With only 3 days to go until DH is released, I'm starting to really get a nagging sense that Snape is going to no longer be with us at the end, and I am feeling rather sickened by that thought. Plus, my Snape-love stems from the hope that he is really fighting for the Order. Under all the clever ruses to fool us regarding his loyalties, I hope he really is just a torn morally confused human being and not purely an evil Death-Eater. Such a revelation would leave me completely disillusioned. I wrote this poem in attempt to summarize these feelings and in essence, say goodbye.

The Black Dove

The end is drawing near
Soon the truth will be revealed.
I'm afraid to know who you really are
And how it could change the way I feel.

For so long I have identified with you –
Your resentment, your mistakes, your pain
But after all this, have I been wrong?
Have I put my faith in you in vain?

Looking at you is like looking at myself
And based on who I have become
I trust we have traveled the similar path
And you, too, have learned from the wrong you have done.

I trust that you have embraced the light after all this time
And I pray it's for the Order you fight
But like many others who will take up the sword
You may not make it to the other side.

So I take this moment to tell you I love you
And that this is my goodbye,
The end is drawing near
And a cold premonition tells me you will not survive.

This may be the last time I will ever see you
But your memory will live on long after the war ends
'Good night, sweet Prince
And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.'