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I'll be doing that with quite a few characters in the series, so it's all good.


Naruto was standing on the Hokage Monument, atop the Fourth's stone head. He stared out over the village, torn between wanting to admire its beauty and wanting to destroy it. He knew that with enough of Kyuubi's chakra and a few well placed Blackfire Dragons, he could take out half of the village then leave before anyone knew it was him. It would be so easy. The rest of the village would have thought he was obliterated by the dragons, and the blame would most likely be put on Uchiha Itachi, who was well known for his "Amaterasu" attacks, which created black flames that burned through anything and could burn for hours, maybe even days, if left alone. Naruto could then run away to a another village, no, another country all together!

But why should he do that? Going to another place with strangers that he knew nothing about. At least in Konoha he knew who almost everyone was, and he knew what many of their weaknesses were. For example; most, if not all, men Konoha were perverts. And they could be put out of a battle by a simple clone with a Henge to make it look like a supremely attractive nude female. Naruto had no idea if other countries or villages had "Anti-Pervert" laws or anything. Maybe children were trained not to be fooled by such simple tricks.

Besides, Naruto could no longer really say that he would want to escape from the hatred and fear he got in Konoha.

"Let them fear me, let them hate me. It's not like they can do anything about it." Naruto said out loud.

"Don't get cocky, Kit. Remember what I told you." Kyuubi said in a matter-of-fact tone.

Naruto snorted. 'The only people in this village that could ever defeat me are Gai, Kakashi, Hokage-sama, the Jiraiya of the Sannin, Mitara, Mirano, and perhaps the Twins." Naruto finished his limited list.

Kyuubi then thought of something. "Hey, what about the blonde woman with the huge breasts? Isn't she one of the Sannin also?"

Naruto shrugged. "With her pathetic hemophobia, she will be easy to take care of if the time comes." he continued to look out over the village. 'Hm, I wonder when and I will get our first missions.' Naruto still wasn't all too familiar with the concept of a team.

"Don't get too excited, Kit, they'll just be D-class missions until your human sensei deems you worthy of higher ranks. And with those two Genin, that might take a while, especially the Banshee." Kyuubi said.

(Six Hours Later)

"...What to do, what to do, what to do..." Naruto began his boredom chant again.

'Oh, Kami, not again!' Kyuubi groaned. She had to think fast. 'Dammit! He does this at the most inopportune times! Come on, THINK!...I've got it!' Kyuubi finally got an idea that may prolong the existence of some random object for at least a while. "Kit..."

Naruto stopped in mid chant. 'Hm?'

"I have an idea."

'I'm listening.'

Kyuubi grinned evilly. "Go find the pale-eyed girl that's always stalking you, and the crazy woman with the purple hair and the trenchcoat."

Naruto rose an eyebrow. 'Why?'

"Simple, so you can seduce them and get laid."

Naruto sweatdropped heavily. '...Come again?'

"And hopefully again and again."

Naruto sighed. 'Not what I meant, Ero-kitsune.'

Kyuubi acted like she was insulted by the comment. "Me, a pervert? You must be joking! One as awesome as myself has no need for perversion."

Naruto sighed. 'I don't care what you say, you're still a pervert in my book.'

Kyuubi giggled. "Aw come now, admit it; you find the idea of me being a pervert incredibly hot."

'...That my be so, I won't deny it, but I am not one to act upon my desires.'

Kyuubi scoffed. "Bullshit. What about your desire to destroy things?"

'I'm fairly certain I got that from you.'

"...Alright, what about your desire to pull immature pranks on random people?"

'Remnants of my childhood, but they are still strengthened by your own nature. You're a prankster at heart, as are all kitsune, according to the legends.'

"True...How about your desire to fight strong opponents?"

'Okay, I'll give you that one. But damn near every male ninja on the planet has the same desire. We always seek to test our power against an opponent at least on par with us.'

"Well, since you've suddenly become 'Mr. Morality', I'll have to think of something else for you to do...How about you go find your human sensei and ask him about missions?"

