Full Summary: Riddick is on a breather along with the Necros. He's hiding from fate and trying to forget about how his ward had died. But fate has decided to send him another surprise. One from his first slam; Demourn Maximum Security Orphanage for Troubled Youths. Some of Riddick's history & eventual RxOC. Rating subject to change, so if you like this I suggest you add to your favorites or alerts Enjoy and please let me know what you think. This is a story written for my friend and it's new for me, and I'd love any thoughts:D So onward with the story!!

Riddick wandered the dense jungles of Omega Centro; a small outer plant devoid of all civilized life. He'd decide that the Necromongers needed to lay low for a while and Vaako had agreed. Better to let the man deal with the running the vast army, and keep one eye on DayVaako. Vaako was content in the knowledge that Riddick had decided that he should overlook the army and that should Riddick fall he would become Lord Marshall, but that woman was someone to watch. She was power hungry and had Vaako by the nuts, a dangerous combination. Pity, she was a beauty.

"Reinforcements!" one of the Necros bellowed causing Riddick's head to snap over towards the trees where the cry had come from. His shinned eyes could see movement through the trees and he decided to investigate. He sauntered unhurried through the trees and looked around impressed. A unit of men lay bloodied and utterly destroyed in the small clearing of the forest. The squad leader lay on his back with his helmet on the ground beside him. Blood darkened the earth beneath him, and Riddick kicked the corpse onto his face; what ever had massacred his men was human, and they'd gone for the sweet spot. He surveyed the other corpses and saw that some had slit throats, other where unmarked except that their heads were twisted backwards, a few more looked like they'd gotten the sweet spot hit too, but what interested him was the two that looked like their throats had been ripped out by a rabid beast.

Riddick walked over and knelt down beside the ones with torn throats and saw a shiv made of sharpened bone lying on the ground a few feet away. He smirked and looked into the branches of the dark trees. He saw nothing as he stood the shiv in his hand. The absence of any sign of life told him two things; one whoever had had massacred the squad was good, he knew they hadn't run or he'd have heard them, and two they weren't looking for a fight or they'd already have tried to ghost him.

"I know you here. Why don't you just come out?" he said in a soft rumble, "I'm not gonna attack." He stood for a second listening to the silent forest. It was an unnatural silence, nothing moved and no animal made a sound. It was the sound of the forest when a predator was near. He cocked his head to the side and a crocked smile crept onto his lips.

"Come on now. You just ghosted 20 guys, do you really think I wanna try to do you in?" he asked, "At least come get your shiv. I won't even make you take it from me," he said as he held up the blade. He waited and heard something move behind him. He turned his head and felt the shiv leave his hand. His head snapped over and staggered backwards at the person crouched in front of him.