The Beast Within Chapter 1: The Creature

It was a dark night the moon was full when a dark figure wondered the streets of Konha, as it couldn't find anywhere else to go. It found its way to the Hyuuga mansion. It went up the third floor where it found a window to enter. While inside this room was the heiress to the Hyuuga clan. She was about 15 years old and had long blue beautiful hair. Her name was Hinata Hyuuga. The dark figure had approached her when it stepped on the floor it made a creak sound and had woken up the young girl. She had a pair of Kunifes in her hands.

"Who goes there!" said Hinata getting ready to attack.

"Ugg" said the creature.

"Huh?! You look like a fox, ow you look so cute, but you have four tails," said Hinata getting up from her bed.


"Huh? Your trying to communicate well aren't you smart," smile Hinata.


"Your lost aren't you?" said Hinata looking at its sad expression.

"Well you can stay here, but you have to promise to be quiet…. Your probably hungry… come on I'll go make you something!" said Hinata walking out of her room to the kitchen.

The creature followed her and went to the cabinet sniffing out a cup of ramen.

"So you like ramen, then I'll make you one!" said Hinata

"Uggu," said the creature jumping on top of Hinata.

"Okay, Okay, you can get off of me," said Hinata struggling to get the creature off, of her.

When the ramen was done, Hinata took it to her room, and the creature followed her sniffing the air, full of the smell of ramen. When they arrived Hinata locked her door so no one can enter. She placed the ramen cup on the ground and watched the creature eat it so quickly.

Hinata just stared and watched it eat. When the creature was done, Hinata said, " You know what!?! You remind me a lot of Naruto-kun"

"Uguu Really "

(By the way when I put the , it means that's what he said)

"The way you eat ramen it reminds me of Naruto-kun, him and his ocean blue eyes, and when I see those eyes my heart just sings, I am in love with Naruto Uzumaki," said Hinata dazing off.

"UG what !"

"Well you can keep my secret….. Ever since we were children I loved him, but my damn shyness won't allow me to tell him how I really feel… Plus Sakura Haruno, she is way prettier then me and Naruto-kun has a crush on her… So every time she's around I can't tell him…because I feel like if he is going run away with her," said Hinata sadly. "Oh but look at me you probably don't even understand one thing that I just said, I am sooo stupid,"

The creature just snuggled along her. Hinata had just pet him. He followed her all the way to her bed, and slept by her side.

Then the sun was rising and the creature by her side had turned into Naruto showing him and all his glory. (By the way I mean his naked), He woke up first and saw that he was naked and Hinata was hugging him. He just let go and transform into his sexy jutsu girl but with a pink kimono.

He had a last glance at her and disappeared.

When Hinata woke up she noticed that the fox wasn't there anymore.

"Ah, the creature isn't here I actually liked being around it, oh well I guess it was just hungry, well better get ready for today!" said Hinata.

Meanwhile back at Naruto's apartment.

"Oh man I can't believe that Hinata loves me, and I thought she was weird, but she was in love…" said Naruto panting across his room.

Then he heard someone knocking, so he got dressed quickly.

Naruto's thought- I wonder who that could be?

-End Chapter 1

Huh who could that be knocking well tell chapter 2!

I hope you like.