Naruto perked up, well, if you could call him raising an eyebrow "perking up". 'Hmm, this might prove to be entertaining.' he thought as he searched for Kakashi's chakra signature. He eventually found it, which wasn't all too hard. Kakashi had an alignment with the Lightning, which was very uncommon in Konoha. Now if he had an alignment with Earth or Fire, then he would have been damn near impossible to find from a distance.

Naruto had found Kakashi inside of the local adult book store. He waiting by the side of the door, using his cloak to hide himself as a part of the wall. The masked Jōnin eventually walked out of the store, holding the next volume a "Icha Icha Paradise" and giggling perversely.

"Hello, Ero-sensei." Naruto took this moment to make his presence known.

Kakashi literally jumped fifteen feet in the air, bounding across the street and whirling around to face his would-be attacker. Only to see his creepy, freakishly strong, masked student. He immediately hid his little orange book behind his back.

"Naruto! Hello to you too! Umm...What are you doing here? We have no missions today."

Naruto stayed in the shadows created by the roof over the entrance of the store, only his white mask visible, which made it look like Kakashi was talking to an ornamental mask hanging on the wall for display.

"That's exactly what I wanted to talk to you about. When are we getting our first missions?"

"Well, after what you did to Sasuke, I'd say...the day after tomorrow."

Naruto scoffed. "What, the great Uchiha survivor can't take a few hits?"

Kakashi tilted his head a little. "Well, you slammed him into the ground quite hard. He's only a Genin."

"And? So am I." Naruto answered.

In his mind, Kakashi was screaming, 'BULLSHIT!' but he kept his thoughts at bay. "You can drop the act around me, we both know that you are on a whole different level than Sasuke and Sakura. You very nearly shattered the boy's ribcage when you treated him like a ragdoll." Kakashi was not about to bring up his own ass kicking.

Naruto chuckled darkly, as if he could do it any other way. "What? I thought that a member of the 'great' Uchiha clan could take at least that much of a beating and still fight, I guess I was wrong."

"Regardless, he's still a Genin. High Genin, maybe, but a Genin nonetheless."

"So? He has an ego fit for a Kage, yet he has nowhere near the amount of power, skill and experience that would entitle him to such arrogance. If I want to fight a true Uchiha, I guess I'll either have to wait for Sasuke, or seek out Itachi. But, in waiting for Sasuke, I'll only get stronger, so he'll never be a match for me. In a few thousand years, maybe, but neither of us have that long. I did us all a favor and I took him down a few pegs. It wasn't enough in my opinion, but it's a start."

Kakashi nodded, he could clearly see and agree with the boy's logic. "Fair enough. But what do you mean by a 'true Uchiha'?"

"I mean a power-hungry bastard that will go through anyone and do anything to get what he wants. Itachi did just that, by killing his best friend and gaining the Mangekyo Sharingan. But Sasuke did inherit one thing from his family; obsession. All Uchiha were obsessed with something, even Obito and Mikoto; two of the few Uchiha that were generally liked. Their obsessions were to a much lesser extent than that of others, but they were still present. Most Uchiha are obsessed with power, like Itachi, and gaining the Mangekyo. But none of them ever could, because they had no friends. Obito had the chance to gain it, by killing you, but he wasn't obsessed with power, and neither was Mikito. This leads me to believe that those two were not pure-blooded Uchihas, but that is of no importance at the moment." Naruto finished his little speech.

Kakashi was stunned, this kid really knew his history. "What do you mean Obito was obsessed with something?"

Naruto rolled his eyes behind his mask. "For a Jōnin, you aren't very observant, are you? You should have noticed something. Something he always talked about? Something he always stared at when he walked by it? Something he told you he always dreamed about? It could have been anything, but the records show that he was obsessed with ramen. Which, incidentally, was the main cause for him being on the short side."(1)

Kakashi scratched his chin. Now that he thought about it, he had never seen someone put away as much ramen as Obito had. And whenever Arashi-sensei would take them out for the seasoned noodles, Obito would jump for joy and act like an idiot.

