It was a normal day at the office…of so he thought. 1206 Pewter Ave. It was in the middle of a rather large city, filled with the hustle and bustle of everyday urban life. People on cell phones, people driving their flashy cars beeping their horns as they were made late for work by some random act of stupidity caused by, what we like to label those types of people as "Sunday Drivers". The building was about ten stories, nothing to high, nothing to obscure, just right. He was an average therapist his own office of average caliber and average size…well, it was a tad bit bigger then most. But then, why shouldn't it be? He was there to help people in need! Needing of counseling and help with their mental instability! Their uncertainty for their own well being! He was…A WORKER FOR SOCIETY!

Yes it sounded regal, and fine and dandy, but it was a pain is the proverbial ass, and he thought once he hit sixty years old, either physically or mentally he sure as hell was going to retire and let those poor sonsofbitches help themselves. Maybe it would lead to some population control as well, who knows?

It was a long train ride to work…and then he had to walk a couple of blocks from the stop he got off at. During this duration of tediously tactful transportation he gave thought into whether psychiatrists visited other psychiatrists…and just what the hell they talked about? I mean talking about your own patients was a severe ground break in the finely tuned code of psychiatrists everywhere. It was like…you putting yourself out over the pool of hungry, ravaged sharks and being torn to shreds…wow that was an odd metaphor, but all in all it was a bad idea. Very bad, and unless you wanted some twenty or so people stalking you and giving you hate mail and leaving bombs in your mailbox, you best not talk about such things…to anyone.

The sun was just rising, giving the air a chilly yet warming touch to one's skin. The birds were elated and squawking…and there he was a lone therapist, about to embark on a multitude of rather…problematic counseling session with none other then…the Arrancars.

The Office: 1206 Pewter Ave

He tapped his pen against thick black-rimmed glasses as the sun glazed over them like the ocean in the mirror onboard a moving boat. This man that stood there…smiling a little, he…intrigued him, yes intrigued was the right word. He was medium height and wearing a rather unusual outfit…he must be a foreigner or something. He said to himself in his head. The man's eyes were dull, but flashed quickly to life as he stood before the brown, polished, oak desk. The golden nameplate shimmered in a valiant effort, due to the dim lighting that was in the partial open blinds in the room, against the shadows of a still dawn breaking sky.

He wasn't a muscular man he had to admit it and his own hair was beginning to thin…scratch that, it really wasn't thinning at all he just liked to pretend it was…he had this sort of social anxiety issue you could say always worrying about ones looks and such, but this wasn't really about a therapist's problems…the case was with this man who wore a pearl white outfit, interesting shoes, and whose chocolate brown hair was glazed back with seemingly nonexistent gel. A lone strand of hair hung down before his clear peach colored face. He coughed, sitting back in the plush black-leathered chair.

"So…uhm…what was you name, sir? I don't think I got it…Ai-Aizo…Apple…Anse-"

"Aizen…Sosuke." The man merely replied a slight smile spreading across his features. The man wearing, or therapist for easier determination seeing as how his name has yet been revealed, a white lab coat…he had long brown hair, tied neatly in a ponytail, raised an eyebrow at this. He then leaned forward some what so that a small creak was heard from the chair. Although it was entirely still creaked and that peeved him some what.

"And…you've come to me, for counseling?" Aizen nodded to this question.

"I believe it'll be signed under…family counseling." The therapist nodded, pursing his lips together and then standing.

"Well how many of you are there in this family of yours…Mr. Sosuke?" The therapist asked, eyeing the man in the strange foreign garb. Aizen merely tilted his head down, a rather…suspicious action if you could call it that, since he somehow got the lighting of the room to just glaze off his pristine features and well…it caused the perfect juxtaposition of shadowing and lighting…it just made it all, very eerie. The man himself didn't seem all that bad...though he did tend to meet people who had odd senses of justice…and overly egotistical god-like complexes, not like this man would have one, HELL! No one should have one of those…unless you were psychotic and trying to take over the universe or something, but then again…you probably wouldn't come to counseling for that, seeing as how you'd think yourself way too good for such a trivial thing.

He sighed and rubbed his eyes. Damn did he hate the crackpot cases.

"There's…ten coming in. I don't know if my other two bitc-I mean friends will be coming in you see, I have to discuss it with them still." Aizen stated smiling at this normal statement, which made the therapist quirk an eyebrow.

"Big family…" He mumbled, whatever at least I'm getting paid, "Well I guess you can start sending them in anytime you want." The man in the bright white jump suit, at least that's what it looked like to him, smiled and turned towards the door. He took rather lean graceful steps; the back of his white jacket seemingly had enough breeze in the still-unventilated room to fly out a little behind him.

