Things to do after Practice

AN: This is for I'llDieLaughingAtYou (Yuki-sempai!) for giving me this idea. This is for you, sempai!

Pairing: AtoShishi

"See you, Shishido-sempai." Choutaro said.

Shishido nodded, "Ah, see you tomorrow."

"Hey, Yuushi, why don't we go to that... restaurant place?"

"You mean that place where you said everyone was dressed funny?"

"Yeah! Let's go! It was an American restaurant, right?"

"Gakuto... they were Chinese." Yuushi said. (No offense to Chinese, I am Chinese. Just wanted to have a bit humor.)

Shishido rolled his eyes, "Idiot."

"Come on Yuushi, let's go. I don't want any Shishido-germs."

"Well I don't want any Gakuto germs!" Shishido shouted as the two walked out the door.

"That idiot Gakuto..." Shishido muttered.

"Sempai, I'm leaving." Hiyoshi said.

Shishido didn't answer.

Hiyoshi shrugged, hey, if no one answered, it's a no. He picked up his things and left. Something told him to leave and it wasn't (fortunately) Chibi-Hiyoshi.

Jiroh with Marui again... as always, when wasn't he?

"Kabaji?" Atobe called. "Did he leave home again?" He sighed. "Kabaji?"

Shishido was putting his shirt on. He started to button it like what normal people usually do.

Atobe crashed into him while looking for Kabaji. Unfortunately (or fortunately) Atobe landed on top of Shishido who was still wondering why he fell. The two stared at each other.

A few moments will do... ok, maybe five seconds...


"GAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" Shishido cried.

That made Atobe slip and fall on Shishido.

"GAHHH!!! GET OFF OF ME YOU PERVERT!!!" Shishido cried louder.

Atobe tried to regain his strength to get back up. He was also trying to NOT go deaf. It's not good for his ears to hear screaming that close! Remember kids! Don't do anything in this story!

Shishido continued shouting along with new things, like, rapist, or molester... you know, stuff like that.

Atobe twitched. He just about had it. "SHISHIDO RYOU! ORE-SAMA IS NOT GOING TO MOLEST YOU! ORE-SAMA DOES NOT LIKE YOU. NOW BE QUIET!" He got up off of Shishido.

Shishido frowned, "What do you mean not molest me? What? I'm not good enough?"

Atobe twitched even more, "Ore-sama will not molest someone like you..."

"I'm not good enough to be molested?!"

He sighed. "Shishido, Ore-sama would not molest you because he doesn't like you."

"So I'm not good enough for you, huh? Expected from Atobe the picky." Shishido said.


"Yeah, I'm not good enough for you, jerk! What is that supposed to mean?"


"Yeah, all you do all day is watch Jiroh who you can never get. Why not watch anyone else? So I'm not as good as Jiroh? Not saying that I like you, but stop being a jerk!"


"Great, you stupid jerk. Then you fall on me without apologizing! How rude--"


"What? You think I'm annoying? You rant more than I do! You know--"

Atobe had it. He pushed Shishido back down. Before Shishido even knew what was happening Atobe kissed him. Odd? Yes. Why on earth would ATOBE KEIGO kiss him?

"What was that for?!" Shishido demanded.

Atobe smirked, "You said that you're not good enough. Ore-sama was showing you that you were. Also, Ore-sama wanted you to shut up."


"Ore-sama is a nice jerk. He helps the needy. He helped you know you're good enough for Ore-sama." The he realized, "Also, Ore-sama isn't a jerk."


"You want Ore-sama to kiss you again? You talk too much."


"Ore-sama takes that as a yes?"


An: Stink at kiss scenes. It's for Yuki-sempai! Thanks for reading!

PS: Whatever happened next is up to you... XD