Before he could say anything, Naruto spoke again. "I just came here for my initial question, so I'll leave you to your perversions. Until our first mission, Ero-sensei." with that Naruto sank into the shadows and disappeared.

Kakashi narrowed his eye a little. "Hmm, interesting boy. Creepy and antisocial, but interesting nonetheless." the Jōnin went back to his book, giggling every few seconds, earning him strange looks and glares from most females.

Naruto was back in his apartment, bored out of his mind yet again. "What to do, what to do, what to do..." he muttered.

Kyuubi sighed. "Hey Kit, how about some of my...'Special Training'?" she grinned evilly.

Naruto snorted. "I would, but I don't want to be killed again...and again and again." Naruto almost shuddered at the thought of the torturous hell that Kyuubi called "training".

"Aww, come on Kit, I won't be too rough on you this time, I promise!" if only Naruto could see her puppy-dog eyes.

What Kyuubi defined as training, most described as bottom circle of Hell itself. Her program included fighting her while she was in her human form and almost nude, throwing off Naruto's concentration horribly, then teasing him about it while kicking his ass. During the training, she and Naruto often fought on pieces of earth floating over spike and/or lava pits, or on top of the spikes themselves, using chakra to keep from being impaled. But with Kyuubi's rather large...assets jiggling all the time, Naruto was often skewered. Sometimes Kyuubi would leap on top of him and attempt to seduce him, then stab him, saying that it was a test. Naruto knew it was just in case an enemy kunoichi tried to seduce/kill him, but he thought she could have gone about it in a less...painful way.

'I will not fall for your tricks a fifth time, devil-woman!' Naruto said to the demon fox.

"That's Devil-QUEEN, and you will eventually. You always do." she smirked.

Naruto just grumbled something about treacherous, evil fox-women.

"I'm not evil!" Kyuubi protested, "I'm just misunderstood." if Naruto could see her she'd be in a corner in chibi form with a spotlight on her and weeping while drawing little circles on the floor with her finger.

'...' Naruto really didn't know how to react to that, so he did what he always did in those situations: he cocked his head to the side and said nothing.

(Two Months Later)

Naruto was as close as he had ever been in his life to going psycho on everyone and everything in a ten mile radius. He was currently on a joint mission with three other teams: Team Ten, Team Eight, and Team Gai.

Kyuubi shuddered at the memory of how her vessel met the spandex clad freak and his three students.

(Flashback - Two Hours Earlier)

Team 7 had just been to the Hokage's office to get a new mission. D-class, of course. They were to be working with Teams Ten, Eight, and a team that they hadn't heard of called "Team Gai".

Naruto knew that "Team Gai" was actually Team Nine, still in circulation from last year's Genin class, but his info on them wasn't very extensive. Rock Lee was a Taijutsu expert that could barely use chakra. Neji was a typical Hyūga, a Branch member, whose ego had been massively boosted from all the praise he regularly received from the entire Hyūga clan. Tenten was the only female of the team, and a weapons expert that specialized in ranged combat. Overall, Lee was the only member of the team that drew any interest from Naruto, as he had trained with him a few times in his younger years.

Kakashi visibly paled when he heard the name "Gai", but, at the time, only Kurenai and Asuma had any idea why.

They were told to meet the other teams and their senseis at the Training Ground Twenty-Seven, and so they did.

When they had arrived they were immediately greeted by a Jōnin in a green spandex bodysuit.


Kakashi just looked up from his book. "Hm, you say something Gai?" he asked lazily. Naruto could see he had earplugs in.

The response seemed to have set Gai off even more. "AHH, YOU AND YOUR YOUTHFUL WIT!" Gai was in tears now.

Then his mini-me student shouted at almost the same volume, "DO NOT WORRY, GAI-SENSEI! YOU WILL DEFEAT HIM ONE DAY!"

This was the catalyst for one of the sights that would be burned into Naruto's mind forever.

Gai turned to his little clone. "OH LEE!" he shouted and ran to his student.

"GAI-SENSEI!" Lee ran at his teacher.




They met each other in the middle, then the "Genjutsu" activated. The background turned into a sunset on a cliff with splashing waves.

