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Summary: YGOHP crossover. The Dark Lord has a new weapon. But it's not the Millennium Items. Are all the soulless bodies the result of Dementors or something far more sinister? Meanwhile, Yugi and his friends are caught up in the Wizarding Worlds struggle, and are forced to face a threat that they thought had gone for good.


/Hikari to Yami/

//Yami to Hikari//

Chapter 1: Play Time

The glow cast on the dark stone walls seemed to pulse like some kind of eerie heartbeat. The room was quiet save for the breaths of the humans present there. No living animal dared to enter this place, for it was currently seeped in evil and dark magic, thousands of years old. Even the wind, which usually whistled between the cracks in the stone walls of the building seemed to have fallen silent.

No normal human would dare enter this place, even without the cold desolate feeling that it now seemed to radiate. No one would have a reason to go there. It had been abandoned years ago, remaining the speculation of all who lived in the nearby village. Only two years ago, when the gardener had been found dead inside, had anyone last paid any attention to it. It was the perfect hideout for those present, now clustered in basement.

Anyone present would have thought a religious cult was in session. In the middle of the room, six robed figures stood before a raised chair. Each of them was covered and masked from head to toe. In the chair, a seventh figure smirked, before waving one pale, skeletal hand, lazily at the door, dismissing the six before him. Their work was done. They had their orders, and now that they knew all that this new power could do, it was time to stop testing. Now, it was time to start using it for their cause.

The figures bowed simultaneously before backing away towards the door, their heads still low as a show of deference. Each of them moved swiftly, and though they were not visible under their masks, each one of them smirked with an eerie kind of satisfaction. From beneath each of their cloaks, a small green light pulsed from a stone, each one hung on the end of a fine silver chain.

The figure in the chair gave a satisfied chuckle that would have raised the hairs of anyone present. At his feet, a snake curled into a sleeping ball, like some demented loyal dog. The man leaned back in his chair, caressing a stone the size of a small tennis ball.

The rock glowed a vibrant green, and on the man's forehead, a six pointed star branded itself into white skin, causing the slit like red eyes to glow menacingly.


Daily Prophet

21st August

Soul Stealing in Southampton

Barely hours ago, the Ministry confirmed the deaths of three wizards and seven muggles all of them within a ten mile radius of one another. The victims were discovered in comatose states, and upon further investigation, the St Mungo's healers, who were called to the scene to assist, diagnosed all of the victims as soulless.

The Ministry suspects the deaths to be the work of Dementors, and say that all the victims showed symptoms of receiving the Dementors Kiss. The Dementors were confirmed by the Ministry two months ago to now be working for He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, a fact which was bought to light after the Death Eaters infiltrated and attacked the Ministry of Magic. Many people within the Ministry believe these Dementor attacks to be another terror attack by He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

The first victim, found outside Southampton Central Train Station was discovered at 1:49AM yesterday morning by – Continues on page 3


Meanwhile, thousands of miles away from the darkness that gripped Britain, a small group of teenagers were gathered in Domino Park. People strolled leisurly down the pathways, occasionally overtaken by cyclists or people on rollerblades. Children shrieked and laughed with joy in the playground, and there was the occasional dull thud of a football being kicked around. It was the middle of summer though, so the sun was beating down fiercely, causing most of the people to seek shade in the trees. This was exactly what the group was doing now.

"Can we please go yet?"

"No Joey, we're still missing two more people,"

"But Yug'! It's boiling! The arcade has air conditioning, remember? Nice cold air that won't burn your skin clean off?"

The spiky haired King of Games shook his head firmly. "Yami asked them to come so we're going to wait for them."

Joey Wheeler threw his hands up in frustration. He really really did not want to see one of the people they were waiting for. But if that was what Yugi wanted, then he would just have to put up with it. Behind him, Tea Gardner and Tristan Taylor suppressed their laughter at the sight of their friend's reaction. Leaning against a tree, Ryou Bakura shared a smile with Yugi. The white haired boy was careful to stand out of the sun so that his scalp would not burn.

