Author's Notes:

This is a collection of related oneshots and drabbles about Fina and Ramirez before the whole thing begins inspired by Avril Lavigne's song "Innocence." They mostly take place at the Great Silver Shrine when they're friends. So…to the first one!

In the first oneshot, Fina is three and Ramirez is ten. These probably won't go in chronological order. I know they've "known each other since birth" but let's just pretend the elders told them about each other before they actually met okay? On with the ficcage!

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A little girl with platinum blonde hair leaned over the railing at the edge of the Silver Shrine. She bit her trembling lip, trying her best not to cry. A silvery balloon-like creature flew around her head.

"Don't lean too close or else you'll fall off the edge," came a voice behind her.

The girl turned her head and scooted back a little. "B-but…my d-dolly…" she sniffled.

The boy who had spoken stepped forward and put his arm around the little girl. "Did you lose something?" She nodded and pointed over the edge. "You probably can't get it back if it fell off the edge of the island. But…I can make you a new one maybe. What did you drop?"

"M-my dolly…" stuttered the little girl.

"Come on. I will help you get a new one."

The girl stood up and took the boy's hand. "Hey mister. You're very kind. What's your name?"

"I'm Ramirez."

"Thank you f-for helping me R-Ramirez…" Ramirez began to lead the girl away from the railing and she asked, "How are we going to fix my dolly?"

"Well…You're Fina right? The elders have told me about you."


"Well Fina, it's too late to save your old doll, but I can try to make you a different one. Would you like to help too?" Fina nodded and beamed. Ramirez chuckled.

"A new one would be great Mister Ramirez."

"Just Ramirez. There's almost nobody to talk to here, and I'd rather not be treated like the elders."

Fina nodded again and smiled up at him. "You can talk to me whenever you want to Ramirez! We can be friends!"

Ramirez laughed again and ruffled her hair. "You bet, Fina. Let's be friends, you and I."

"Forever, right?" asked Fina as she snuggled against his sleeve.

The boy patted her head again. "Right. Our friendship will last longer than your doll."

"I don't even want another dolly anymore. I've got a real friend instead," said Fina proudly. Ramirez smiled at her and nodded. "Real friends are better than dolls. They can talk and play and hug."

"I'm glad I found you, Fina."

"I'm glad I found you too, Mister Ramirez."

They walked off like that together, forgetting all about the silly little doll that was hanging by a thread off the bottom of the Great Silver Shrine.


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