Naruto made the correct seal under his cloak and whispered "Kai", but nothing happened.

'What the hell?'

"Oh, Kami-sama, that's not a Genjutsu...It's all real!" Kyuubi shrieked.

Naruto had to put a stop to this, and quick!

As teacher and student began hugging each other and crying, the sun in the background turned into a giant red eye that glared rusty daggers at them.

The 'Brow Brothers turned to the eye and whimpered, then they heard a low growling noise. They looked over and saw the cloaked form of Naruto towering over them, as they were on their knees. The eyes slits of his mask began to glow a menacing icy blue. His cloak seemed to be going crazy and was warping into different shapes; tentacles and things of the like.

"Separate...NOW!" Naruto finished with a demonic, chakra enhanced growl and glowing crimson eyes.

The spandex freaks instantly broke apart and stood on opposite sides of the clearing, still in tears.

Naruto snorted and walked over to a tree and leaned on it while everyone stared at him. He had managed to do, with two words, what others couldn't with entire speeches.

When everyone snapped out of their stupor Kakashi cleared his throat and spoke.

"Well, I guess introductions are in order." he said.

"But Kakashi-sensei, we already know everyone here except for them." Sakura gestured to Team Gai.

Then, in a rare display of "effort", the ever lazy Shikamaru Nara spoke up. "Ah, but there are those here that we know nothing about, even though they were in our class." he said, obviously talking about Naruto, and to some extent Shino.

Naruto just growled, then uncrossed his arms. Everyone was looking at him expectantly. Naruto snapped his fingers and the ground behind him erupted in red and orange flames. The flames morphed and contorted into a solid shape, then disappeared as suddenly as they came, leaving behind a throne that looked fit for the God of the Void himself. Naruto sat down in it and crossed his legs and rested his head on his right fist, which was propped up on the armrest.

"Carry on." heart monitors had more tone variance...

"YOSH! KAKASHI, IT SEEMS THAT YOUR STUDENT BURNS WITH THE FIRES OF-ah screw it, let's just do this and get it over with." Gai said, surprising everyone.


The rant did the trick, unfortunately. "YOSH, YOU ARE RIGHT LEE! WE MUST TRAIN TO KEEP OUR FLAMES BURNING BRIGHTLY!" he shouted and they hugged...and cried.

Everyone looked at Naruto, pleading to for him to stop the freaks.

Naruto sighed. "I doubt I can get them to stop without killing them, but I guess I could try...again" he stood from his throne.

The cloak morphed into a monstrous mouth with teeth that looked to be ripped straight from the jaws of a shark. Gai and Lee's sobs turned into small whimpers of terror as they looked into the gaping maw, hugging each other tighter.

"If you don't separate right now, neither of you will ever have children." the cloak monster gnashed its teeth and drooled.

"Y-you can't d-do that! It would be treason!" Lee said.

Naruto looked at him. "Treason, or a public service?"

"Public service." everyone else said.

"UNYOUTHFUL PEOPLE!" both Lee and Gai shouted as they let go of each other.

"Whatever." Naruto's shark thing turned back into his cloak, until it had to be used to threaten someone else's manhood.

"Okay." Kakashi spoke again, "Foregoing introductions for now, what are your missions? Ours is to track down the Lady Shijimi's cat, Tora."

The man with the cigarette was the first to speak. "Ours is to find a group of ten academy students that escaped from Iruka during a field trip."

The red-eyed woman was the next. "We're helping Team Ten."

Next was Gai. "We are to apprehend a villager's three children." for once Gai didn't shout.

Kakashi nodded. "Alright Asuma, Kurenai, Gai, I guess we're all in this together." he sighed, he hated working with Gai.

(End Flashback)

Kakashi tapped his earpiece and called out to the teams.

"This is Ero-Cyclops, is everyone in position? Over."

"This is Banshee Pink, I'm in position. And Naruto, I hate you, over."

"This is Emo-King, I'm in position, over."

"This is Super Brow, I'm in position, YOSH!...I mean, over."