"He's probably not going to show up anyway, you realise," Joey began again. "What on Earth made Yami think that he would leave his office to come and hang around with us…GAH! Malik don't do that ya psycho!"

The platinum blonde head that had just popped out of the tree above them, scaring Joey out of his wits, laughed loudly, before dropping to the ground gracefully. He was the only one in the group who looked quite at home in the blazing hot sun, no surprise considering he was bought up in Egypt. Yugi mentally rolled his eyes, and in the back of his mind he could hear the sound of his darker half chuckling.

"You know I was quite happy waiting another two weeks until we get back to school before I saw Rich Boy again…"

"Okay Joey we get it," Tea sighed. "You don't want to see Kaiba."

"God damn right I don't!" the blonde nodded furiously.

"Even after he helped us in the fight against Dartz?" Yugi asked.

"Even after that!" Joey said. "He's rude to us, he insults us…"

"They're here," Ryou interrupted, pointing behind Joey. The blonde stopped talking immediately and whirled around.

Approaching the group, was a boy of twelve years old, whose dark blue eyes were currently adopting a pleading look which could have reduced even the most cold hearted person to a smile. His companion was taller and had a scowl fixed firmly on his face, as though he couldn't quite believe he was there.

"Hey guys!" the shorter said, beaming a smile powerful enough to supply energy to a small town for a few weeks.

"Hi Mokuba," everyone responded on cue.

"Hey Kaiba," Yugi said politely. The CEO nodded courteously at his arch rival before rounding on his little brother.

"You dragged me out of the office just to meet the geek squad?"

You mean you didn't tell him where you were going?" Malik asked, grinning.

"Nice one Mokuba!" Joey said. "Who knew you could be so sneaky!"

"Hey I can be sneaky!" Mokuba said, folding his arms and scowling adorably before turning back to Seto.

"Come on big brother! Just for one hour! Consider it a lunch break."

"Its three twenty five in the afternoon," Joey pointed out.

"A late lunch break," Mokuba amended impatiently. "You don't get nearly enough fresh air, and you could use an hour away from all that work."

Kaiba looked quite ready to ignore his brother's wishes and leave, but Mokuba's eyes suddenly fixed on his and began to tear up.

"Please Seto!" he begged.

Seto tore his eyes away from his little brother, knowing that if he kept contact with them he would not be able to say no. Mokuba however had that covered, wrapping his arms around his big brothers waist, resting his head against his stomach, and looking up at him with heart wrenching adorability.


"Mokuba…" Seto growled, feeling his resistance crumbling slowly.

"Please?" the boy tried again, his lower lip trembling, making Seto feel like he had just kicked a poor defenceless puppy.

"He's doomed," Malik summarised. "I used to use those eyes on Ishizu all the time."

"…alright! But one hour only!"

"Thank you big brother!" Mokuba beamed, squeezing his brother's middle before jumping back with his million watt smile firmly back in place.

"Okay let's go! You said something about the arcade on the phone Yugi?"

The person in question nodded, and the group began to make their way through the park. Mokuba skipped along ahead of them, occasionally making jokes with Joey and laughing at Malik. Tea and Tristan walked together, discussing their impending return to school in two weeks. Ryou just walked along quietly and thoughtfully as he always did, with Yugi close by. Kaiba lingered in the back, looking distinctly grumpy and Kaiba-ish as he always did.

Yugi looked skyward upon instinct. Everything seemed so peaceful. As they passed the playground, the sounds of children enjoying the sun reached the group. It was nice hanging out like this, yet at the back of his mind, Yugi suddenly felt a prickling of unease. It was too calm. Being the owner of a Millennium Item meant that life was supposed to be hectic. Maybe he was just paranoid after living in danger for so long.

//You're not paranoid Aibou//

Yugi tuned out the sounds of the happy children, and directed all his attention towards his other half.

/What's wrong Yami?/

//I can sense something dark approaching//

/Quite sure its not just Bakura you're sensing?/ Yugi asked, but he was on alert anyway. When his darker half sensed something he was usually right.

