Beautiful Savage: Okay so I've gotten a few privet messages asking me if I'm writting a sequel to this. Yes I am, it's up right now and called Circus de Sage & Riddick. Here's the summary for you so you dont waste your time looking it up if you dont want to.

Full Summary: Riddick and Sage are back and raising hell, except the Elemantals have a new plan for Sage, and mercs want revenge for the slaughter that was Sage's rescue. And to complicate things even further a mysterious woman appears and sets her seemingly innocent sights on Riddick. With mercs on their tails, Scales and Vaako fighting like an old married couple, Elementals determined to save man kind, an evil bitch trying to steal Sage's man, and an insane house(?) cat life for our two favorite convicts becomes a circus.

I hope you enjoyed Cell Mate and Circus de Sage & Riddick if you chose to read it. I really appreciate all the reviews and love as well as all of you that suck threw the long periods when I went MIA. I know it can be annoying, but usually it's because my creative juices have dried up and I'd rather post nothing instead of crap that I know sucks. So thanks for all the love and for reading it.

Beautiful Savage