"This is Mega Brow, I'm in position, over."

"This is Panda, I'm in position. And Naruto, I also hate you, over."

"This is Emo-Prince, I'm in position, over."

"This is Chain Smoker, I'm in position, over."

"This is Banshee Blonde, I'm in position. Naruto must die, over."

"This is Pineapple, I'm in position, over."

"This is Barbeque, I'm in position, and my codename is making me hungry, over."

"This is Red-Eye, I'm in position, over."

"T-this is S-Stalker C-Coat Girl, I-I'm in position, o-over." well, she didn't have to wonder if Naruto knew about her favorite pastime anymore...

"This is Kibble Breath, I'm in position. Naruto, when I get my hands on you...over."

"This is Insecticide, I'm in position, over."

Kakashi sighed at the codenames, but one person didn't answer. "Abyss? Abyss, do you copy? Abyss?"


Kakashi's eye widened. "Shit! Everyone, code black, CODE BLACK!" he ran to Naruto's location.

"DAMMIT!" everyone else swore as the ran to Naruto.

They heard chuckling over the radio. "Here kitty, kitty, kitty...I won't hurt you...I'LL END YOU!"(2)

They heard a loud crash, followed by another, then another.

"Hm? Hey, get back here with that little hellspawn! I've found the kids, they have abducted the lint ball. I WILL FIND YOU!"

Everyone sped up, they didn't much care about the cat, but the kids were another story. They arrived at Naruto's assigned position, only to find several trees leveled and other decimated greenery.

"Where'd he go?" Sakura inquired.

They heard several loud screams; the children.

"What the...? Did you just throw a rock at me? Silly child, your weapons cannot harm me! Don't you know who the fuck I am?! I'm Naruto, BITCH!"(3)

They heard more loud crashes.

"Come on, we have to stop him!" Kakashi rushed towards the noise, followed closely by the others. When they arrived, they saw Naruto had all thirteen children and the cat cornered and the shark/cloak thing was back, but it was much bigger.

"Naruto, stop!" Kakashi yelled.

Naruto turned around, the eye slits of his mask glowing red.

"...At least let me kill the cat." he said in a semi-demonic voice that made them all cringe.

"No, Naruto, no killing. It's very bad for business. Besides, you have a bad enough...reputation as it is, don't give the villagers and the Council a reason."

Naruto narrowed his hidden eyes at his sensei, then released his control on the cloak. He calmed himself down and looked at Kakashi.

"Well, the mission is complete, so I have no more reason to be here. I'm going to train, if you need me...Well, if you need me, you're shit out of luck I guess."

Team Seven all had a collective eye twitch. "Where can we find you if something comes up?" Kakashi asked.

"I'll find you. But if you simply must see me, ask Old Man Hokage, he knows where I train." with that Naruto walked into the shadow of a tree and disappeared from sight.

Neji activated his Byakugan, but he saw no sign of the boy aside from faint traces of dark purple chakra. He knew that wasn't normal, but nothing about Naruto was normal as far as he knew.

(The Forest of Death)

The deadly forest was oddly quiet and peaceful. No screams of unnatural animals as they were devoured by...well, anything. Even the plants could eat you in this place.

A fluffy brown rabbit hopped through the forest. Everything seemed normal about it, except for the fact that it was the size of a large wolf, had four yellow eyes, horns and razor sharp teeth and claws.

There was a sudden scuttling sound, like something sliding across the ground one multiple legs. The rabbit thing's ears twitched and it hissed at its surroundings. As soon as it made a sound and massive forty-foot centipede lunged from its cover and wrapped its body around the rabbit. It sank its scissor-like fangs into the mammal's neck, then plunged the rest of its legs into the body.

Blood poured out of the wounds, accompanied by a thick pale-yellow liquid: venom. The rabbit gurgled out its last breath before the centipede wrenched its body to the side, but held its head in the same place, thus snapping its neck.

The massive chilopod proceeded to devour its prey, and within minutes the only evidence that the rabbit had even been there was bits of fur, blood, and its head.