//No, this is stronger, and yet there is something about it that is…familiar…//

/In what way?/

//A bad way// the Pharaoh replied. //Maybe we should…//

But what Yami thought would have to wait for now. The shrieks and laughter of the children in the playground was punctuated by a series of loud cracking noises, that sounded suspiciously like firecrackers. Ten figures had appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the playground. Despite the heat of the day, they were all dressed in heavy looking black cloaks. Their faces were hidden behind masks, and Yugi got a chill as he realised that the masks had been designed to look like skulls.

//Aibou I don't like the looks of this, I'm taking over!//

Yugi gave a mental nod, as he felt himself become detached from his body. Those who were watching would have thought that Yugi had suffered a sudden growth spurt as his other half took control of the body not a minute too soon.

"Avada Kedavra!"

Kaiba, who in this short space of time had managed to formulate his own conclusions about the people who had just appeared out of thin air, grabbed his little brother by the scruff of his shirt and pulled him to the floor, whilst yelling an order at the rest of the group.


Everyone dropped to the ground as jets of green light began to fly around the park. The childish laughter that had filled the playground became screams of fear and pain, as everyone began to run for their lives.

"They're casting magic!" Yami gasped, as a six year old boy was caught in the blast. He slumped against the playground fence, motionless. The Pharaoh's rage grew as he realised that no life beat within the child anymore.

"They're killing them!" Tea gasped, covering her mouth in horror.

"We can see that!" Malik said, pulling the Millennium Rod out from his back pocket.


/What Bakura? I'm a little busy here!/

//Well aren't you snippy? Get into your soul room!//

/Worried about me?/ Ryou thought, but he complied. He knew if he didn't go quietly, his yami would force him out of control the hard way.

//You wish// the thief snorted. //I just haven't had a good fight in ages//

Ryou rolled his eyes before retreating. Bakura smirked as he took control.

"They don't look too friendly do they?" he asked casually. Yami turned to glare at him, but he didn't have enough time to reprimand the thief as another killing curse shot over their heads.

"Cower at our feet muggles!" the cloaked figure cackled, though of course, since he was speaking English, only Ryou, Bakura, Joey, Seto and Mokuba could understand what he was saying. "Avada Kedavra!"

Yami was the first to react, reaching for a card in his pocket and praying to all the Gods that it was the right one. The Millennium Puzzle flashed and a bright shining shield sprung up in front of them. The attack was reflected and bounced back at the stunned Death Eater, who just stood there, mouth open in shock as the spell crashed into them and put an end to their life.

Yami grimaced. The Mirror Force trap card he had pulled from his deck had reflected the spell right back at its caster. He didn't like taking life. Sure when he had first been released from the Puzzle he hadn't had any qualms about sending people into their own personal hell when they lost Shadow Games. He was a kinder spirit now. But still, these people had threatened his Aibou and his friends and he could not let that happen.

"Nice idea," Malik said gratefully, as the group got to their feet. Unfortunately, the falling of a comrade had caused the other robed assassins to stop what they were doing and stare at the group. No one could survive a killing curse, so how had these people, not only blocked it, but redirected it right back at them?!

Bellatrix Lestranges stepped forwards. She was livid. She was in charge of this little hunting group and she would not have anyone ruin their fun, especially not some muggles who though they could fight back. She smirked to herself. Maybe now would be the best time to show off their new secret weapon.

The nine remaining Death Eaters circled the group. Realising that they were stuck, Yami squared his jaw. They were going to have to fight their way out of this. And if these people were going to use magic, then they would too. Most people had fled the park or had been taken down already, so there was little chance of being spotted.

"Malik, Bakura, lend your magic to Tea and Tristan. We need to summon our monsters if we're going to get out of this."

"I don't take orders from you Pharaoh!" Bakura snapped. Yami did not retort. He didn't have time to argue with the thief now. He would just have to hope that Bakura was smart enough to realise that they would not be able to get out of this unless they worked together. He pulled another card from his deck.

"I summon Dark Magician (2500/2100)!"

