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Chapter 14: Epilogue

Fayba was staring at herself in the mirror. She felt a bit like a clown with all the make-up on her. Her blonde hair was in curls, as her mother insisted and she was wearing a light pink dress. She fought with her mother all week, begging her to allow her wear something besides pink but Glinda told her pink is the best colour in the rainbow. Fayba didn't have the heart to tell her that the colour pink is not in the rainbow.

Fayba took a deep breath. She thought that she would always dread this day, especially after she graduated from Shiz, but she didn't. She felt that she did earn the title, doing something great before she was deemed. She did do something great, not only did she bring Elphaba out of hiding; she gave Oz a Good Witch of the West and soon a Good Witch of the East. It was about time her mother had help in running Oz. Fayba broke from her thoughts when she heard a knock on the door.

"Who is it?" she called.

"Lance, can I come in?" he asked. Fayba nodded but then realized that he couldn't see her.

"Ya, you can come in," she said, still staring at herself in the huge oval mirror.

"Wow," he said as he walked closer to her.

"What?" she asked, watching him in the mirror.

"If you look half as beautiful at our wedding than you do today, you will still be the most gorgeous woman there," Lance said and Fayba turned around.

"Do those pick up lines really work?" Fayba asked, facing him. He knelt down so that he was eye level with her.

"I don't know, do they?" he asked back. Fayba laughed and turned back to the mirror.

"You don't think I have too much make-up on, do you?"

"I think you have just enough," Lance said.

"How did you get so charming," she asked, putting on her earrings.

"I think it was on my first day at Shiz when I asked a girl to walk around with me but she declined, saying that she had unpacking to do. It was then I realized that I had to be charming because she saw through my 'cool guy' image," Lance said.

"Is that so," she said, standing up and turning away from the mirror.

"Well, it took me a while though, since I kind of spilled honey on her," he said, wrapping his arms around her waist to pull her into him.

"She must have been so annoyed," she replied, putting her hands around his neck.

"Ya, pretty much," he said, leaning into her, their lips were inches apart when they heard a scream.

"Don't!" Nancy shouted at them. "If you two kiss, Fayba will have to go through make-up again and we don't have time, now let's go," she said grabbing Fayba's hand, pulling her along and Lance followed. "Alright, so you two walk through the doors and down the aisle. Once you get to the front, Lance, you step aside-"

"And my mother crowns me Good Witch of the South, we know, you only told us a hundred times already," Fayba said.

"Don't get smart with me young lady," Nancy replied, pointing a finger at her, but then she started to cry. "Oh you're all grown up; it seems like only yesterday that I was changing your dippers-"

"Let's save the embarrassing stories for after I get married so that my fiancé won't change his mind and not marry me," Fayba said.

"Oh, fiancé," Nancy said, pulling Fayba into a tight hug.

"Can't breathe, bones breaking, organs crushing," Fayba replied, which made Nancy let go.

"Sorry," she said, wiping her tears with her handkerchief. "Are you two ready?" she asked. Lance and Fayba nodded. "Okay," she continued, stepping aside so that when the doors open, everyone would only see Lance and Fayba.

Fayba wasn't nervous when the doors opened and she saw thousands of people, all in green, watching her walk towards her mother. She figured after having all that stress about her mother dying, being locked up in a tower, and then dying herself, this was no sweat; okay maybe just a little sweat. As Fayba walked down the aisle, she looked for her friends. She saw them all at the front, Miss Libree and Pete were smiling at her, Jasmine was holding Conlan's hand and Ruby was holding Ander's. This was a huge surprise to Fayba when she found out that her two best friends from childhood were dating, but she was happy for them. Fayba was actually the cause of Jasmine and Conlan getting together. Her dying made Conlan see that life was too short and he confessed his feelings to Jasmine and then Jasmine confessed her's.

Fayba smiled at them and then looked straight ahead. She first saw her mother smiling at her, then she noticed Elphaba beside Glinda, holding the crown that would be placed on Fayba's head when she was deemed Good Witch of the South. Behind Elphaba were Fiyero and their children. Fayba nodded to them. Glindy only had one more year to go at Shiz and then she would be deemed Good Witch of the East. Calista was going to inherit the Good Witch of the West when Elphaba retired but Fayba thought it maybe a very long time before Elphaba decides to step down because she absolutely loved to help Oz.

Lance released Fayba and stepped aside; allowing Fayba to climb up the stairs on her own, once she did, the ceremony began. For the name that she once dreaded to be deemed, she now loved and couldn't think about anything else she would want be called, well maybe Lance's wife, but that was a couple months away.

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