This is the scene the Naruto appeared in. He scanned the area for any potential enemies and predators. His eyes locked on to a giant centipede that was quickly scuttling in his direction.

As soon as the centipede felt it was being watched it reared up, bringing a fourth of its body off the ground and compressed the multiple air sacs hidden throughout it's segmented body, producing a loud hissing sound as a warning.

Naruto just stared at the creature before he took a step forward, then another, and another, until he was right in the thing's "face". He stared into its miniscule eyes, not blinking. The centipede stopped hissing and leaned in slightly.

Naruto pointed at the forest behind the chilopod. "Go." he said simply.

The centipede seemed to almost nod, then dropped its body to the ground and scuttled off in the direction Naruto had pointed out.

Ever since Naruto had become a half demon he could communicate with certain animals to an extent. Anything that was at least semi-intelligent, he just had to stare into its eyes for a few seconds and he could implant his thoughts into their minds, telling them what he wanted.

Naruto thought of this as a useless ability, but then he had seen the Aburame and the Inuzuka clans in battle, and decided that it might be good to have at least one animal companion, he just didn't know what.

Kyuubi, of course, had insisted on a fox. She detested wolves and most other canines, so they were out. Neither Naruto nor Kyuubi liked snakes, so no go there. Naruto had once asked about dragons, but Kyuubi had said the ones the were still alive were very, very hard to find. She had told him that he would need the summoning contract for dragons if he wanted to get anywhere without being eaten, but not even she knew where that was.

Naruto looked around at the blood the centipede had left behind and he had found the head of a Rabbit Imp, one of the lowest level demonic animals. But they had their uses.

Naruto went over and picked up the head, then stuck a finger into its neck. "Hmm, still warm, only a few minutes old. Perfect."

Naruto then jammed his thumb and index fingers into the socket of the bottom left eye of the Rabbit Imp and ripped out the now golden eye. He pulled out a small vial and popped the top on it, then crushed the eye and poured the dust that was left into the tube, then opened a portal to the Shadow Realm and deposited it.

You see, the main use for a Rabbit Imp was its eyes, but only one eye in particular. After it dies, the bottom left eye of the creature becomes solid like a rock, and when turned into powder it can be used for many things. Like curing illnesses, upgrading weapons, poisons, or it can just be sold for a hefty price. Rabbit Imps may have been weak by demon standards, but the big ones were almost impossible to take down for a normal human. A High Chūnin wouldn't have much problems, and a Jōnin could pick one off in a second, but they were only found in one place in Fire Country, and that was the Forest of Death. They liked to hang around the S-class sector of the forest for some odd reason, as being surrounded by predatory creatures that are stronger than you seemed like a bad idea to most. So it wasn't the Imps themselves that kept people from coming after them, it was the other inhabitants of the forest that got people worried.

After Naruto had dropped the vial in, he let his hand hover over the portal. A sheathed odachi suddenly shot up out of the portal and into his hand before he closed it. The sheath was made of a black metal that appeared to be polished, yet reflected no light. The hilt of the sword was black like the sheath, but had nine diamond shaped crystals embedded in it. The first two nearest to the hand guard were red, but the rest were white. These indicated how much of Kyuubi's chakra Naruto had absorbed: two tails' worth.

Naruto looked around a clearing, channeling chakra into his eyes and scanning the surroundings. With the modifications Kyuubi had made to his body, namely making him a half demon, simply gathering chakra into his eyes produced an effect similar to the Byakugan.

Naruto found nothing and decided to start training. "Darkness Clone Technique." he muttered.

The shadows of three trees extended towards Naruto until they were about five feet from him. They spread into a circle, like a puddle, then receded back into the tree line. The puddles bulged and warped as large lumps rose out of them, like the dead rising from their graves. The lumps began to take on a human form, turning into copies of Naruto. The clones tilted their heads to look at their master and their target.

Just when Naruto was about to take off his cloak, he sensed something up behind him. He didn't even bother to turn around, he just sighed when he heard a female voice.

"NARU-CHAN!" said female proceeded to glomp the masked boy.

