder to keep tabs on Kakashi, "I wasn't looking where I was going." He coughed a few times.

Shizune didn't mind that he had collided with her at all. When Genma turned back to her, she said, "No problem at all Genma. Your cough still doesn't sound very good. Why don't you come back to the hospital with me and I'll give you another treatment." She tucked her arm in Genma's and started leading him to the exit.

Genma looked at her, smiled a little, coughed again and said, "That's not a bad idea Shizune. Thanks," and he gave one last look over his shoulder to make sure Kakashi wasn't standing behind him with a kunai pointed at his head.

Naruto stood there, shook his head a few times, and watched his former sensei, walk away arm in arm with the lady he was supposed to deliver a note to the night before. Then he realized what was going on and shouted, "HEY! KAKASHI-SENSEI! SO THAT'S WHO YOU WERE GOING TO SEE LAST NIGHT WITH YOUR PAJAMAS AND THE ENERGY BARS!"

Everyone froze, knowing that Naruto was more than likely about to be killed. But Kakashi and Anko just kept walking. They gave everyone a quick wave, and then walked together in public, to find a quiet room to look at her scroll together.


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