"Wonderful. I'll go get them." It was odd, he heard a sort of zipper like sound come from outside his door, as the man, Aizen, walked through it and the door clicked silently behind him.

"I have a feeling today is going to be rather…long." The therapist mumbled…his name was Jake. Jake Halsenbach and he had just agreed to something that would possibly change his life. Or…his sanity.

Day One: The First Victim

The door slammed open and he looked up eyes narrowing a little at the man who walked in. He was…to say in the least, ripped. He had somewhat spiky blue hair, and two rather interesting turquoise marks beneath each bright blue eye. He wore an outfit similar to Aizen's, sandals and all. Jake cleared his throat sitting in a comfortable spinney chair, crossing one leg over the other. The blue haired man snorted his eyes scanning the room and falling on the man in the chair. He watched as the man's hand extended over towards a black leather couch.

"Please, sir. Take a seat, relax."

"Fuck you." The therapist cleared his throat, blinking at the outburst of the blue haired youth.

"Um…please? It'll be painless…honest." He replied, gulping as the espada walked past him with a, "Tch" noise erupting from his throat.

"Pain! Only little sissy bitches fear pain! Feh! Why the hell am I here anyway?" The blue haired man asked snorting as he sat down on the couch, blinking at it comfyness. He turned to look out the large window to the left, and then back at the man before him.

" You're hear to talk about your problems, and I'm going to try and make them better. So lets start off with…what's your name?"

"Grimmjow…Jeagerjaques. And you can go screw yourself with helping me with my problems, you ass wipe." The man merely blinked. Such a strange name for per-oh right, foreigners. He's not very…friendly, either.

"Are you perhaps…from Germany, Mr…uhhh Jeagerjaques." Grimmjow cocked an eyebrow, leering at the man as he sat, his chin propped up on his open palm, his elbow resting on his knee.

"What the hell is Germany, you asshole?" Jake coughed and cleared his throat.

"Sooo were you perhaps adopted?"


"Well given the obvious evidence it seems you don't know where you're from…would you like some tea?" At this question Grimmjow slammed his hand on the small table resting between Jake and himself.

"God damn tea! Why the fuck doesn't anyone serve anything else! Stupid bastard Aizen serves nuthin' but that shit!! I.DON'T.LIKE.FUCKING.TEA." Jake cleared his throat putting about two teaspoons worth into a steaming cup.

"Have…had a bad experience with tea, Grimmjow." Grimmjow's eye twitched and he pointed with one finger.

"Don't fucking talk to me like you're my pal, bitch. AND IT'S THE SAME THING EVERYDAY! Every stupid meeting its tea! TEA THIS! TEA THAT! I think Aizen, god damn bastard, has a tea fetish. SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS!"

"You seem to dislike Aizen…any reason as to why?"

"You wanna know why, huh? HE LET HIS FUCKING BITCH CUT OFF MY ARM!" Grimmjow yelled, growling. The therapist arched an eyebrow at this crazy exclamation. He tapped his clipboard with his pen; bring it up to the grove between his chin and lower lip.

"You um…still have your arm though." He muttered eyeing the now, what seemed to be, disgruntled Grimmjow.

"You think I'm lyin' or somthin'?! I swear to god I'll…" he reached for his zanpaktou, and just then another man appeared in the room.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" He was…thin. And he had a rather mellow expression on his face, his eyes were piercing green and two long lines ran down the full extent of his cheeks. Jake had taken a liking right about then behind his oak desk, eyeing the two with interest well lets rephrase that as… scared shitless out of his mind interest.

"E-Excuse me but…this is a private session I'll have to ask you to…" he paused seeing as the two were filled with tension. Grimmjow smiled wickedly. Jake hadn't realized that there was a white, almost bone like in appearance thing on the man's face.

"If it isn't Uli-whora. Hahaha! What the hell you doin' here, bitch?" Uliquorra's eye twitched. "What…did you just say, Grimmjow?" The blue haired Espada sat back on the couch, propping his feet up on the table, a pinky going to one ear.

"You heard me you little emo bitch. Aizen didn't say you could come in yet, so...GET THE HELL OUT!" Uliquorra twitched, obviously there was tension between the two, could it possibly be…no no no! They were family…although…he shook his head pushing out all thoughts of such matters from his mind. He bit his lip and cleared his throat, standing up; both men's heads turned to him their full attention now fixated on him, and him alone.

