Title: Toast

400 word drabble.

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"Derek, are you even listening to me?"

Derek looked up from where he had been zoning out, leaning against the kitchen island. Casey was staring at him expectantly.

"Were you talking?" he asked.

"Der-ek! You have to listen to me! You are just so incredibly selfish and sometimes I can't even believe how—,"

"What are you two bickering about this time?" Nora asked, walking into the kitchen and beelining straight for the coffee pot.

"I thought we agreed we weren't going to ask that question anymore." George whined, following behind his wife.

"I've been telling Derek that he left me with no hot water in the shower, again. And he wasn't even listening. I really think we need to revise the weekend bathroom schedule because this is not working." Casey prattled on.

"Wait, no. No, no," Derek was suddenly very alert. "I get the shower first on the weekends because it's hockey season. I need to shower before practice."

"Just shower after practice!" Casey cried.

Derek narrowed his eyes at her. "Showering before wakes me up, gets me pumped. I'm captain, I need to be on my game!"

"It's not fair," Casey said, ignoring Derek's logic, "that I have to take a freezing cold shower and you get to be all warm and toasty."

"Warm and toas—are you kidding me?"

"Derek, will you just give Casey your shower spot on the schedule, please?" George mumbled through a mouth of muffin.

Derek balked, "No way!"

"Let me rephrase," George dusted off crumbs from his shirt before looking at his son, "Derek, you're going to give Casey your shower spot on the schedule. Conversation ended."

Derek stared incredulously at his father, then at Casey as she picked up a muffin of her own, grinned at him, and left the kitchen.

The next morning…

Casey closed the bathroom door behind her and placed her clothes on the sink. Humming to herself in victory, Casey pulled back the shower curtain to turn on the water, but stopped abruptly.

Not only was the tub filled with pieces of toast, there were pieces taped all over the shower walls and over the shower head and faucet.

On one of the few untoasted areas of the shower, there was a piece of paper.

"Hope it's toasty enough in here for you".



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