Making love to Terry

My third adventure with the Bogards happened sometime in November. I was at Joe Higashi's apartment, or at least that's where I think I was. But, anyway, I was with Joe Higashi that day. Joe was whistling some tune while he was repairing his own handmade Maverick. He built, repaired and raced cars for fun other than his Muay Thai training. So, as Joe was under his car with a skateboard that he borrowed from Rock, I was telling Joe all about my other dream adventures. Joe was nearly busting a gut with some of the stories. Then Joe said, "Dee, Ya know, I am going to give you a car to drive here in South Town that I am going to build or that hasn't been used for a while. You just made my day so much brighter with your stories…I…"

Just then, Joe and I could hear singing in the distance. Joe began giggling deeply. I knew it had to be something embarrassing. I asked Joe, "Who is that singing?"

Joe wheeled himself from under the car and wiped his face on a towel. He said, "Well, here comes the Brothers Bogard. Ha ha ha!"

I knew the Brothers Bogard were Terry and Andy. When Andy came into view first, he had a red glove covered hand over his face. He was shaking his head as if to say, "This is sooo embarrassing." Or, "Why me?"

Then I saw that it was Terry singing. Not only was he singing like a lovesick puppy to the tune of "When a man loves a woman" except with his own made up words, but Terry was wearing his hand crafted tie dyed shirt with his name plastered over his chest in red over a white top. I was blushing and giggling in utter embarrassment. It was the cutest attempt at trying to show me that he liked me.

Andy whispered into Joe's ear, that I overheard, "My brother is really trying way too hard to impress Dee. He is totally unaware that he has her heart already."

Joe laughed and said, "Try telling him that."

Joe put his tools away just as Terry finished his song. He kissed me quickly and said, "What did you think of the song?"

Trying not to hurt his feelings by what I really thought, I said, "You are so sweet. You, trying to impress me." I giggled again. Then I said, "But Terry, that shirt is classic! Did you make that yourself?" I was laughing hard unable to hold it in any longer. Besides, Joe was making these silly actions with his face and his armpits to make me giggle that much harder.

Terry threw Joe a warning look, but said with a blush, "Yeah, I did."

I kissed Terry to show him that it was a creative shirt, but just don't wear it in public again for its too loud for him to wear. Unless Terry was going to wear it as a night shirt I asked him not to wear it in public. Joe, to ease some tension that could arise said, "Let's have a party. I will make the popcorn. Andy, would you mind getting the chips and the soda from the store and then go pick up Mai at Master Jubei's in Japan? I know that with your newfound power you can fly faster than anyone here and faster than a jet."

Andy sighed and said, "All right."

Terry, Joe and I walked inside where Terry turned on the television. There was an all-day anime special on, so we watched it for a bit. Hours had gone by and Terry let out this huge yawn. I tried not to giggle because when Terry yawns, it's funny and cute at the same time. Terry then stood and said, "Joe, do you mind if I turn on some tunes?"

Joe laughed and said, "Sure. By the sound of that yawn and your whiny tone, you need a bit of cheering up."

So, while Terry had his back turned to me, I thought of a seductive idea. I stripped naked to see how Terry would react to it. I was quick and quiet. When Joe returned to the area where the TV was, he dropped the popcorn on the floor. He was stunned to see what I did. Groaning, Joe went to make more as I let out a giggle at what Joe's reaction was.

Terry finally found the station he wanted and then turned around to see me. He stood there staring, open mouthed unable to move. Then to add more humor to the scene, I said, "Howdy big boy lets have some fun."

Terry remained standing unable to speak. Then Joe set the newly fresh popped popcorn onto the table and elbowed Terry. He said mockingly to Terry, "Come on, Mr. Smooth, she wants you, now give it to her. I'll be in the bedroom until you two are done."

Finally saying something and after giving Joe a nasty, uncalled for look, Terry asked me, "Is this what you really want to do?"

I said, "Yeah, come on, let's do it, let's have some fun. Andy is going to be back soon, and we will both be dead if we wait much longer and he catches me like this."

Terry then sighed and said, "All right."

So, we did it all through the night.