The puzzle glowed and next to the Pharaoh, a tall man in long purple robes appeared, clutching a green staff. He scowled at the surrounding enemy.

"Joey, summon your Red Eyes," Yami ordered. "I will provide the energy for you."

Joey nodded and reached for his own cards. A second later, his signature monster, the Red Eyes Black Dragon (2400/2000) appeared, roaring towards the sky. Joey grinned.

"My turn!" Malik said, looking gleeful at the idea of a fight. "I summon Revival Jam (1500/500)!"

A small blue blob, with markings vaguely resembling eyes and a mouth, appeared in front of the Egyptian. Malik nodded to Tristan, who took the hint.

"I play Super Roboyarou (1200/500)!"

A warrior dressed in blue armour and carrying a long double ended sword materialised next.

"Dark Necrofear (2200/2800), come forth!" Bakura commanded. A blue skinned woman with purple armour and a doll nestled in her arms emerged. Bakura nodded at Tea, and the brunette took this to mean that he would help her.

"I summon Fire Sorcerer (1000/1500)!"

A young girl wearing a black dress and cap appeared, conjuring a ball of fire in the palm of her hand as she did.

"Kaiba, you too!" Yami ordered. The CEO snorted.

"You think a few holograms are going to scare them?"

"They seem to be so far!" Tea pointed out. Sure enough, the Death Eaters had been stunned into temporary silence at the sight of all these strange creatures.

"Kaiba just do it! We need your help! Call out your Blue Eyes! We will lend power to you and Mokuba so you can protect yourselves."

Kaiba gritted his teeth. "I don't need your help Yugi…"

He trailed off. Bellatrix had apparently snapped out of her stupor enough to try casting a spell at the only unprotected members of the group.

"Revival Jam! Shield them from harm!" Malik commanded. The monster jumped in the way of the approaching attack, and exploded into a sticky mess. Malik yelped, as the attack still hurt him, but his monster quickly reformed itself. The Kaiba brothers stood up slowly.

"That's it! No one tries to hurt my little brother and gets away with it!" Kaiba raged, pulling out his deck. "I summon the Blue Eyes White Dragon (3000/2500)!"

Another dragon, this one with white scales and blue eyes, materialised next to Joey's Red Eyes.

"Don't forget me!" Mokuba said, pulling his own cards out of his pocket. "I summon Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV4 (1600/1000)!"

A silvery grey dragon, with a metallic sheen to its scales appeared and settled next to Mokuba.

Bellatrix smirked, fishing for a chain around her neck.

"You think your pathetic creatures will be enough to save you all?! Just wait! Witness true power! Quod vala de ku vestrum animus!"

She gripped the stone at the end of the chain and instantly a powerful green glow appeared, shining so brightly that it was visible even to the duellists standing thirty feet away. A green column of light engulfed her, stretching upwards into the sky further than anyone could see. Everyone but Bakura and Malik gasped with realisation.

"This can't be!" Yami cried out.

Bellatrix let out a yell of rage, and the light burst from her body, forming a circle that surrounded the duellists and Death Eaters. A six pointed star branded itself into the ground, identical to the one now imprinting itself on Bellatrix's forehead.

"It's the Seal of Orichalcos!" Joey shouted.

"We can see that Mutt!" Kaiba retorted, but he looked just as shaken as the rest of them did.

"What is this thing?" Malik demanded.

"It's bad news!" Tea said. They had never got around to telling Malik and Ryou the events of the Orichalcos crisis, and now they were all seriously regretting it.

"Simply put, it takes the losers soul," Tristan filled in. Malik's frown deepened. Bakura however laughed menacingly.

"So it's just like a Shadow Game! Perfect!"

"With this power under our command," Bellatrix said, her eyes glinting with the mad anger of the Orichalcos, "your souls shall soon belong to the Dark Lord!"

"Yeah! Well we'll just see about that!" Joey yelled at them. Behind him, Yami growled fiercely, his patience having finally run out.

"Dark Magician! Attack!"