"Uhmm…I'll have to ask you to leave now, sir." The other man just turned and walked towards the door. Jake eyed the back of his coat too…and it did the same thing Aizen's did. How the hell does that drifting happen without any wind?

"YO! C'mon! I don't wanna be here all goddamn day." Grimmjow snarled his blue eyes still on Jake as he sat back down in his chair. He let out a sigh and sat back in it.

"Right. So uhm…tell me a little about how you feel about your other fellow members that live with you?"

"Ulqiuorra's a bitch."


"The emo bastard that just popped in because I was going to royally fuck you up with my sword."

"Oh…right. About that. I sensed a lot of tension between the two of you." Grimmjow snorted.

"He just can't admit to the fact that he's Aizen's ass slave and little bitch cause he does whatever the fuck Aizen-sama says. It's always YES AIZEN-SAMA, RIGHT AWAY AIZEN-SAMA, LET ME MAKE YOU GET HIGH OFF MY EYE POWDER AIZEN-SAMA, I'M YOUR BITCH AIZEN-SAMA! Feh. Makes me sick." He crossed his arms over his chest. Jake merely blinked.

"See. This constant hostility towards Aizen…it's, it's making you bitter."

"You'd be bitter too if you knew the shit that went down in Hueco Mundo…"

"Hueco Mundo?" Jake looked at Grimmjow.

"It's a shit hole." Jake merely jotted down some random thoughts. "Mmmhmm, yes, well, tell me about this Hueco Mundo you speak of." Grimmjow shrugged head turning to the window, whose blinds were open just a spec of the way so that minimal sunlight could penetrate through into the room.

"It's surrounded by a giant goddamn desert that goes on for miles, nothing to special about it. And there's no fucking sun so that's why I feel like a damn vampire every time I step out to go get a tan. YOU KNOW HARD IT IS? I burn like a goddamn egg every time I try to go to the fucking beach! And it's all because we're living in some shitty ass facility bigger then a fucking amusement park…THERE'S ONLY TEN OF US LIVING IN IT, WHY THE HELL IS IT SO BIG?!" Grimmjow yelled, his right eye twitching. Jake smiled a little. Ooookay…so maybe they're from Romania? What the hell am I saying?! Vampires aren't real…

"Now about this space…do you feel as if…anyone has taken a liking to your own personal space?"

"What the fu-"

"You know like…a little too close. You seem to get agitated when uhm...Ulibla-Ulquiorra, is next to you."

"Oh fuck no. I ain't a gay ass bitch! He's just a bitch and annoys the shit outta me! Heh. I remember that onetime I started playing hacky-sack with his eye…he put a hole through the roof. Asshole almost hit me with a cero." Jake cocked an eyebrow at this.


"Yeah it's like this laser beam type thing, really messes shit up. I just love using it to kill innocent bystanders…yeah, damn it feels good to be an Espada."

"Uhm. Have you been in any contact with drugs recently, Mr. Jeagerjaques?" Grimmjow snarled, eyes narrowing at the therapist who blinked, his pen scribbling down notes on the clipboard.

"NO! I haven't! Might wanna ask that to Uliquorra, though, bitch is packin' good stuff in his eye." Grimmjow said pointing to his own left eye as he leaned in a little towards the man, who in turn leaned forward. The espada cupped a hand to his face so that his mouth would have been concealed had anyone accidentally bounded into the room.

"Between you and me, doc. I think he's bein' brainwashed by Aizen to do drug trafficking for im'…dangerous stuff I tell ya'" Jake's eyes widened and he merely gave a curt nod and leaned back in his chair. Grimmjow's face now held a rather content, if not extremely wide, smile on his face. Of course he knew that entire idea was completely and utterly FALSE! But he wanted his fellow emo member to feel at home and get the best treatment there was.

Waiting Room

Ulquiorra sneezed. It was a rather uncommon thing for espada, so everyone turned to look at him. He let out a huff.

"Say Uli-chan, you getting' a cold or somethin'?" Gin asked head titled to the side.

"…No. Someone is…talking about me." The black haired espada's eye twitched, and his gaze drifted off towards the room where Grimmjow and the therapist were currently residing in, yet another uncommon thing for anyone to witness Ulquiorra doing, although as amusing as it was still to be considerate of fellow espada members. Maybe all this counseling business wasn't good for some people; maybe…it wasn't a good idea after all. Aizen coughed in the background, mumbling something about not wanting to pay for damages.

"Here ya go Ulquiorra!" A hard purple stress ball slammed into the back of the helmeted espada's head. He heard Stark snort, and Noitora laughed out loud.

