The Wonders of PoT

AN: Shr0omx3 and I made this up in a little chat on AIM.

Some random day in Rikkaidai, Niou decided to ask a totally random question to help his boredom.

"Hey Yagyuu, why do you have purple hair?" He asked.

Yagyuu only stared at Niou.

"Well, why do you have purple hair?" Marui asked as well.


The two stared at Yagyuu, expecting an answer.

"...Well, why do you have gray hair, Niou? You are still young." He turned to Marui, "Why do you have pink hair?"

The two stared at Yagyuu even more.

"What? You asked me why I have purple hair; I'm asking you why you have pink and gray."

Stare. Stare. Stare. It was as if the world just wanted to stare at him.

"Why is everyone staring at me?" Yagyuu asked. Almost everyone, only Marui and Niou were there but that robin in the tree wasn't staring!

Stare. Stare. Stare.

"Why do you have purple hair?" Niou asked again.

"...Why does Saeki from Rokkaku have black and white hair?" Marui randomly asked.



"I can answer that." Renji said, popping out of nowhere.

Marui jumped. "Yanagi, you really need to stop doing that..."


"Popping out of nowhere."

"Oh, sorry, I was staring at your unusual pink hair."

"... It's not pink! It's dark pink!"

"Are you going to answer the question?" Niou asked. Hey, at least this isn't that boring.

"Oh yes. Seems that years ago Fuji Syuusuke from Seigaku made a bet with him. He lost so he had to dye his hair black and white until he's 20..."

"That's a bit harsh..." Marui said.

Niou smirked, "Hey Marui, let's have a bet! If either one of us loses we have to die our hair... rainbow."

" thanks."

"Fine, you're no fun. You, Yagyuu?"




"WE KILLED YAGYUU!!!" Marui cried. "Uh...I'll just tell everyone was... Niou's fault...but by my records, no one would believe me... uh... Yanagi scared him to death!... Yeah!"

"Sorry, I was wondering why Yanagi never opens his eyes and Inui never shows his eyes..." Yagyuu said.

"You're alive! I'm not in trouble!" Marui cried.


"Never mind..." He muttered.

"Why don't you open your eyes?" Niou asked.

"...Why do you have gray hair?"

"Will people stop asking that!" Niou cried. He has gray hair! So what?

"Ok...why does Marui have pink hair?" Renji asked.

"'s a long story of how my parents got married and--"

"We don't need to know." Niou interrupted.


"...yeah..." Renji said.

"Bored... again." Niou said.

Yagyuu brushed the imaginary dirt off of his shirt.

Niou noticed something, "Hey Yagyuu! Why don't you take off your glasses? What do you have underneath them?"

"...Eyes?" Yagyuu replied.

"We will never know..." Marui said.

"Still wondering why Yagyuu has purple hair."

"Not this again, Niou." Yagyuu said, "Why does Marui have pink hair?"

"Niou, stop asking why!" Marui cried; he sighed. "Why does Renji always close his eyes?"

"Why are we still asking?" Renji asked, "I'll play along I guess... Why does Niou have gray hair?"

Akaya ran in. "Has anyone seen Jackal sempai? I'm trying to run away from him. Sanada-san made him take care of me again." He noticed the four sempai-tachi looking at each other. "Uh...Is--...I'm not going to ask." He just sat in the middle of the square. "Tell me when Jackal-sempai comes."

An hour later...

The four still stared at each other.

Akaya was bored.

He decided to ask... THE QUESTION. "Why does Yagyuu-sempai have purple hair?"

Niou smirked. "Glad you asked, brat."

Marui and Yagyuu groaned. "Not this again..."

Renji twitched. "Don't...ask..."

"Why does he?"