"Help em out Red Eyes!" Joey shouted. The Magician charged a Death Eater, while another found the dragon bearing down upon him.

"Dark Magic Attack!"

"Inferno Fire Blast!"

The two robed menaces fell to the ground with the impact of the attacks. Everyone else took the hint and began ordering their monsters to attack.

"Blue Eyes, attack their leader!" Kaiba ordered. The dragon roared and a ball of white magical energy was charged in her jaws. Bellatrix sneered.

"Nice try!"

She muttered something and brandished her wand, causing a shield to appear in front of her just as the White Lightning attack hit. The shield was shattered, but Bellatrix avoided any damage.


Kaiba was caught unaware, and the curse hit him full force. Though he did not cry out, he fell to his knees, clutching his heart, sweat trickling down his temples.

"Seto!" Mokuba screamed, before turning to look at his brother's tormentor. "Horus attack with Dark Dragon Flame Blast!"

The dragon roared and blasted Bellatrix, who was not expecting such a quick retaliation. She flew back through the air and landed several feet away. On the ground, Kaiba suddenly found himself able to move again, though his limbs screamed in pain as he stood.

"Big brother, are you alright?" Mokuba asked.

"I'll be fine," Kaiba snapped, glaring at the Death Eater, who was getting to her feet again.

"You will pay for that you little brat!" she spat, glaring at Mokuba. Before she could do anything however, another loud series of cracks appeared and another group of people appeared, outside the Seal.

They were just as bizarrely dressed as their attackers. Most of them wore long robes, of various colours and designs. The oldest member, who also appeared to be the leader, was by far the strangest. He looked to be well over a century old, yet at the same time he seemed to have a powerful and commanding aura about him.

One of the newcomers fired a spell at the Seal of Orichalcos, only for it to be absorbed harmlessly.

"Albus what sort of magic is this?" the caster asked. The leader frowned at the apparition, before looking past it at the battle that was going on inside.

What he in fact saw, was Red Eyes and Blue Eyes both charging up for an attack on Bellatrix Lestranges, while Mokuba, Tea and Tristan kept the other Death Eaters off their backs. Yami and Bakura were locked in their own battles.

"Avada Kedavra!"

Dark Magician pushed his master to the ground as the curse just missed by inches. Malik's Revival Jam once again, took the blast and the boy winced again. Bakura hurried to his side.

"Dark Necrofear! Send these pathetic mortals to the Shadow Realm! Doomed to Death Gaze!"

The terrifying fiend glared at the three Death Eaters that surrounded them and in a blast of magic, they were vaporised on the spot.

"Thanks," Malik gasped out. He was a little winded from blocking so many attacks.

"Whatever," the Tomb Robber shrugged, turning just in time to watch Fire Sorcerer torch a Death Eater behind them. "Five down, five to go!"

Malik did not have time to reply, as he was bowled over by Bellatrix, who had leaped backwards in an attempt to get away from Mokuba. The raven haired boy seemed quite determined to get back at her for inflicting such pain on Seto. She jumped away from Malik, who scowled at her angrily. Mokuba interrupted before he could do anything.

"Horus attack!"

The dragon happily obeyed, sending a blast of black flame at the Death Eater. Bellatrix shielded again, deflecting the blast easily. Before Mokuba could order another attack, the Death Eater jumped back to her feet and made a slashing motion with her wand. The spell crashed against Horus, who howled and collapsed to the ground. Mokuba fell to his knees, clutching his chest.

"Mokuba!" Seto was furious. "Blue Eyes! Attack that woman again!"

Bellatrix's shield was once again shattered, causing her to fly backwards and slam into the opposite side of the Seal, a fact that the calculating CEO was quick to notice. Maybe if enough of them attacked her at once, she would not be able to retaliate. For now, he had to get Mokuba away from her. With Horus unable to fight back, his little brother was defenceless.

"Kaiba! Is Mokuba okay?" Yami asked, hurrying to his rival's side. He had seen the younger boy fall and, with Dark Magician guarding his back, he had hurried to see if he could help. The Mage pointed his staff at Bellatrix, who was getting back on her feet.

