Okay, so this is the beginning of my Life With Derek drabble collection. Some will involve ships. Some Dasey, some Demily, some unexpected. Pretty much anything that I can think of. Some won't involve couples. Some will be humorous, some won't. I decided to start off with a short drabble that involves no ships. None of them are connected. They each stand alone. I really don't expect many reviews for this because they are all pretty pointless, but I really wanted to do this. But any reviews would be extremely appreciated!

Title: Wide-Eyed

100 word drabble.

.I own nothing.


While on her way to her room, Casey stopped and backtracked to Derek's open bedroom door. She looked inside to see Derek sitting cross-legged on his bedroom floor. He was looking around, wide-eyed, and looking slightly confused.

"Uh, Derek?" Casey cautiously approached Derek.

His head snapped up to look at her, nearly whimpering.

"Derek, what's wrong?" Derek continued to look around the room. "Derek. What happened?"

Casey stared down at Derek, who looked pretty pitiful on the floor.

"Derek!" Casey leaned down and smacked his shoulder. "What. Happened?"

Derek looked at her wide-eyed. Slowly he brought into view a sock he had been clinging to, and then looked around the room again, before his gaze went back to Casey.

"It doesn't smell like the rain forest anymore."


No particular pairing. Just silly.

If you didn't know, that's a reference from the episode "Slacker Mom"

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