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Summary: Glinda has been keeping the truth a secret for almost twenty years but her daughter starts to question what really happened. Telling her the truth could destroy Glinda but perhaps save her life.

Chapter 1: Life without Elphaba

"Pete!!!!!!!!!" Pete heard the scream. He knew that scream so well. He always was amazed that no matter where he was, he could always hear that scream anywhere in the castle. He slowly got up and abandoned his activity. He left the room and walked in the direction of the cry. He knew this wasn't an emergency. He spent almost twenty years living with this person; he knew what her emergency voice was and what her overly dramatic emergency voice was. This time like many others before was her dramatic scream.

"Yes Glinda?" He asked her when he walked into the room that Glinda was in. Glinda looked away from her servant and over at her very dear friend. He knew all of her secrets. The secrets that she could tell no one or else she would lose everything that she had worked for, everything that she had now. He was the only one that knew the full story of her life and that was how she intended to keep it. Yes, he was one of her closest friends. She sometimes laughed at that fact. If someone told her before she attended Shiz that she would one day have a very close friend that was a monkey with wings she would have died of laughter.

Yes, that would be before she met Elphaba and Fiyero and changed for good. She didn't care about anyone but herself back then. Elphie had opened her eyes to the world around her. Glinda remembered the day she met Pete. It was the day that Elphie gave up and let the little girl throw water on her, which resulted to her death. Pete was the only monkey that could speak and communicate perfectly. He was the one that helped her keep going, telling her that everyone in Oz needed her. It was at that moment when he comforted her that Glinda knew she had to step up and fix Oz. It took a few years but she accomplished her dream. She sent Madame Morrible to jail and the Wizard on his way. After the celebration of the 'Wicked Witch of the West's' death she made sure that all animals got the same education as everyone else. She kept order in all of Oz even though she knew that she was only in this position because of what happened. She was the new 'Wizard of Oz' except she wasn't a fake like the Wiz. Elphaba would be proud. Proud that Glinda stopped being so self-center, proud that animals were getting right, and proud that she had mastered almost half of the spell book that started the mess. She only wished that Elphaba were here to see it.

Glinda shook her head. She couldn't, wouldn't think about Elphaba. It was too hard to think about her without crying. Just focus on the task at hand. She thought to herself. It took her a second to remember why she shouted for Pete, which didn't bother him. He knew that sometimes Glinda's thoughts could be her worst enemy. "Fayba's missing again. How does this child do it? Never mind just find her please. She has to leave to Shiz soon and she is no where to be found," Glinda said rolling her eyes. She should have guessed that Fayba would be missing. Fayba made sure that everyone in this castle know that she didn't want to go to Shiz by complaining since Glinda told her she was going. It didn't matter though. She promised that she would go to Shiz when she reached the age of sixteen like every normal witch. Glinda just couldn't understand how Fayba always managed to leave the castle without a trace.

"I'll find her before it's time to leave don't worry," Pete said leaving. He knew exactly where Fayba was. She was always there when she wanted to rebel or to just be alone. Glinda didn't know where this place was though as to Fayba's request. Well Glinda may know of the place but didn't know that this was Fayba's favourite place. Pete left the castle and started flying to find Fayba.