Author: Harlaquinne

Author: Harlaquinne

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters, I never have and never will, the big studios gobble up all the good fictional people, so please don't sue, you own all the best figments of my imagination already.

McDonald sat grudgingly behind his desk, gritting his teeth and staring down at the case report before him. He briefly skimmed through the remaining pages and looked up to the agents in front of him. "You managed to blow up the Miss United States back drop, blowing Lady Liberty's head sky high," he began. Both Hart and Matthews cringed at the tone of his voice. "But you managed to keep the actual Miss United States out of the explosion – I suppose that's a mission accomplished." The agents continued to look nervously at him, unaware of what his next statement might be. "So good job, take a break, you deserved it." Hart and Matthews leaned forward in their chairs to make sure they'd heard correctly, Gracie almost managing to fall completely onto the floor. McDonald returned his attention to the case report, a sign that the conversation had ended and they were to leave. Quickly, the agents headed for the door with disbelief written across their faces, but they hurried none the less, just in case, when he got to the end of the report – he'd change his mind. As Eric held the door open for Hart, McDonald spoke again, not even looking up from the papers. "Hart – do us all a favor – go home and take off that thong, I'm tired of seeing you pulling out wedgies."

Matthews laughed and followed as she stalked out of the door, offended. "Just as long as I get to watch," he joked, simply smiling at the glare she shot him.

"You know they gave me my gun back…" she warned.

In the elevator ride down, Eric edged closer to Hart, his nose strategically placed. Alarmed at his movement, she whipped around. "Were you just sniffing me?!" she confronted him, eyeing him suspiciously. Caught in the act, he slowly backed away, holding his hands up in peace.

"What can I say?" he feigned innocence,"Your shampoo has an intriguing smell!" She shot him another look. "Ok, ok, so I'm really just going to miss being able to be even close to your hair without something jumping out of it and attacking me, who knows what things were lurking in those tangles. But, uh, you know I could give you some hair tips..." He gazed at his reflection in the elevator doors admiringly and smoothed back his hair. At that, she promptly hit him in the stomach, causing him to double over in pain as the elevator doors slid open. Exiting, she tripped and stumbled quite ungracefully onto the sidewalk.

"What were your parents thinking when they named you?" he laughed, still clutching his stomach. He followed her out of the elevator, extending a hand to her where she sat upon the cement. Gratefully she reached up to accept his help, but he immediately jerked his hand away, causing her to fall once more to the sidewalk. Cocky, he started to walk away laughing, only to have his legs knocked out from beneath him as she swept him to the ground.

"I'm running out of ways not to use my gun, and you don't want me to come to my last resort so early in our relationship do you?" she flashed his a smile before regaining her balance and helping him up.

"You're giving me the feeling that those two dates you've had before didn't end well."

"I didn't shoot any of 'em Matthews, so don't worry," she gestured to her gun,"This baby's only for the really annoying people in life," she paused,"Like you!" she chimed in cheerfully.

"Oh come on," he laughed as he slapped her ass,"You know you love me…"

"All the love in the world won't save you if you ever do that ag…" her sentence went unfinished, smothered by a kiss.

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