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"Kyaaaa! Hikaru-kun, Hikaru-kun! Can we see your scar?"

"Not the scar again," muttered Haruhi, the girls at her table looking at the Hikaru-kun in question.

The twins leaned on each other and grinned. "No, no, no!" they said, shaking their fingers at the small group of girls clustered around the table in front of them.

"Well, it has certainly made the twins more popular," commented Kyouya.

Psh, thought Haruhi. He just can't wait to get the money when Hikaru will let us photograph him with his scar.

"But why not, Kaoru-kun, Hikaru-kun?" asked the girls.

"Because . . ." Hikaru placed a finger under Kaoru's chin and leaned in slightly. "I trust only Kaoru with the knowledge that I have . . . a weakness."

The girls sighed, hearts floating above their heads.

"Ah, I suppose it's good then, that our plan succeeded so well," said Tamaki.

"Succeeded?!" exclaimed Haruhi. "If it had succeeded, the twins would not be talking to each other at all! We were trying to separate them!"

"And that would have made them sad, Tamaki-kun!" said Honey-sempai.

"Yeah," grunted Mori-sempai.

"Wait . . . I thought you supported the plan?" cried Tamaki.

"You insisted that we go, even if one of the twins had to be left behind, no matter what. I think perhaps it was about Haruhi . . ." said Kyouya.

Takashi sat in a corner, woe surrounding him like a cloud. "Oh, Tamaki-kun!" cried his fangirls, rushing over to him. "Please, Tamaki-kun!" said one of them, at which his eyes lit up.

"Oh, princess, only your eyes could bring me back from my despair and bestow upon this humble man the will to live!"

"Oh, Tamaki-kun . . ."

"Shhh!" hissed one of the other girls. "You might disturb Hikaru-kun and Kaoru-kun!"

Kaoru removed his arm from Hikaru's shoulder and placed it on his waist instead as his twin leaned in closer, but Hikaru suddenly stiffened and turned his head, letting out a hissed breath.

"Hikaru!" cried Kaoru.

The girls gasped and held their breath.

"Does it still . . ." Kaoru turned Hikaru's face gently towards his own, ". . . hurt?" Hikaru sighed dramatically, and looked away from his brother, blushing delicately. "It . . . does."

The girls sighed in appreciation. "Beautiful . . ." one of them gasped.

"But . . ." said Hikaru, placing a hand on Kaoru's cheek, "Being with you, Kaoru, makes the pain . . ." Here his voice became a whisper, ". . . disappear."

"Oh, Hikaru . . ." sighed Kaoru, and all the girls sighed with him.

Then, delicately, savoring the moment, Hikaru leaned in just a little farther and kissed Kaoru.

There was a moment of utter silence. Then the reaction was something like the affect of a bomb going off. The girls clustered at the twins' feet fainted (and several bled slightly from the nose), the next row contracted nosebleeds, and the girls beyond that turned varying shades of red and made enough high-pitched squealing noises to break all the windows in the entire building.

Tamaki sprayed his mouthful of instant coffee half-way across the room, soaking Kyouya, who was just staring with his mouth hanging open. Honey-sempai and Mori-sempai both started, wide-eyed, before grabbing some tissues to help the girls in the vicinity of ground zero. Haruhi made unintelligible noises and turned interesting colors.

Kaoru and Hikaru burst out laughing, and when they finally calmed down, grinned at each other, and then embraced, just enjoying the moment.


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