"I'm fine," Mokuba mumbled. Behind him, Horus had staggered to his feet, and was stumbling over to his master's side.

"I have a plan Yugi," Seto said, making sure to speak Japanese so none of their attackers could pick it up. "If we take out the one with the Orichalcos branded on her head the Seal may vanish."

Yami nodded understanding. He had noticed that the Seal was giving the woman who had cast it a distinct advantage in terms of speed strength and endurance. He guessed it was like in Duel Monsters when the Seal provided monsters with extra attack strength.

"The strongest of us should attack her together," he summarised.

He looked around. Their friends were facing off against the remaining four Death Eaters. Tea and Tristan's monsters were battling two of them, with Bakura and Joey holding off the other two. Malik was shielding them from any harm, whilst ordering his monster to aid the others when he had a chance.

"Joey! Bakura! We need your help!" Yami shouted. Bakura did not acknowledge him, but this could have been because Dark Necrofear had just been hit with 'flippendo' spell, causing her to fly backwards into her master. Joey however, did hear his friend and turned towards them. His eyes went wide upon seeing Mokuba and his dragon on the ground, with Dark Magician fending off Bellatrix.

"What do you need?" Joey asked, as Red Eyes blasted one of the Death Eaters into unconsciousness. He tried to help Bakura too his feet, but the thief brushed him off.

"I'm fine Wheeler! What does his Highness want?"

Yami raced to his friends, trusting that Seto and Dark Magician would be able to protect Mokuba.

"We need to attack the one who played the Seal of Orichalcos, but it's making her too powerful to do alone. We need to attack her together. You two, Seto and I have the strongest monsters."

"Sounds like a plan!" Joey said. Bakura just grunted, which Yami took to mean that he would help. But as he turned to signal to Kaiba to attack, there was an ear piercing scream from Tea. She and Fire Sorcerer were on the ground, writhing as one of the Death Eaters hit the Duel Monster with the Cruciatus curse. The second Death Eater still standing took the chance of distraction to blast Super Roboyarou into the wall of the Seal. Tristan doubled over in pain.

"Tea! Tristan!" Joey shouted in panic. "Red Eyes! Attack that guy!"

His dragon roared and sent a blast of crimson coloured flame towards the man. The Death Eater however, removed the curse and blocked the attack with another shield. Tea and Fire Sorcerer stopped screaming but neither of them looked capable of moving just yet. Yami suspected it was only Kaiba's amazing physical and mental strength that had enabled him to stay moving after he had been hit.

Revival Jam ploughed into the Death Eater, knocking him into the other.

"I'll protect them! You help the Kaiba's!" Malik ordered. He could tell from the looks in Yami and Joey's eyes that they had a plan. Yami nodded in thanks at the same time, a streak of white lightning blasted over their heads and knocked one of the Death Eaters unconscious.

"Can we get on with this please?!" Kaiba yelled impatiently. Yami didn't have to follow his gaze to know that Dark Magician was tiring against Bellatrix.

"Malik's handling it," Bakura said, noting that the only remaining Death Eater aside from the one who had cast the Seal was being slammed into by the plasma monster. "Let's get rid of this Seal-thingy."

For once, Yami found himself agreeing with the thief.

"Dark Magician attack the woman!"

"You too Red Eyes!"

"Dark Necrofear attack!"

"Blue Eyes, White Lightning!"

The four attacks were blasted out simultaneously. Bellatrix's shield cracked and shattered under the impact of Dark Necrofear's gaze, and the other three attacks slammed into her from all sides, leaving her slumped on the ground, unconscious and Seal free. Around them, the glowing green aura began to shrink, dividing into five miniature seals which surrounded the unconscious Death Eaters who had not been vaporised. There were a few unconscious screams of agony as their souls were drained from their bodies.

"Revival Jam, finish this last guy off!" Malik ordered. The plasma monster threw itself into the last remaining Death Eater, who flew backwards into a tree with a nasty crack. Malik winced.