"I told you not to call me that, Mitarashi-san." Naruto sighed again.

The purple haired Tokubetsu Jōnin just rubbed her cheek against Naruto's mask.

"And I told you to call me 'Anko', so we're even." Anko grinned.

Naruto groaned inwardly as he felt Anko's hand slowly creep up towards his mask. He just grabbed her hand and pulled it down, but then she tried to use her other hand, and he pulled that down too. But Naruto knew that wouldn't stop her from getting his mask off, she would just use her snakes to take it off.

Naruto often wondered what was wrong with his cloak, as it would decimate anything that got too close without his permission, but it did nothing to Anko. He had discovered her 'immunity' to his defense about a month ago, the same day he had gotten his sword: the Black Soul.


Anko Mitarashi was bored out of her mind. Her first Genin team had failed with flying colors a few weeks ago, and now she had nothing to do. She hadn't gotten a solo mission in days, but that was somewhat fine with her. She had to do solo missions, as no one wanted to work with her because of her violent tendencies and her shady past.

But the solo mission were hardly ever anything big, but she would still be stuck out in the forest for days at a time. And though she'd never admit it, she was lonely by herself, and slightly paranoid at times.

As Anko was walked down the street she did what she always did when bored: play with sharp objects. She reached into her kunai pouch to grab one, but found that she was running low, so she stepped into the weapons shop she was passing.

She looked around the inside and whistled, every type of weapon you could imagine was in here. Swords lined the walls; from the lightning fast rapier, to the massive zanbatō. Anko herself was looking back and forth between a katana and a nagamaki.

She looked towards the counter and sweatdropped when she saw Asuma staring at a pair of shiny new trench knives that were on display. His trademark cigarette hung limply from the side of his mouth, and he seemed to be drooling a little.

She also saw a boy wrapped in a cloak with a hood and wearing an Hunter-style mask. Anko grinned, it was her frequent 'partner in crime', Naruto Uzumaki. She then decided to sneak up on him.

As she got within range, Naruto spoke. "I wouldn't try that, Mitarashi-san." he said, but it was too late. Anko already had her arms around him and had her chin resting on his head.

"And why's that, Naru-chan?" Anko asked, starting to enjoy the feeling of the pulsating cloak against her.

Naruto rose and eyebrow. 'Strange, the cloak doesn't react to her at all.'

"Well, the cloak can detect even the most miniscule amounts of killing intent and malice. If the snake woman can get past it, than she has no intention of causing you harm. That's my theory anyway, maybe the cloak just likes her, it IS sentient you know." Kyuubi gave her opinion on the matter.

'Great, I know she's going to use this to her advantage.' "Well, Mitarashi-san, I was going to warn you about my cloak, but it seems it doesn't mind you being near me."

Anko blinked, then looked at the cloak, which looked back at her and blinked as well. This almost caused her to scream and recoil, but she had a reputation to keep, so she just continued to stare.


"When you're me, it pays to have eyes everywhere." Naruto said.

Anko, of course, knew exactly what he was talking about. She knew about the Kyuubi and the seal, but she didn't care, she liked having someone like her. Someone who knew what she went through, though she knew Naruto had it much, MUCH worse than she ever did. She knew for a fact that her worst day was still many times better than Naruto's best in the past.

She liked knowing that she wasn't alone in that aspect, and she loved the idea of the village outcasts sticking together. After all, being the village pariah was a lonely position.

Anko nodded, then rested her chin on Naruto's head again. "So, whatcha' lookin' for, Naru-chan?"

Naruto groaned mentally. "Don't call me that, Mitarashi-san. Just call me 'Naruto', or at the very least 'Uzumaki-san'."

Anko just smirked. "Don't call me 'Mitarashi-san', just call me Anko for once."

"Hn. Anyway, I'm looking for a sword." Naruto said while poking a katana in front of him, then slightly shaking his head.

"Oh? I didn't know you could use a sword."

"There are a lot of things that you don't know about me, just as there are many things I don't know about you." Naruto poked another sword, shook his head and moved on.