"Here's a stress ball for ya, buddy." Gin replied smiling as he walked out to face Ulqiuorra at eye level. He was getting rather peeved not only by the goddamn infuriating music that was coming from nowhere but this...stress ball. He eyed it, the damn thing lying in the palm of his pure white hand, his fingers closed over it black nail polish glimmering in the light of the waiting room. "What do I…do with it?" Ulquiorra mumbled his patience growing thin.

"Squeeze it of course!" Gin said smiling, of course…Gin was always smiling so it was hard to tell if that was genuine of not, but whatever we won't get to that yet. Ulquiorra mumbled something, and he began to squeeze the stress ball rather tight and hard, something, which probably isn't a profanity cause you know that's totally not in character, so lets just say it was something along the lines of emo-esque, shall we?

Back in the counseling room

"So…you say you kill people…for fun?" Jake asked gulping a little. He had to admit that if all of these…"family" members were like this he'd had to call the cops, or the fucking loon bin, either one would work just fine for this one. Grimmjow barked out a laugh.

"You make it sound like it's a bad thing! Killing is the only way to get stronger!"

"Are you killing in order to impress someone?" The therapist asked. Grimmjow snorted.

"The only girls in Hueco Muno is Cirucci and she's a god damn whore, and Hailbel but she's like a damn mute or some shit. Oh and fucking Szayel, bitch has pink hair for god sakes!"

"Szayel…doesn't sound very feminine to me, Grimmjow." Jake mumbled eyeing the blue haired espada curiously. Grimmjow merely stared back, blinking. There was a few minutes pause going on between the two, nothing so that it wasn't uncomfortable…maybe they were both just gathering their thoughts?

"His hair is FUCKING PINK!" Or not…Grimmjow bawled, hands going to his knees as he leaned forward.

"Your hair is blue…" Grimmjow shrugged.

"So? He's a crazy bastard anyway…wait till you meet the crack pot, I'm tellin' ya he's like a goddamn cannibal or something…tried to bite my arm once when I punted one of his annoying little bastard fraccion!" Jake looked at Grimmjow, then at his paper nodding and muttering something as he wrote another few notes down.

"I see. You seem to have a problem with a lot of people, Grimmjow. I'm wondering if you've considered moving away." The espada merely snorted and rolled his eyes.

"I ain't movin' to this crappy ass place if that's what you're thinking."

"Well…maybe you could talk to Aizen about the whole…tea thing."

"What? Hell no! I don't dare talk to that psycho by myself! He's a freakin whack job bent on taking over this anime's supposed heaven with a giant goddamn key! Yeah you heard me a FUCKING KEY. Who the hell creates ten super beings with skin strong as steel and probably unable to die just to go fetch him some dumb ass key. Not that I'm complain', as long as there's killing involved, he's a whack job and so is half the people in Las Noches." Grimmjow said. Jake blinked, clearly at a loss for words.

"Or that. You say he's crazy and yet he doesn't seem all too bad, actually." Grimmjow laughed at this his head tilting backwards.

"HAHA ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Dude he stabbed some like fifteen year old girl in the damn stomach and then proclaimed that he was gonna take over the universe or some shit like that, also proclaimed to destroy an entire town in Japan or something, freakin crazy bastard if you ask me," Grimmjow mumbled now reaching for a clear crystal cup lying on the polished wooden table. He took a sip of its contents, which was water, and grimaced a little. "See he has this thing were he makes you believe he's nice…and WHAM! HE ROYAL FUCKS YOUR SHIT UP! I guess you can say it's like a special psychopathic feature or something." Grimmjow muttered waving his hand out to the side. Jake was beginning to feel that this day was going to get even worse as the newer patients rolled in. He gulped some tea down and cleared his throat.

"Well that's um…interesting news you have there…if you would I'd like you stay put for a minute as I analyze this session of ours, okay?" Grimmjow just shrugged, "Whatever."

"So. I've concluded that you're angry most of time. Violent, Aggressive, possibly have a minute case of gynophobia, you probably should go see anger management, and all in all you're bat fuck insane…pardon my French." Jake replied, sighing as Grimmjow stood up.

"Can I leave now?" Grimmjow asked, seeing the man's head droop between his hunched shoulders. He watched Jake wave him off towards the door, "Yes."

And with that there was a slam of the door and Grimmjow's voice drifted in through the door with the words, " Next one up, ass holes!" Jake sighed rubbing his eyes with a pointer finger and thumb.

"What the hell did I agree to…"