AN: Hey people. "Together" is on hold for now until the end of July. (Or until I get over the last Harry Potter book which ever comes first). I randomly came up with this one, laughed and wrote it. The theme of this series of stories is the words that they constantly use and what the ones that love them think about them. Enjoy! First is Sasuke/Sakura.

(Spies Kakashi)Me: Oie! Kakashi-sensei what cha doing?

Kakashi: Reading

Me: Let me guess, Come Come Paradise right?

Kakashi: Yep,

Me: Ya know, I would have never thought of something like that (and for good reason).

Kakashi: That's why you don't own Naruto

Me: Watch it, I am very temperamental right now; don't make me Bat Bogey hex you.

Kakashi: Uh huh

Me: Sigh, you're not listing are u?


Me: Yeah, that's what I thought…..

P.s-This was very randomly done just to warn ya.



When ever he thought of something he would go "Hn". Or when he didn't want to bother saying the whole word "yes" (which wouldn't have kill him but he did it any way.) And "Hn" was about as close as any one would ever get him to half way laugh. Sasuke just wasn't the kind of guy to show emotion at least genuine happiness. Sakura didn't mind it. "Hn" was just the way that Sasuke said things. To most people (cough Naruto cough), it was annoying because they couldn't really get what he was trying to say. Of course Sakura could.

When Sasuke half snorted "Hn" that meant that Naruto was being an idiot and therefore meant that he was laughing at him or whatever else he would rarely find amusing. When he drew it out that meant that he was thinking hard about a jutsu or strategy or questioning something. Other times when it was quick it was when he was fighting and was surprised by an attack. Sakura always knew his mood just by the way he went "Hn". It was her little way of knowing what he was thinking or what he was feeling that no one else knew but her.

Just after the two was married, Sakura was laying out on the couch reading a magazine. From her spot on the black leather couch she could look sideways into the dining room where their dinner was set out (beef stew with Salad heavy on the tomatoes), two candles set out on the table in the center. Just behind the large rectangle dining table were the sliding doors that lead into the large back yard of the Uchiha estate. The pink haired ninja glanced up to see if Sasuke had snuck in by the back door. Sakura hated it when he snuck in that way because he always some how would come up behind her and scare the living daylights out of her.

The Uchiha woman glanced around suspiciously her green eyes searching for anything out of place. When nothing seemed amiss she returned to her magazine. She suddenly felt warm breath on the back of her neck which made her jump a good ten inches off the couch. She whipped her head around to see her husband smirking at her reaction. He went "Hn" which the woman knew meant "Hi" and "You're silly". It was amazing how a little sound from him could mean so much. And she was the lucky girl who knew it. She smiled at him and kissed him gently on the lips.

"Hello to you too." She smiled at him swinging her feet around to sit properly so she could look at him without hurting her neck.

"So how was it today?" she smiled as he sat beside her and buried his nose into her soft locks of bubblegum colored hair. She heard another "Hn" which was a little drawn out. Translation: "It was okay but I just want to think about you now." Sakura sighed and hugged her husband letting him enjoy holding her and kissing her lightly. After a little bit Sakura giggled and said looking into Sasuke's ebony eyes.

"We still have to eat you know."

Sasuke didn't say anything this time nodding and helping her up. They sat down and ate dinner, taking about their day, Sasuke complained about Naruto the dobe/Hokage was being his typical self and Sakura only could sigh and listen having total understanding and sympathy. She told him all about the people she had to look after in the hospital that day (one of them being a certain Toad sage who "accidentally" walked into Tsunade in the bath house earning a few broken bones, ribs, and two black eyes.)

When the food was all gone, Sasuke laid back on the couch letting out an "Hn" of contentment. She giggled and sat beside him laying her head against his strong muscular torso.

"What's so funny?"

"Oh nothing."

He rolled his eyes and again went,


She smiled. She knew what that one meant, and it wasn't a sigh.

"I love you too, Sasuke."

Yep, "Hn" is the best way to read a Uchiha's mood.


Yeah, very VERY random and lame ending. Fluffy and cute but lame. Couldn't think of anything else so ended it there. Edit later maybe if I think of someway to improve it. I take suggestions and reviews. (winks). Next one will be Naruto and Hinata. Later Lol, Kiki