"What are you doing?" Anko rose an eyebrow.

"Channeling demonic chakra into the blades to see if they can handle it." Naruto moved on to the next blade.

Anko's eyebrows almost disappeared behind her bangs. She took a close look at one of the swords that Naruto had poked and noticed a tiny, almost unnoticeable warp in the metal, showing that it had been melted by intense heat.

Naruto was about to test another sword, but then his cloak went crazy. Black tendrils lashed out from random places and grabbed an katana in a pure black sheath. The tendrils retracted with the sword and placed it in Naruto's hands, then shifted back into the cloak.

"...Odd." Naruto said, then examined the sword.

He noticed that the hilt was a couple of inches longer than a normal katana, and the blade was longer than normal by a foot. This made the total sword five feet long, just seven inches short of Naruto's height.

"An odachi, haven't seen one of those in a while." Anko commented.

Naruto just nodded and unsheathed the sword a little, only letting a couple inches of the pitch black blade show. But he felt something that made him freeze: demonic energy.

'What is this?'

"Oh no." Kyuubi groaned.

'I assume you know what this thing is?'

"Yes, it's called the Black Soul. It was forged in the Underworld by a legendary weaponsmith by the name of Hidoro Jirobi. He was actually a human, but because of his talent in weapon making, he was offered a deal by a high level Archdemon called Infernal. He would be made into an immortal, but he would have to make weapons for demons for all eternity. Jirobi, elated at the prospect of being able to do what he loved forever, accepted the deal. That was over five thousand years ago. The Black Soul was his very first 'masterpiece', as everyone called them.

An extremely powerful demon by the name of Bankuro had been killed in battle with another. He was the ruler of one sector of the Underworld, and his son, Karoki was to take the throne. But he was young and had no idea what to do, but he was smart. Karoki went to Jirobi and asked him to make a sword worthy of his father's soul, so he could keep him as a guide in life. But when the blade was finished, another soul had already deemed it worthy and claimed it. Gamerus, a demon almost as powerful as I was back then, had lost a battle to an ancient warrior from before the time of the elemental countries, called a Knight. The demon's soul had escaped before his body was destroyed, and it scoured the Underworld for hundreds of years, trying to find a suitable vessel. It kept itself 'alive' by consuming the souls of dead demons that were still floating around, and after many decades of this, it gained enough power to rip the souls from still living victims.

Then it came across Jirobi's new sword and managed to seal itself within it, corrupting the blade and making it a weapon of pure evil. But no one knew of this, and the sealing of Bankuro took place as planned. But during the sealing, both demons' souls battled for claim of the sword, but they were equals in power. The battle raged on within the blade for fifty years, and during that time Jirobi had managed to make a sword of equal quality to the original: the Shining Soul. He tried to extract one demon from the Black Soul sword and put it into the other. During that attempt, Jirobi had managed to grasp the soul of Bankuro, and it was enough of a distraction for the Gamerus to gain the upper hand, forcefully ejecting Bankuro and destroying his soul. Karoki, enraged beyond all rational thought, tried to destroy the sword with the Shining Soul, but underestimated the power the demon had outside of the blade. It obliterated Karoki's body and his soul was drawn into the Shining Soul's blade.

Jirobi knew the swords would cause problems, as one held a demon of pure evil, and another held a demon of nobility and honor. Karoki may have been defeated, but he did managed to strike a crippling blow; he had taken a large portion of Gamerus' power with him into the Shining Soul. The souls within the two swords were constantly trying to battle each other. One because it wanted revenge, the other because it wanted its power back. So, when every wielder of the blades was made into a slave of the souls within the weapons, they would always seek each other out to do battle once more. These two swords eventually morphed into manifestations of the soul within them. One a regal-looking masterpiece, the other a grotesque juggernaut. These two swords eventually became known as the Soul Calibur and the Soul Edge.


HA! Bet no one saw THAT coming! But I hope you like it all the same.

I don't want to give much away, but I needed Naruto to have a weapon that would allow him to fight a God. I believe my version of the Soul Edge is that weapon.

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