Spanish food 2

Well this is the end, hope you enjoyed it.

Finally dinner was over, and the waiter brought the check. Mike smiled sheepishly and asked, 'Do you have ten dollars?" This was my last chance to break up, so I slammed the money on the table and got up. 'That's it. Don't you know anything about dating? I give you a chance and you blow it. Good bye Mike forever!"

I twirled around, and my real angel caught me, 'Listen sweetie, I'm sorry."

"Me,too."He pulled me tight and started to kiss, "Do you want to go get some dessert."

"Ok." He literally carried me out of the restaurant. "That wasn't too bad Bella, was it."

I smiled, "actually it was very fun! Where are the others?"

"They went home, but I believe that we have a date to finish."



How could she, was I really that bad, that she went back to that moron. I'll bring her flowers Monday that has to get her back.


Bella is here alone, good, wait how did Edward get there before me. EWw he is kissing her great.

"oh hi Mike,' Bella said," Sorry, but we worked everything out, so we are back together."

"And we would like some privacy, "Edward said sharply, and kissed her again.

I walked away, 'He Jessica, you want some flowers.

That was really short, but I basically covered everything. Thanks everyone for reading.