She was back, again. And so was the dog. She ignored the heavy black animal as he snuffled around her feet, wagging his tail and gazing at her expectantly. He gripped a large stick in his mouth, dropping it beside her and wagging his tail once more. She angrily pushed the dog away, and it whined loudly.

"Get away dog." She said threateningly, drawing her wand and aiming at his head. The dog gazed at her reproachfully. She sighed, bored of the lifeless environment. "I can't take this, dog. Severus called me a slut. Do you hear that? He actually called me a slut!" The dog growled, and Micah almost felt a smile tug at the corner of her lips. Almost. Tears welled in her eyes. "He's right, you know." She whispered. The dog's ears flattened, as if he was saddened by her thoughts. "I- I did terrible things for Lucius and his awful little friends." She broke down, sobbing into her hands. The dog rested his muzzle on one of her knees, and she breathed in the woody scent of his fur. "Severus- he was the only one I ever wanted to talk to." The dog looked up at her curiously, his ears pointing to the sky. "I- I'm so stupid. Scott told me to stay away from him. 'He's trouble'. And now look. I've gotten my own brother killed. Scott was all I had left." Her shoulders shook with pained sobs. "I just- I just wanted him to notice me. I'm so, so stupid." There was a heavy silence, and the dog bleated piteously. Micah jumped to her feet. "I know what I have to do." She said, sullenly. "I guess it's really my only option." She started for the castle, but stopped. "You can come to, dog." Then she walked away. The dog followed, panting slightly.

Th castle was deserted at the hour, which surprised both of them. Micah had expected Filch to be prowling the corridors, or perhaps a teacher on a late night walk. But there was no one. Micah hurried up the winding staircases, the dog at her heels. She silently opened the door to the astronomy tower. The class room was silent, and dark. Micah stole a quill from the professor's desk, using a spare bit of parchment to jot down a letter. She folded it and tapped the note with her wand, sealing it.

"I need you to take this down to the dungeons, okay?" She asked the dog, fastening the letter to the chain around his neck. She paused, picking up the ornament on the chain. It was a peculiar, twisting little letter. She squinted at it. The chain itself was familiar, but the letter surely meant something. The dog tugged himself back before she could make it out. It trotted to the door, looking back at her expectantly. "You go. I have some things I need to take care of." Micah stood wearily. "I'm sorry Scott. I'm sorry Severus." She slowly made her way through the cluttered desks and telescopes to the window. The dog barked. "Go away dog." She called over her shoulder. She felt a tug on her sleeve. The dog was pulling her away. She pushed him back. He howled. "It's okay dog. Some of us have things to do." He growled, biting at her legs. She stood on the windowsill, closing her eyes to feel the night air on her face. She took a step forward.

"Micah, no!" Startled, she turned around. Sirius lunged for her, the chain around his neck clattering. The charm glinted in the moonlight, causing Micah to lose her focus. She fell back. She heard Sirius bellow spells out the window, but she was falling too fast for them to hit her. Then she hit the lightning rod, jutting from a turret.

Who knew it would be this easy?

Scott held her tightly.

Micah, you are so stupid.

And that was it.

Back in the tower, Sirius stared at the prone form, lying spread eagle in the air like some grotesque rag doll. He breathed heavily, raggedly. The paper in his hand, crinkled, breaking him from his reverie. Christ, there was a lot of blood. He looked around. No one had her the screaming, the barking. No one had come running. He turned back to Micah. It was over for her.

"No." He mumbled, putting his head in his hands and sliding down, crouching and facing the wall. "No, no, no." He banged against the stones with his fists, screaming. "Micah! No, no, no, this can't have happened. Micah!"

That was how Minerva McGonagall found him, his knuckles scratched and bloodied. His face was ghost white. And when she looked out the window, she could see Micah Corven. She tried to bring him to see Dumbledore, but Sirius ran from the room, taking the stairs three at a time. He stumbled in the Entrance Hall, scraping his knee on the polished marble floors. The dungeons were black and cold. He pounded on the portrait of Salazar Slytherin, much to its displeasure.

"Open!" He screamed. The portrait swung open, and an annoyed and confused first year girl stood looking at him. "Severus Snape." Sirius growled. The girl gaped at him, trembling from cold and fear. "Get Severus Snape." She backed away, and ran across the common room down one of the dark hallways. A moment later, the tall, dark haired boy came to the entrance. He stopped.

"Black." He said angrily. "What do you want?" Wordlessly, Sirius held up the letter. Slowly, Severus made his way across the silent room. The only sound was Sirius' heavy breathing. Severus snatched the letter away and unrolled it carelessly.

Severus. If you're reading this, then I must be dead. Life is a little crazy sometimes, huh? I know Ravenclaws are supposed to be smart, but there's always exceptions. After all, you weren't exactly the perfect Slytherin, were you? I'm sorry to say it has to end this way. I always loved the astronomy tower best. I just wanted to say to you, before I'm gone forever, that I didn't mean to hurt you when I was with Lucius, or any of the other silly little boys. I always loved you the best. Maybe now I get to see Scott again. Micah.

Severus' mouth felt very dry, and tears blurred the scratchy, hasty script. He looked up at Sirius, who refused to meet his eyes. Tears tracked down his cheeks from his ugly, steel grey eyes.

"Murderer." Sirius whispered bitterly, backing away. He hugged himself, as if it could protect him. Of course, there was nothing Severus could say to this. Because, after all, it was the truth. He stood there long after Sirius left, rooted to the spot, the portrait swung open. He stood there, the letter clutched tightly in his white knuckled grip. He didn't move until the Head Boy came to announce classes were cancelled, because of a tragic accident.

That was when he bolted, darting past the child and running outside to the lake. There was a stitch in his side, and he dropped to his knees at the bank, kneeling, uncaring, in the mud and stones. The letter dropped into the dirty black water, the ink bleeding together and erasing the words scribbled so hatefully. Tears dripped down off his chin, dropping into the water like blood, causing little circles to erupt, clashing against one another. This only served to make him feel worse.

Back up in Gryffindor Tower, Sirius watched Severus contemplate drowning himself, and he silently wished he was there with him. It was so easy to blame Severus, but Severus hadn't been up there. In the tower. Severus hadn't tried to stop her from jumping. Severus hadn't accidentally pushed her.