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The plan

The room was noisy before first period, especially if you can here everybody's thoughts, everyone except for the person I most wanted.

Mike Newton entered the room, wonderful; he wasn't worth a strand of my beautiful Bella's hair.

"Hi Bella," he said, "I love you why do you even go out with that Cullen. Now you and I.."He was pushing it, how dare he even think that way, didn't he see we are a couple. How did I want to get rid of him, the world would be so much better. Without noticing I made dents in the side of the desk, and quickly smoothed them out.

"Edward, "I recognized Alice's voice, "Relax." She couldn't fully understand my anger, but the school was better without a mad vampire.

We got to our mansion with Bella, she was spending the afternoon her, when I lost it, "That Newton kid must Die!"

"Relax Edward, "Alice chirped, and suddenly here eyes went blank-she was having a vision. I tunes in

Bella was at a café with Mike, she got up angrily and walked out the door.

That was it, what was she doing with him on a date? Angrily I hit the statue in the yard, it crumpled to pieces.

" Esme is not going to be happy."

"Are you Ok?" sweet little Bella asked

"Yes, but why will you go on a date with Newton?"

Alice made an evil grin, " I think I have the perfect plan!"

All of the Cullen's assembled in the living room, and Alice told us her plan.

" So we fake that Edward and Bella are breaking up, so Mike asks Bella on a date, and she gives him a chance. Then the rest of us are going to set up pranks to make a totally horrible first date that will make Bella hate Mike permanently. I think that should make him stop."

Emmet grinned, "This is going to be fun, and jasper you should send some wacky emotions. This is going to be great!!"

I said, "That works, but I think we should ask Bella."

Bella smiled, "I'm in"

"So first we have to stage a breakup!"

I hugged Bella, and whispered, "Sorry sweetie"

''It's Ok, this is going to be fun"