"Whoops! I think I cracked his skull!" he didn't sound sorry at all. In fact he sounded like he was fighting the urge to laugh. It didn't last long however. Now that the fight was over, the fatigue began to catch up with everyone.

"I think we should dismiss the monsters," Bakura suggested, wiping the sweat from his brow. Yami nodded, and Dark Magician vanished. He sank to the floor, exhausted. His hands were trembling with fatigue and he could see he was not the only one. Shadow Magic had a tendancy to drain the user, if performed outside of a Shadow Game. Only practise overcame this handicap, and it was far too dangerous to perform magic in the middle of Japan just for the sake of strengthening it. One by one, everyone else began saying goodbye to their creatures, Malik and Bakura also sitting down to stop the world from spinning hideously.

Albus Dumbledore had seen a great many strange things in his life, but this one definitely took the cake. Eight teenagers with the power to summon strange creatures? He had never seen such magic. He knew he had to find out more. While the rest of the Order of the Phoenix began moving about to bind and check the unconscious Death Eaters, he motioned to Remus Lupin and Kingsly Shacklebolt to follow him as he approached the group. He saw that they all looked exhausted. Presumably their magic took a lot out of them.

"Seto!" Mokuba cried out in alarm, spotting the three approaching figures. Everyone's heads snapped around and Yami reacted without thinking.

"Swords of Revealing Light!"

His yell startled the approaching wizards, but not as much as the cage of illuminating swords did when they crashed from the sky and stopped them dead in their tracks. The wizards who had been tending the Death Eaters, rushed to help immediately.

"We're fine!" Dumbledore reassured his comrades before any of them could stun the teenagers.

"You idiot!" Bakura snapped at the Pharaoh. "You're too tired to be casting more spells!"

"Don't lecture me!" Yami snapped back, but he knew he was right. He was fading fast and he would have to let Yugi back in control soon. But not until they were safely away from the park. He didn't trust any of these people and he would not let his Aibou back out until he was sure that he would be safe.

"We mean you no harm," Dumbledore called out to them, making sure to speak Japanese so he could be understood. His words did little to reassure the group. They had three turns to get away from the park before the spell wore off. Yami, Bakura and Malik were especially weak as they had been the ones to supply the magic, not only for their monsters, but for their friends too.

"Let's go," Seto ordered. He had no desire to stay here any longer than necessary. He had enough energy to keep his mask on and he certainly had more than Yugi seemed to have. He marched over to the Pharaoh and pulled his shorter rival to his feet, offering an arm as support. Yami thanked him, only to receive a grunt in recognition.

"How did you stop all those Death Eaters?" Remus asked. "What were those creatures?"

"None of your damn business!" Bakura snapped, but it lacked the usual force his voice had. "Ra my head hurts…"

Joey hurried to scoop the albino up, and this time, Bakura did not complain. He had no illusions about leaving the park on his own in this state.

"Who are you all?" Dumbledore tried again. Malik was helped up by Tristan, and a still shaking Tea. Seto pulled his little brother up with his free arm, and helped the boy to walk away. The swords began to flicker and fade. Turning his head back as they left, Yami fixed his crimson eyes on the aging wizard.

"You never saw us," he said firmly, before he allowed Kaiba to half carry, half drag him away.

As they left the park, the swords vanished and the three wizards found themselves able to move again.

"Albus, what kind of magic was that?" Remus asked, his voice quiet with slight wonder.

"Alas Remus, I wish I knew," the headmaster replied.

"Albus," an aged auror with a wooden leg and an electric blue eye limped over. "Higgins says that five of the Death Eaters are soulless."

Dumbledore frowned at Moody's statement. No spell he knew of could remove a person's soul. The only creature that could do that was a Dementor. His thoughts flashed back to the strange green shield that had kept them from entering the battle. Something strange and never seen before was going on here, and he wanted to get to the bottom of it. For now however, there were other more important matters to attend to.

"I think we should hand the Death Eaters over and return to headquarters," the headmaster said. "This is something we should discuss with everyone else. And we need to track those eight down. They could be a great help to us if we can find them."


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